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Descend Chapter 5: What Was It

Yeehaw! Descend chapter 5 is finally here! Well, it has been done for few weeks already, I just wasn't quite sure about the original ending, so I changed it to this version. This enables much smoother transition to the next chapter.

Speaking of the next chapter, things will get rough for our heroine. How can she possibly survive a horde of teddy bears if she is that forgetful...? 

This chapter got a bit too ambitious in comparison to my original intentions, but it was definitely fun to draw. It's pretty surprising but I have drawn very little actual action scenes, so this was good practice in that regard.

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These are definite art goals when making comics. Hot diggity.

Also....did a bear bite her butt? 😆

pauljordan's avatar

this guy is definitely messing with her head.

CharactersByChaos's avatar

Chills. 😳🔥


White-Squid's avatar

This is my favourite chapter so far. Pretty sick.

This is extremely intriguing, and the art is awesome.

Strossvaron's avatar

im not sure where were going but damn im enjoying this.

AlwaysSmilingMadly's avatar

Amazing! I'd love to see where this goes.

Dollmistress's avatar

Ah yes, finally, an answer to the eternal insomniac's ultimate question: "How many teddy bears would it take to defeat you in melee combat?".


TheTubich's avatar
NoneKA's avatar

Those are some awesome panels, dude!

The girl is terrifying :D

Xquid's avatar

Always with the awsome poses, angles and anatomy.

Magicstorm1999's avatar

Why... Why it is so horrifyingly interesting!?

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