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Refueling Run

By NS4J19Y
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"Oh, hey, no, I wasn't sleeping. I was...testing the structural integrity of this cloud. Yeah... HEY LOOK OVER THERE IS THAT A PIE"

Must be a pegasus thing.
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can i make this a base?
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Wow she's beautiful while resting! I love her!
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Used here [link] I hope you like it =D
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That cloud looks comfy, any room for me?
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Sorry, bro. Spot's taken. But there is another spot for you: On the right side of Spitfire. Care to take a seat? This cloud is surprisingly comfy.
WarlockTheGreat's avatar
Yes *sits down* this IS comfy!
ThatOneDashieFan's avatar
Told you s-(falls asleep)
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time to refuel and rearm.
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She is tred from going out and about. So she's gonna stay in Cloudsdale where it's aww-sum.
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Hey there,

Is it OK if I use this vector on, with credit?
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I meant *big* picture.
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Ho dang that's a pic picture!
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Dang. Still looks cool even when sleeping.
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Lol, replace RD with Spitfire. :D
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Ha, epic. I love this! Spitfire is perfect here
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:iconrainbowdashchuuplz: Sho Aweshome!
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I just went back and checked, and Spitfire was indeed one of the Wonderbolts from Sonic Rainboom.

Yay for consistency!

Also, I'm definitely getting a kick out of the significant amount of Spitfire art/vectors. I hope she does reappear in season 2.
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I dunno why, but I really like SpitFire. Maybe Rainbow Dash's fangasm over her is so strong it's affecting me >.>
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