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Inspired LockScreen

Inspired for iPhone/iPod 3GS and iPhone 4

The light version is now available. It uses no date or time images and is infinitely more customizable. You can easily add you own language or change any of the colors.

Inspired Light

Updated to work with 4.3

Now with (true) retina support.
Comes with 2 styles - centered and right (shown).
Includes 24 hour format.
Hide or show hh:mm
Includes English and Spanish images
A hollow and cleaner-looking clock face
Ability to move the clock face up and down.
4.3 and older support
Supports DarkWeaver's JPEGifier (for changing wallpapers)

All configurable in configure.js (check this file before asking any questions)

Thanks to PunkRockTuba for his help with the character images.
Preview and included background is from 'Flare' by ~mariesturges

Requires ClockHide from Cydia.

Oldest to Newest
Update: Made configuration easier. Fixed retina issues. Added Spanish. New Lock button.
Update Again: Uploaded wrong file.
Update: Fixed configuration file. Fixed misspelling of diciembre.
Update: Multiple refinements
Update: Fixed small bug with center style
Update 5.9.11: Added 4.3 and JPEGifier support
Update 9.6.11: Added Light version
© 2010 - 2021 nrossow
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Hey can you teach me how to/ mod a version with the minute and hour pointer on the same circle :hmm: ?
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Yes I can, and it shouldn't be a difficult mod.

If you open the file 'clock.js' file you should find four variables named 'xMin', 'yMin', 'xHour', and 'yHour'. The minute variables begin with '112 * Math.(other stuff)' and the hour variables begin with '80 *Math.(other stuff)'. The numbers at the beginning are the radius of the pointer path. If all four number are the same, the dots will be on the same circle.
ymme1st's avatar
Err...1 more to make the hour pointer bigger ? I've tried to change the size of it but no luck :(
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Ah that one in the .html file. Look for the line that starts with <img id="hour". At the end of that line it says width=16. Change that to whatever you want.

When you do this, the alignment will be off. Back in the clock.js file look for: = xHi + 152; = yHi + 220;

The numbers at the end align the dot.
For the x-position, use (320 - pointer_width)/2. (Originally it was (320 - 16)/2 = 152)
For the y-position, use (456 - pointer_width)/2. (Originally it was (456 - 16)/2 = 220)

You will also need to change the radius values from the last post. Decrease their value by half of difference in pointer sizes. (If you change it to 20, subtract (20 - 16)/2 = 2)

Hopefully this helps, and sorry if I explained too much.
ymme1st's avatar
Wow !! This is ingenious coding I must say !! No you explained it really well :D I promise I will credit you if I make another phone shot :D
AboutHideo's avatar
Hey, how can i change this slider?
Btw, working in iOS 5, iPhone 3GS.
nrossow's avatar
That's good to hear, no work for me.

Just change 'bottombarknobgray.png' in 'Bundles/'
AboutHideo's avatar
A sorry, when i use ur theme(all theme too) never change my slider, tap to unlock too. Can you help me?

nrossow's avatar
If I understand you, your slider is not themed? Make sure this theme is at the top of your WinterBoard themes list.
brandork96's avatar
Will this work for iOS 4.3.5? (iPod Touch 4G)
nrossow's avatar
I have not upgraded past 4.3.3, but the clock itself should still work. The lock bar may not work entirely, but if it does not I will try and adapt it to work. Just let me know.
tinywhitelamb's avatar
Does this work with iPod Touch 4G?
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Yep it should work fine. It was developed on one.
I'm sorry in advance if this question has already been asked, but since I couldn't find any existing solutions and I've already tried reinstalling it numerous times, I've got to ask anyone who can help; why does my end result look like this?
no one can help me out? :( I am still using this lockscreen, but it would make me very happy to somehow fix the distorted circle time indicators and analog numbers. was anyone able to see my screenshot? ><
nrossow's avatar
I looked at it but I have no idea as to the cause. It's only happening on the objects updated every second. I guess make sure you are using the latest version of LockBackground.html as it uses a new method of updating. (By reinstalling you mean completely removing the older version first, right?)
quicsilver's avatar
great theme. using it now. it would be even cooler with a seconds hand too. can you please add that? thanks
nrossow's avatar
Where do you want them? It shouldn't take too long to add them
quicsilver's avatar
hmm..i guess you could add another ring on the outside since the seconds hand is the longer than the minutes hand or add another dot to the minutes ring which moves.
nrossow's avatar
Here you go: Link =]
quicsilver's avatar
dude it looks amazing and it works perfectly. you should really add it to the original. thanks so much :D

also I was messing around with it and was wondering if its possible to add numbers to the dots so each movement shows the number. Theres one image being used for each hand so you would have to make an image for each number and change the code to match accordingly, right?
nrossow's avatar
I messed around with your idea and here is a rough draft. What do you think?
quicsilver's avatar
thats exactly what I had in mind and it works and looks great. You should really release it in cydia and make it a paid app. I am sure people will pay for this.
nrossow's avatar
Hey thanks man. I may look into releasing it on Cydia, but as far as charging, I can't offer enough support to justify that and it was a personal project for people to use freely. (Besides, people would just rip it anyway haha.) I do, however, appreciate your suggestion and thank you for your belief in my work.
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