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Breasts - Understanding the Dynamics 2

By Nsio
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EDIT: Although I have drawn an example with a breast simply protruding from the chest, this is not the case in reality. That example is just to illustrate the fact that the breasts are actually surprisingly far from collarbones.

EDIT 2: Remember that this is not "the only and right" way of drawing breasts. This is how I draw them, and you may agree or disagree with me as you please :D

I'm back with part 2. It took pretty long to compile, and it's not comprehensive, but I believe it has some good points there and there. Note that these are my own observations and I'm not unbiased artist. I have my preferences that I follow to make appealing drawings.

In anime and manga, breasts aren't drawn too strictly according to the physics. The breasts tend to be placed higher, near the collarbones, because it makes them look young and perky. Drooping hardly ever takes place. In some hentai, breasts tend to look more realistic, but usually they are rather monstrous physics-defying lumps of perfect shapes. Also, girls without bras don't seem to be bothered about their breasts jiggling crazily around. In reality, what I have heard, breasts are quite a nuisance, with and without bras.

Anyway, I drew my own view of breast. Note, that these apply on breasts that are hanging free. Bras and clothing in general are factors that affect the shape of the breasts a lot. This is probably why people think breasts always look nearly perfect spheres, even without supportive piece of clothing. This is, of course, not the case. I hate anime figures with detachable clothing parts, as the breast don't fall like they should. Despite having six Revoltech Queen's Blade action figures with such feature, I bought them due to their excellent articulation, not for this obnoxious feature.

Here I wanted to emphasize the rib cage. As it's where the breasts are anchored, it's the most significant "object" that affect the shape, size and position of the breasts. Note that, the larger the breasts are, the more support they need to keep the shape. So a girl with small body can't offer as much supportive area for the breasts to anchor to like women with larger rib cage. Thus small girls tend to have smaller breasts and if they do have large breasts, they look quite different from those of bigger women.

Also pay extra attention to the understanding the 3D. Perspective is such a pain, but in order to draw anything, it's a must have skill. In order to draw the breasts, you need to understand where the beholder is looking at it, how the body is related to it etc.

Breasts also come in various shapes. However, I have only drawn shapes that I find attractive. That said, the breasts don't always follow the dynamics too strictly, especially the larger breasts. This is why I don't usually want to draw extra large breasts, as the dynamics in them are often too ridiculous

This is also why I drew "girly", "lady-like" and "motherly" body builds as a reference. It's quite natural that younger women have smaller breasts and body compared to older women due to growth. These are only archetypes though, what's drawn here are about women in general point of view.

And finally, as an apology, I'm sorry for illustrating under-aged looking girls in reference part. For the sake of practice, I wanted to try drawing different body builds. I want to make clear that I have no interests in kids. Also, I apologize for illustrating obaa-san. Just like with kids, I have no interests in very old women. Everything is for the sake of art and demonstrating the things the way they are. Don't expect to see more of these two extremes from me here on dA.

Hope you like! :D
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DeadBolt-onDAStudent Digital Artist


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NIce guide. Do you have any for 'other female bodyparts' by any chance?

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I need penis physics
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Papa-FurankuStudent Digital Artist
don't we all?
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HiWelcometochiliesStudent General Artist
So I was slowly looking through this and I slowly made my way through the colored drawings and I’m talking to myself, and then I saw the old lady and I’m like “OH MY GOD!” And I zoomed in and I started laughing cause of the way I said it
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khrazz001Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is actually good, though Pinterest is not allowing me to access this so i tried looking it up elsewhere, et voila, this page. :D
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stoned-ocean-420Student Digital Artist
This tutorial is so good, it’s not my style yes, but if I did want to try drawing realistically I would so use this!

and obaa-san is giving me nightmares
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drawinglewddudeHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for this :)
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GGkevHobbyist General Artist
Amazing tutorial. Many, many thanks!
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0Luna123Hobbyist General Artist
I can't figure out my type. Its obvious that one is medium but the other is a small deformed pyramid of Giza. When I look down there is an extremley obvious size and shape diifference.... Hecc
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DioguitosStudent Digital Artist
Loved the tutorial, it really helped me to understand the shapes and forms!!!
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SpudfuzzHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you this is really useful. I have a character with a large bust line but it's a pain in the ass sometimes to figure out the effects of gravity on angles that aren't just sitting/ standing up straight, and then how the support (bra) also change the shape.
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This is exactly what i needed to start improving my art! Now i'd be able to draw many different female characters that will not have the same breast type or have unreal physics!

Being a female myself i have always noticed how different people drew females in cartoons of all styles are from my actual body. They all tend to draw the girls with the breasts near the collarbone but i see myself and then i get confused the more i look into it, though i see girls and women in real life and i never notice that they all have their breasts a lot more lowered to the ends of the ribs... For obvious reasons. (I don't need to stare at stranger's breasts XD) But recently through artworks (As in photographs of real life women) i've notice how much chest they have compared to those cartoon characters.

I think that's where people start to get insecure about themselves.. They see on tv in cartoons a bunch of female characters with the "perfect breasts" then they see themselves in the mirror and wonder why they don't look like them chest-wise. I almost fell into that kind of thing because.. I don't know maybe the characters look great and/or attractive enough when the breasts are up that high "naturally" and you feel like you should have the same body type because you're a girl too, but you end up becoming a bit disappointed when you see yourself. I think that's why most girls nowadays are getting implants... Because stink'n animators don't know how breasts works.

Sorry for this long comment, but i'm just grateful of something as simple yet super effective like this and can't wait to start getting better at my art! Maybe one day i'll be as good as you ^w^
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NsioHobbyist Digital Artist
Well that's fascinating to hear that this particular tutorial was the thing you needed :D.

On a more serious note, yeah, it's no wonder women have hard time coping with the contradiction between their bodies and idealistic images. On the other hand, blaming the world for portraying the women as it does feels like an excuse to justify ones resentment. People have expectations and they seek "perfection", what ever that is to them. Partly for this reason, it's obvious that female body is overly sexualised in many cases, but it's up to women to learn withstanding that insecurity it poses to them, or to acknowledge that the could probably do something about their bodies to counter that feeling (something healthier and natural compared to getting plastic surgeries, in some cases that's fine but often it gets out of hand). Strong mind has it's uses in many other situations as well. It's good to hear that you have managed to avert most of the psychological torment.

Anyway, good luck with your artistic journey!
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Very true, those are all good points i didn't think of.. And thanks! 
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Sunaro182Hobbyist Digital Artist
nice titorial!
Very beautiful
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This is most helpful! Thank you for this tutorial! I shall study this well~
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thankk brou
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inside-our-mindHobbyist Digital Artist
I'd like to add that, generally, breasts that a spherical are typically fake. As in, they have implants to make them larger, firmer, and rounder. Look at any breast model (yes, there are models that exist specifically to show their breasts), and you'll find that 9 times out of ten, they have breasts that look like basketballs; perfectly round.

If your lady character has implants, then she will likely have spherical breasts.
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NennaiHobbyist General Artist
This is a lovely guide; thanks for making this! :aww:
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JojocosoHobbyist General Artist
:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Great style :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: 
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RyadrusTheWolfDragonHobbyist Traditional Artist
Reference guides like this really do help :) Thank you!
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BAHAHAHA! I loved this - perfect illustration, my friend!! This was lovely! I wish more people understood this in art like you do.
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