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Welcome to my Commission-info! :love: 

This journal has been updated on 01/13/21

All Commissions will be taken care of discreetly. Buyers will not be named anywhere if they don't want to!
All prices are in € and are estimated prices of the plushie without any special details!

Feel free to ask for anything, I'm a very open-minded artist and will not judge you in any way. That's what this account is for!
If I'm not willing to do it, I will tell you. You can also find an exeption-list below.

New *Updates! New * 

- I now offer Latex!
You can now order Latex panties, Stockings, Inlays and other accessoires with your plushie.
And you can get custom-poured details for anatomical skin-like details or textures made from liquid Latex. 

- I no longer offer zippers, because I do not enjoy having to hide the parts I work so hard on. You can still get a Latex panty though! 

Pony Plushies

Prices depend on "extras" and accessoires added to the basic Pony

NSFW Handmade OC Plushie by NSFPlushNSFW Handmade Apple Pony Plushie by NSFPlush

Mares "Bowing down"

Large Mares (60cm)

NSFW Handmade Teal Pony Plushie by NSFPlush  NSFW Handmade Grey Pony Plushie


Fillys are illustrations of underage characters. Therefore I do not take commissions for them.
But you can order Fillys in a grown-up version!

Feel free to ask about special Creatures!


Coming soon!
Prices depend on "extras" and accessoires, also Fur and variety of colours


I can make plushies up to 2 meters in lenght. Feel free to ask for prices!

Additional Information:

Here's some inspiration on what you can add to your plushie:
tick Female "Anatomical Details" of any kind and size
tick Usable Female "Anatomical Details"
tick Add a holder for a usable male "anatomical detail"
tick Chokers, Saddles, Corsages, Ball Gags etc.
tick Socks
tick Latex Accessoires
tick Details made from Liquid Latex (for texture, sweat drops, "skin-like" parts etc.)

NO red cross Minors
NO red cross Extreme crying, tearing up is okay  
NO red cross Gore
NO red cross Zippers

Payment can be done via PayPal. If you live in Germany, you can also pay via bank transfer. 50% of the payment are done before I start making the plushie and 50% + shipping once it's done.
The commissioner has to cover shipping costs. Insurance and Tracking are optional!

Worldwide shipping starts at 5€ so don't be afraid of high shipping costs!
Always feel free to send me a note to ask about details!

Thank you! Pink Heart Icon  
© 2017 - 2021 NSFPlush
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How much will it be is this were to be in USA money Accurency?
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Hi! The exchange rate from Euro to US-Dollars changes all the time, so it would be best to use a currency converter.

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How do the chubby ones look

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Haven't had a commission for a Chubby one yet, but I'd be inspired by art of the same kind.

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I'd express an interest in commissioning one. But I do have a question. The Large Mare option is 60cm. Would this be height if they were standing? Would the normal Mare be roughly 30cm? 

You can send me a note if you'd like, I won't mind.
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Hello there!
Yes, the big mares are 60cm in height when standing up, and the "bowing" types are about 30cm in height.
RedshiftTheFox's avatar
If I understand it right, there is a 12in./30cm version, I may be a future customer. Unless commission spots are taken up before I'm able to submit one. But there'd always be next time. :D (Big Grin) 
NSFPlush's avatar
Exactly, the 30cm ones are the ones right at the top of the commission info :) But I'm also always open for new ideas and pattern requests!
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May I ask when commissions will be open again? I'd like to commission you sometime!
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Hello there!
Of course! I can't say for sure when I'll open my commissions again, I'll take up a full new list around August, but if I have some slots before that I'll make sure to announce them in time.
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Alright! Thank you so much!!
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Where does payments take place at. 
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Good question! I do have to add that to the info.
Payment is done through PayPal!
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How much would your currency cost in American dollars
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Hey! Since the difference between Euro and dollar is changing constantly, I'd recommend just using Google to search for the price in $!
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Hi Sorry for my bad english first. I am a Taiwanese brony. I want know do you shipping to Taiwan?
And if I commission a lifesize Daybreaker nsfw plush what's the average range of prices?
NSFPlush's avatar
I've heard from many artists that their packages get lost being sent to Taiwan, mostly because they'll be stuck in customs. I'll read more into that and get back to you once I know more!
iloveafz's avatar
Hello sorry to bother you again.I want to know is there any further news about shipping question?
NSFPlush's avatar
Hello there! I am so sorry, I remembered that I answered you, but apparently I didn't :( Shipping of fanmade items to your country can be very tricky because of the customs. Many orders of other plushie makers were list there, so sadly I can not offer you shipping. Very sorry about that!
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Okay I see,thanks for your reply. onion sad 
iloveafz's avatar
Okay~ I will waiting for your further news.
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Hey, I want to have a nsf plush. Can you do a latex outfit? It can be made with cotton just that it looks like latex.
Sorry for my bad english... do you speak german?
NSFPlush's avatar
Yes, that would be possible! I would just need a zipper or something similar if you'd like to remove it.
Also, you can always send me messages in German :)
NewBrony's avatar
Do you Speak german or translate it by google?
'cause the google translator isn't the best and that might be a problem by understanding.

I have an Idea:
I would like to have my OC with latex clothes, that means socks, corset and panties. Then i'd like to have her with an Ballgag in her Mouth.

This is my OC

and i would like to have something like this:

What would it cost?
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