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How To Cover Cosplay Shoes


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for SketchMaster11 on YouTube, who asked a couple of months ago on how to make my Vanitas Boots.
@-@ between college summer courses, my computer dieing and work though, I haven't had a chance to sit down and make up a video on how to make them. @-@ so instead I sat down and made up a rough tutorial on how to make boot tops in general. I was a stupid panda in making the first set though, in that I did not take any pictures what-so-ever of how designing the pattern turned out. Hopefully you can get through the process of how I did it via the diagrams.

Red = Toe,
Purple = Outer Ankle
Orange = Inner Ankle
Green = Sewing Pins

kinda half@ssed and done quickly in photoshop, and its more wordy than anything else, but unfortunately this is the best I have at the moment. @-@ sorry hun. I hope it gets you started in a general direction.

Part 1 CONTINUED: ((didnt know my text was cut off... xP curse you photoshop!))
*or a new pair of sole inserts can better protect your feet, if you're worried about buying used shoes. Generally speaking it should fall within your comfort level all around, but when looking at costs of the full costumes, you may need to budget yourself wisely. Something to consider.
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OK I got lost somewhere around the cutting out 3pieces. So there's one that covers the toes, then..... What? How do you do the Front Curve of the foot. The ankle cover behind horse from left to right and covers around the back and how do you do the front? Your shoes don't have seams from where the toe meets the front leg. How does three piece make up?