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The Question

By Nrzman
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Interesting character. One of my favourite characters in the Justice League. Good excuse to draw too hehe. Don't mind the horrible colouring.

The Question property of DC Comics.
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I can't offer any useful critique; just that I think this is absolutely brilliant.
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I love this picture! Fantastic job, he's one of my favorite characters along with the flash. One of my biggest regrets is back when I didn't know who he was I found a comic of his used at Hastings. It was five buck and I didn't get it and now I can't find for anything but 50.^^
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whats his story?
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This is really fantastic. :D I love The Question!! He's magnificent. :praise:
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I'm glad he's getting his recognition. I ask people if they like him or his series, and they say: "Who dat?"
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The Question had a series??? :O I need to see that....I obviously haven't done enough research...
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I like the coloring, gives it an ethereal feel.
Mine as well, friend. It's good to know that there are characters that don't require super powers, gadgets or brute force to get the work done.
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The Question needs more love, seriously now! Am I the only one who thinks that JLU Question is slightly better than DC Comics Question? I like him better as a conspiracy nut rather than a detective/urban shaman figure..:/
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The Question is one of my favorite DC heroes of all time! Right under Batman. Still! I'd rather watch a movie starring The Question any day! They should make one...
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That's just... killer. Man.

I always thought that Vic Sage and The Spirit would be good shopping buddies.
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Very impressive; quite the nice style you've got here as well.
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thanks alot :D
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You've got skill my firend. You've got skill. I also agree with a few other posts, though you think the coloring might be "wrong," I think it fits the Question rather well. :+fav: :+devwatch:
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lmao. thanks for the glomp hahaha
JigensMobsterGirl88's avatar
I love how you drew him :3
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Thats a good Question
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nice! my friend and i recently did a rendition of renee montoya as the question. i was browsing dA for the question fanarts. there's not a lot but this is great. and you're colouring's okay, not horrible at all.
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thank you~ you're right; there's not alot of question art in dA. thought i had a go at the character myself. i'm still learning how to colour hehe.
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Nice artwork man the Question is awsome
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