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Nier: Automata - 2B


What's difficult about perspective for you?


What's difficult about perspective for you?

Hello there fellow deviants, Perspective is probably one of the most difficult concepts in art to grasp. I suppose pretty much everyone has or has had problems with it, even some more experienced artist. I can tell you I'm not exception to that. Even thought I wasn't extremely bad at drawing, it still took me 6 years to even figure out where I needed to work on before I could address the deeply rooted issues I had. I have basically based all of my artistic understanding on perspective and 3D. Although I can't say I'm perfect in my execution, by looking my gallery you can see that pretty much all of my drawings tries to convey the feel of de
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  • June 14, 1990
  • Finland
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Tugboat Cake: Someday, it will tug a larger Cake Boat (8)Tugboat Cake: Someday, it will tug a larger Cake Boat (8)Tugboat Cake: Someday, it will tug a larger Cake Boat (8)Tugboat Cake: Someday, it will tug a larger Cake Boat (8)Tugboat Cake: Someday, it will tug a larger Cake Boat (8)Tugboat Cake: Someday, it will tug a larger Cake Boat (8)
King Llama: Llamas are awesome! (2508)
I've seen it: It's Coming -- Stay Tuned!
My Bio
Profession: Architect
Artistic ambition: recreational hobby
Pen name: Nsio (derives from my second name Ensio)
Artist since: 2004
Drawing software: Paint Tool SAI 2 (primary), Clip Studio Paint (secondary)
Drawing tablet: Wacom Cintiq 27QHD Touch (upgraded from Wacom Cintiq 13HD after 3 years of use)

I'm devoted to manga and aiming for authentic Japanese manga feel with my drawings. I'm not really aiming for becoming mangaka though, so drawing is mostly just a hobby for me.

Time to abandon the ship? Looking for alternatives

Time to abandon the ship? Looking for alternatives

So... the old user interface is finally gone and the new Eclipse UI takes its place. Even if I knew this day was coming, it still felt like a whiplash straight at the face. Even though I'm not necessarily against change and new things and I understand that the age of mobile devices has brought the challenge of making one UI that fits all devices, this is just terrible. For a long time, deviantART has been pretty much the only site with an UI that makes sense and is actually functional. Even after the new brand update it was still pretty much the same. But this... this is just throwing away all the good old wisdom about good design and functionality. I'm sure you already are aware of them, but for example: I don't need to see a huge thumbnail of my own drawing when I'm quickly checking comments on them If I want to see multiple comments of one drawing, I don't need to see huge thumbnails of the same drawing on every single comment why would I want to waste my time on overly click-heavy

LIVEstream (piano)[OFFLINE...]

LIVEstream (piano)[OFFLINE...]

Stream status: [OFFLINE] On Saturday 18th April Began: 18:15 PM (UCT+0) Ended: ~20:00 (UCT +0) Link: https://picarto.tv/Nsio Thank you for joining my livestream session! Hello there, I thought trying Picarto.tv as a livestream platform for a change. While it won't save the livestream as I'm using free account, I think I'll be able to stream in better quality (30 FPS and 1080p). So yeah, if you are around on Saturday 18th August at 18:015 (UTC time), feel free to drop by. Sorry this comes up with such a short notice, but I'm testing :D UPDATE: the test was succesful, so I may do some more livestreams around weekends. Nsio of the Hermit M

Wacom drivers are notoriously prone to problems and cra...

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  • I have used other brands. No problems with the drivers so far.
  • I have used other brands. There are some driver related issues.
  • I have used other brands. The drivers are bad.
  • I have used only Wacom graphics tablets.
  • I haven't used graphics tablets ;_;

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RavenPH1912New Deviant

Thank you for this! Hope you are safe and healthy! :))

YellowRabbit2New Deviant

Thank you for helpful tutorials.

BubbleDriverHobbyist Digital Artist
Your animations are really nice ! And your tutorials really helpful ! :)
Hi Nsio!
Some years ago your tutorials, especially one, really helped me through a crisis with perspective.
I am working on a YT tutorial about perspective right now and want to mention this experience of enlightment at one point. I would like to have a screenvideo quickly scrolling over your tutorial as an animation in my video. Not to use it in any way for explaining, only showing it maybe 2 seconds. I will give a link to your tutorial here on DA in my video/in the description.
If you don't like me to show that footage, I will keep it with simply mentioning your tutorial, using no visual support.
Philipp from PhipsArt www.youtube.com/channel/UCoDA7…
NsioHobbyist Digital Artist
You have my approval. The more sources there are, the better chances other aspiring artists have at overcoming the challenges. :)
Thank you very much, I was really hoping you are okay with it :)
custuuHobbyist Digital Artist

Your tutorials are probably one of the most useful on the internet. Appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge with the rest of us.