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How To Cover Cosplay Shoes

By NSCosplay
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for SketchMaster11 on YouTube, who asked a couple of months ago on how to make my Vanitas Boots.
@-@ between college summer courses, my computer dieing and work though, I haven't had a chance to sit down and make up a video on how to make them. @-@ so instead I sat down and made up a rough tutorial on how to make boot tops in general. I was a stupid panda in making the first set though, in that I did not take any pictures what-so-ever of how designing the pattern turned out. Hopefully you can get through the process of how I did it via the diagrams.

Red = Toe,
Purple = Outer Ankle
Orange = Inner Ankle
Green = Sewing Pins

kinda half@ssed and done quickly in photoshop, and its more wordy than anything else, but unfortunately this is the best I have at the moment. @-@ sorry hun. I hope it gets you started in a general direction.

Part 1 CONTINUED: ((didnt know my text was cut off... xP curse you photoshop!))
*or a new pair of sole inserts can better protect your feet, if you're worried about buying used shoes. Generally speaking it should fall within your comfort level all around, but when looking at costs of the full costumes, you may need to budget yourself wisely. Something to consider.
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OK I got lost somewhere around the cutting out 3pieces. So there's one that covers the toes, then..... What? How do you do the Front Curve of the foot. The ankle cover behind horse from left to right and covers around the back and how do you do the front? Your shoes don't have seams from where the toe meets the front leg. How does three piece make up? 
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This tutorial seems easy to understand. Cool stuff.
And thank you for doing it.
I'll try my shoes :3
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I've a question: if I cover some shoes with this metod, but then I want the shoes like how they were before, could I do it? (I don't know if you can understand me, I'm not English of birth >-<)
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ish. if you do not choose to glue the shoe tops to the base of the shoe, rather pin them in place, you may be able to reuse the base.
however, if you continue taking off, and repining its going to result in a lot more wear and tear on the sole of the shoe, so it's better to use a separate pair specifically for the costume and keep them this way
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Oh, thanks for your answer ^^
I guess I'll have to buy some new shoes xD
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Will this be the same method if you need to make thigh highs?
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pretty much. The only difference is that the 'boot top' extends up the calf of the leg. Just when you're building parts 2 and 3 in the actual pattern (the parts that connect around the back of the heel) use longer pieces of fabric.
Also if you want to make sure that the piece do not slip, you can roll up your pants and pin the pattern in place to make sure it stays upright around the knee.
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Thanks for the help earlier. it realy helped....Sadly I forgot oto buy zipper so I cant finish the boots untile friday.

But so far so good. one boot is allmost done :D

And happy new year :D
Slyer0's avatar
Got an lil question. I started making mine Vanitas boots.

But now I am an bit confused. I sewed the scrap pieces together. and the result Is what I wanted.

For the real deal. do I need to cut them apart again or place it on the red work from there or ?
I realy could use some help
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yup. cut the scrap pieces apart and just use those as a normal pattern. just remember to give yourself enough of a seam allowance when you go to reverse the pattern
Slyer0's avatar
Ok Thank you. very much :hug:

This how far I am now

and for fun how mine looks with out the new boots.
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how do u get those square black things in front of the boots at the bottom and what r they called?
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amazing tutorial <3
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This is so great! Thank you so much <3

One question though, can you think of any way to make the boot cover removable, rather than gluing it on to the shoe? I've been fighting with ways to do it myself...
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you could use pins, but it'd be better to use a pair of shoes that would become your cosplay shoes permanently. Over time the seams might stretched and tear if you keep reapplying them to the shoes over and over again :P
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wow you totally just saved my life! Thank you so much for this! I'm planning on doing a riruka cosplay from bleach and this will totally help now i just have to find the money to do it lol. thanks though.
xxxHAPPYCHAPPYxxx's avatar
awsome shoes! :D Where did you get them,they look so cool...~ :)
I have similar ones,each time i tey to look on ebay i find stupid boots... @_@
NSCosplay's avatar
well the base for them i just picked up at a thrift store. when finding shoes to build off, you really just need something that matches the base. (heel, soul, and toe.) For these boots, I all i needed was something had a bit of a wider heel, and a square toe. I actually even cut off a the top of the shoe (the top came up to about good third of the shin actually, not to the knee the way Van's boots actually are) because the zipper these originally came with were broken (which is probably why i found them for $6. xD) But since the tops have zippers on the outside, it helps to seal the seam off, so everything worked out :3
Slyer0's avatar
oooh this will help lots when I gonna cosplay him
Now i only need an plan for his helmet
NSCosplay's avatar
^Use for a base, with the front being a full faced mirror tint motor cycle replacement visor :P
Slyer0's avatar
Ok thank you :)
erisabesu-kuro-gosai's avatar
THIS. this is going to help me so much. ;v;
thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou. ;v;
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