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The A Team in Vietnam



This is a piece I've been working on for ages - I think it's been about 6 months on and off. It's an idea I had a while ago about the seriousness of the A-Team's back story vs the comic nature of the show.

Please don't post any "that can't be right' comments about rank or platoon. From researching this piece, I realised that there's no continuity to the history of the team - different episodes say they were in the 101st Airborne, the 1st Cavalry and the 5th Special Forces. So I just took the bits I liked best and patched it together. Also, there's no canonical reference to Murdock's real first name, but there's a informal concensus that it's James, so I went with that!

Anyway, hope you like it. I'm just glad it's finished...
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Not knocking the picture as it is nice, but as per your comments above, I do have to comment as someone who has researched this war. In the series the one thing that was always consistent was the Special Forces aspect, 1st season and the 5th season, they had the SF patch on the left shoulder signaling a current unit. The 101st Airborne that Hannibal wore on the right in the 1st season signifies a prior combat unit, probably Korea since he has the service ribbon as well. He also had at least 5 straight hashes that said he had at least 2 1/2 years in combat, each on means 6 months. The 1st Cav part, that was just Cannell not doing the research. So no idea why that was ever used. It was in the 5th season as well on the right shoulder, but as SF, and that was their unit in Vietnam, only Hannibal would have a patch there. Also, there is nothing on Army uniforms that say anything about platoons. Only units via the shoulder patches.  Hannibal would have crossed rifles on his left collar as infantry. So, that is correct. The SF didn't go to crossed arrows until after Vietnam. As I said, not a knock, and love the pic, but the information was there. Now I know where it came from. It has been used on a facebook page and when asked, the admin couldn't tell me where she got it.