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Descend Chapter 3: Absolutely Nothing

Finally I got the time to finish the 3rd chapter of Descend!

Things are taking a sharp turn into a more serious business. Our little girl isn't amused at all and it shows in her actions :D. Oh boy, things are getting quite interesting.

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I only ask one thing: Please oh please for the love of all story-lovers everywhere, keep this going to a satisfying conclusion!

Few things are as disappointing as finding an excellent, well-drawn, well-written comic with an intriguing hook, like this one, and then seeing it was last updated 2+ years ago.

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I'll try to keep working on this every now and then. I'm pretty motivated to draw this because I have decided to make it as casually as possible without worrying whether it turns out perfect or not. :)

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Berserk mode... activated.

After spending the last two chapters being quite passive, and seemingly accepting what the Guide was saying, she's showing a bit of fight here. Interesting. The change in her poses and framing is really effective in conveying that by the way. Love that sort of... not sure how to describe it... laconic/loose/slightly-unnatural-Evangelion-esque(?) positioning you've used when she's flipping out. And much more mature looks after. Up until now, and I only really noticed when reading back to refresh my memory, but her poses have all been quite sedate and childlike previously. Similarly the camera angles have been, not "bland", but certainly less extreme, and generally looking across or down at her... except that one panel at the end of Chapter 1/start of Chapter 2. Don't know if it was intentional or not (though I strongly suspect there's not much you do unintentionally), but it's a cool hint of what is to come.

I love the use of colour here to as well by the way, how you've maintained the palette but flipped it on its head in the appropriate moments. Add into that the the sudden change in posing and more extreme camera angle and its highly effective. Looking forward to the next instalment.

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Yes, she is in particularly aware state, the Guide doesn't have a grip on her, she isn't falling to his suggestion. Not so easily at least. The only thing in her mind right now is the descending staircase and she will let nothing stop her. Nothing. She even went to destroy the intercepting teddy before wondering what's going on.

I try to incorporate as much visual storytelling into this as I can with intentional choices of camera angles, framing and coloring. At times I try to create foreboding moments to indicate something isn't right. Chapter 1 ending is one such moment, although in that last panel I also wanted to have the elements appear in specific order as the image is scrolled down: the Guide speaking and looking down, then we see he is looking at the girl, who is looking forward and only then we will see she is looking at the door, which is at the end of long staircase. I think it delivers a very clear message that the door is suspicious, and there something suspicious about the Guide as well.

It's really fun to make this comic, each part has (or at least I try to make them have) a core idea the comic revolves around and each chapter will end in moments of revelation/cliffhanger. The first two chapters were short and goes right to the point, laying the foundation what the story will be about, hopefully just enough to make people hooked :D. Drawing the girl stare blankly in uncanny poses is super fun as well.

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That is soooo coooooool

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That got real, this is very well done love the poses.
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So, of course, she's crazy.

The eyes look amazing. How do you pull all this off?

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Your posing is great as always, love the atmosphere and suspense so far!

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Yes, good, more please

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Woooahhh this looks so cool! The poses, the perspective, they give it such an intense vibe!!!

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Sheeesh, I am hyped

Wow, this keeps getting more and more interesting.

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Ho boy, this is taking a dark turn. Looking forward to what comes next.

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It is getting creepy.

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Man, it'd be so much easier if supernatural guides were less criptic...

Even if it's not true he could just say "Gurl, you ded! Upstairs ya go Ay'men and downstairs is HECK!"

... or something along those lines. No difficult customers, no problem.

BUT.. and that's a big but (like tripple-c thick but)...

... we wouldn't have a plot if that were the case. So that mini-rant was pointless.

oh well :shrug:

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