Is The Pay Good?
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"Are we taking the law into our own hooves again, captain?" asked Sergeant Hooves.
Dash stared at the entrance to Bridle Street, and was aware of the weight of the amulet on her chest.
"Yes, Derpy," she said. "Only this time we're going to squeeze."


...Or something like that. Just couldn't ignore the idea of Dash as a royal guard.
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ArtStude3n2's avatar
ArtStude3n2|Hobbyist Digital Artist
ONE of her dreams come true. XD
Very cool.
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icebell9002's avatar
This is awesome! She would so kick butt as a royal guard, Princess Celestia wouldn't know what to do with her, haha.
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Chessie2003's avatar
The rainbow helmet really makes it!
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A7xshadowgirl's avatar
Incredible! :clap:
Rainbow Dash looks so adorable here! :)
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yellowfox780's avatar
yellowfox780|Student Traditional Artist
for everyone's sake, let me just say this. Rainbow Dash: "THIS IS EQUESTRIAAAAAAAAAA!!!"
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DizzyPacce's avatar
I hate to just say "well done".
But, um, WELL DONE!
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ChoCoBa's avatar
Really cute poney ;____; How can he fight crime?
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ShadOBabe's avatar
ShadOBabe|Hobbyist General Artist
Haha!! Aww she looks great!!
I loved that part in the episode. XD
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Lucailsama's avatar
Rainbow Dashin'
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VampireNerd13's avatar
VampireNerd13|Hobbyist Digital Artist
interesting xD
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Inspectornills's avatar
She makes wearing the uniform 20% cooler XD

nice one! =3
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ZuTheSkunk's avatar
Now that's some great armor. Excellent work!
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Lokine's avatar
She'd be the most awesome royal guard ever X3
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eligeti's avatar
eligeti|Professional Filmographer
I was excepting someone to draw Rainbow dash being a Royal Guard! :D
nice work! :D
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DragonStrider's avatar
DragonStrider|Hobbyist General Artist
Hell yeah,I've been waiting for this-Dash in armor 50% cooler :headbang:
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SmittyG's avatar
That's awesome.. Good stuff!
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Vielwerth's avatar
Ooh that's good.
Too good. I fav'd.
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BB-K's avatar
BB-K|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeap, in the recent episode sees she's interested. :) But I'm sure we prefer her to be as the Wonderbolt performer. :)
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Selective-Yellow's avatar
Selective-Yellow|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Y-y-you'll do one with Derpy, right? : D!
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flashfox466's avatar
Oh yeah, the pays good, but the job is BOOOOOOOOORIIING!
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Pimpslap-MeGee's avatar
Guardbow Dash
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