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A Random Centaur Girl

Once again, I wanted to draw something random for recreational purposes. I had recently seen some 3D models of horse anatomy and thought it would be cool to draw a centaur. I tried to draw the horse part from memory but decided to rely more on references to get the muscles somewhat in place. The pose itself is from imagination. I also included the initial sketch.

It was quite interesting to draw, at first I only had the dynamic line of action in mind, which pushed me towards this kind of mid-jump pose. The next thing that I was wondering how the legs would probably behave, what kind of pose would look "horse-like". I had to look the skeleton for a while to figure out the similarities with human limbs because it just looks so weird. Then I had to figure out how to manipulate the limbs into interesting pose from a basic pose reference. After some mental gymnastics, I think I pulled it off fairly well. All the years of drawing from imagination really helped to get the big picture in place.
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Like to see more of her rump and a strapless bra top on her chest.

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for drawing a pose that doesn't naturally exist, the pose is really good and the muscle groups are appropriately compressed or extended. Fantastic work!

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Very nice picture and really good dynamic pose.

About the censorship: if you don't want to show her breast, I would have preferred putting her a bra or a top rather than such unhestetic patch...

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Thanks! And damn, you're absolutely right. That censor bar was a last minute addition, it would have been much better to add a piece of clothing instead. I'll keep this in mind.

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I think something like in Disney's Fantasia would be cute too. Like the hair is long enough that it covers her breast or she has a flower bra haha I love the Centaur girls in Fantasia they're so pretty ^^

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Is there a version without the bar?

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Wow, that is really good.

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