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Galaxy Force Nitro Convoy by Nrzman, visual art

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Current Residence: Singapore
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Favourite cartoon character: The Question | Rodimus Prime | Batman

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Adi Granov | Alex Ross
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The Shawshank Redemption
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Blind Guardian | Iron Maiden | Scorpions
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Ian Rankin
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Metal Gear Solid | Civillization Series | SimCity
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Photoshop | 3DS Max | Dreamweaver | Traditional Materials
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Reading | Music | Games | Art | Soccer
There's much to believe in. Just how much of it is real? I'm beginning to ask myself alot of that. ... Longing for another book. It's been a long while. Borrowed Gibson's Neuromancer. Couldn't get past the first page when I realised the deadline just passed. Feeling that there's too many stuff going on. Think it's just me. Heard of Ian Rankin's new book, The Naming of the Dead. Really want to get my hands on one. Just about done reading all his books, almost. ... Wow March is already approaching. Soon February 2007 will be gone like a blink, kinda like how January was. January was probably my busiest month in the SAF; so busy that I can'
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Art Attack

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Things are starting to pick up the pace recently. It can be pretty unpredictable but I'm not complaining. Just looking forward to the magical 7000 and I'll be damn happy. Portfolio progress is zero at the moment. It's been more than a month since I last did anything. Not really satisfied with my last few deviations. Still not "there" yet. Been tinkering with the idea for another animation but still unsure if that's a wise choice. Can't really remember the pipeline, rigging and everything else really. Wanted to get to the drawing board this weekend but it's already Sunday night and I still haven't done anything at all. Will probably be based
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Week in week out. Same old thing again. It's like the song goes, "I just want to lead a normal life". Who doesn't? Then again, everyone has their own intrepretations of what a "normal" life is. Finally graduated. Memorable day it was. That was like 2 weeks ago hehe but it still feels weird. Felt great to meet old friends again after those 3 years with them. 3 years of working it out and it's all over just like that. The gear has changed and now, we move forward into the next phase of our life, whatever it may be. I'm already thinking about what to do after my national service ends. Ok, I'm always thinking about what to do after it ends. Prog
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Hello, first of all, congratulation for you work ! Then, few weeks ago I've see maybe from the same artist behind this," プレイヤーは“R娘" I let you google this ;) same girls but F1 themed, but can't find it anymore. Just would like to know if you see what I'm talking aubout. Thank you very much ! ;)
HEY! lol how are u?
tbh, i still don't know how u look like! haha u should stop by the FYP animation lab sometime!
aiyer i haven't been to dA for a while. lol. oh now no more open lab leh. haha. hmm i'm the year 3 guy with long hair and i usually wear a black cap. just say hi when u see me hanging ard in 2d lab!
haha now the 2D lab also change to upstairs liao
i will remember to say hi if i see anyone fitting that description! 8D
thx for watch mate. cheers
HI MAN! dot here. heh i found you! ((: