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Certain Shades of Limelight

They can wreck a girl's complexion, you know.

As a general rule, I tend to dislike Rarity.
But every now and then, she does something like this,
and I just can't help myself.
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I like it! I would love to use it to make a base. Is this ok?
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Caption: I just peed.
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Nice job! Hope you don't mind my usage of it: [link]
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lol it still cracks me up every time I see this. Both of are vectors are so close, if it weren't for a few variations like the hair gradients and slight hue differences, you wouldn't even notice they were different images unless you looked at it long enough. :P
MySenslessSelf's avatar
may i use this for wallpaper i'm making?
MoongazePonies's avatar
ah, poop. I didn't know someone had already made this. >.>

Here is mine... [link]
MoongazePonies's avatar
It looks like you had a better reference to work from. I had to use a pretty crappy pic since I wasn't able to go get my own screencap at the time.
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Such a cute expression!! :iconawwplz:
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Please don't hate me because I'm beautiful!
It dangerous to go alone here take this!
It dangerous to go alone here take this!
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I forget, which episode was this pose from?
metalslugfreak's avatar
Episode 10: Swarm of the Century. It's during the bit when Princess Celestia arrives.
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Cute widdle Wawity. <333333
Azure-Peach-Kiwi's avatar
...I think you made her my favorite now |3
BlackGryph0n's avatar
You just made me like Rarity... :faint:
ItsTheWhinyGuys's avatar
Well, I'm glad you like her enough to draw this. :)
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wow I love that pose on Rarity.

I have made icon of her about a month ago and I used exact same pose xD [link]
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Aww, it's Rarity being a little shy. :)
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