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  • June 14, 1990
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My Bio
Profession: Architect
Artistic ambition: recreational hobby
Pen name: Nsio (derives from my second name Ensio)
Artist since: 2004
Drawing software: Paint Tool SAI 2 (primary), Clip Studio Paint (secondary)
Drawing tablet: Wacom Cintiq 27QHD Touch (upgraded from Wacom Cintiq 13HD after 3 years of use)

I'm devoted to manga and aiming for authentic Japanese manga feel with my drawings. I'm not really aiming for becoming mangaka though, so drawing is mostly just a hobby for me.
Hello there people, It looks like I'll be stuck with deviantart for now, so gotta deal with it. But that's besides the point. I recently made a comic for Merryweather and his youtube channel. It's really cool that he has voice actors speaking japanese, it really gives a fascinating impression. You can see the comic here, in case I got it right... Enjoy! Update 1: Okay, it looks I didn't get it right, apparently that's for the old deviantart, so here is a link for now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZ9ojLh0QXQ (It looks like the official Eclipse guide is either outdated or I'm just too old to understand these "better user interfaces"). Update2: Okay so there is this little (+)sign which appears and disappears depending on what you do, makes perfectly sense to hide essential tools when you are in edit mode... but now it works :P
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So... the old user interface is finally gone and the new Eclipse UI takes its place. Even if I knew this day was coming, it still felt like a whiplash straight at the face. Even though I'm not necessarily against change and new things and I understand that the age of mobile devices has brought the challenge of making one UI that fits all devices, this is just terrible. For a long time, deviantART has been pretty much the only site with an UI that makes sense and is actually functional. Even after the new brand update it was still pretty much the same. But this... this is just throwing away all the good old wisdom about good design and functionality. I'm sure you already are aware of them, but for example: I don't need to see a huge thumbnail of my own drawing when I'm quickly checking comments on them If I want to see multiple comments of one drawing, I don't need to see huge thumbnails of the same drawing on every single comment why would I want to waste my time on overly click-heavy
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Stream status: [OFFLINE] On Saturday 18th April Began: 18:15 PM (UCT+0) Ended: ~20:00 (UCT +0) Link: https://picarto.tv/Nsio Thank you for joining my livestream session! Hello there, I thought trying Picarto.tv as a livestream platform for a change. While it won't save the livestream as I'm using free account, I think I'll be able to stream in better quality (30 FPS and 1080p). So yeah, if you are around on Saturday 18th August at 18:015 (UTC time), feel free to drop by. Sorry this comes up with such a short notice, but I'm testing :D UPDATE: the test was succesful, so I may do some more livestreams around weekends. Nsio of the Hermit M
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Your artwork is amazing! ^^

Will you be selling a PDF or printed copy of Decent! I love the style and the story!

Hey about your story descent, how many chapters left until the last one and is the twist is that the girls is a reprogrammed artificial intelligence program whose objective is to kill?

The first arc will likely be around 20 chapters or so, but that can go up depending on how many panels I need. So far I have noticed I have needed almost twice the panels to have good pacing. At this rate and pacing the whole story will have quite a lot of chapters ahead.

And while the AI twist sounds cool on its own right, it's not the twist I'm aiming for :D

I absolutely love your family / pregnant / baby art. So wholesome and precious. ♥

We need more from you. Draw! Draw! Your art is awesome!

Thank you for the practice sketches, they are very useful :)