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Pony Pulls The Pin

By NS4J19Y
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So, here we have Flashbang. She's a fun character.
Travels Equestria in her cloudbarge, the Air-ant Venture,
launching firework displays (and occasionally herself)
to amuse and amaze.

I'm not usually given to making random OCs, but I was looking
at this rad Savage Worlds module, and suddenly my inner
fa/tg/uy was whipping up a character and backstory.
Not even sure how it happened, but there it is.
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zoidledoidle's avatar
That's an awesome idea!
I love her design!
The-Chosen-Wolf's avatar
You know who this pony reminds me of?
Tama from Okami. :U
I dunno- Maybe it's cause of the fireworks thing. :3
grotsrus's avatar
its like a KAMAKAZIE pony awsome.
(KAMAKAZIE has to be shouted it dosent work :)
zretrareo27's avatar
Ohhh, your wings on your animated pony look soo much better than mine. >.> Still loving Flashbang.
zretrareo27's avatar
I love this OC, way awesome.
VaguelyCreepy's avatar

See, this is why you NEVER look to see if someone else has thought up an idea similar to yours! YOU thought up first, and YOU thought it up better!

.....I'm sad now.

The management would like to inform you that the above, while based on true emotions, has been exaggerated for comedic effect.

My creative frustrations aside, this is good. Like, this is the sort of thing I wish I could come up with. I mean, "Air-Ant Venture"? That's awesome! Rockin' job, dude.
TheLippyLapras's avatar
I love her design so much, such originality in characteristic and hobbies, +9000 everything forevers for you.

And did you notice she's featured in the MLP Vector Club Welcome Poster?
Koyukionna's avatar
This character looks like a lot of fun, I love that expression.
MaximillianVeers's avatar
Duuuuude. Everything about your character screams cool.
Bensaret's avatar
Haha, I really like her singed wing feathers :XD:. Cute design!
Jackolako's avatar
This is awesome!
Enuryn's avatar
While im not too into the OC characters in general, this is a very well done and composed character that i would love to see in an episode of the show itself!
Diaphone's avatar
Great idea/concept!
IntoTheCaramelFrappe's avatar
How do you draw your pony that way? I would really love learning how to draw that style but haven't had a clue in I don't know how long. It looks really great.
Dajhira-Jo's avatar
Oh wow great job:heart:
icekatze's avatar
hi hi

The tattered wings totally sell the concept. :)
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