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The Renaissance

UPDATE 4/29/19: Revamped Origin so that now Fallout is who brought the Renaissance together. Also updated the pic to include new looks for Blitz and Merauder.

Ok, so this has been a long time coming, but I told you that I was updating the old team idea into a new concept with a new roster. Well, I decided it was high time I made good on my promise and get this update over with.

So, prepare to me the first, greatest, and most iconic superhero team in my universe: The Renaissance!!


Across the globe, numerous attacks had been reported by an unknown assailant with immense power over radiation. The villain in question called himself Fallout, and it seemed everyone was his target as no one was safe from his wrath. Lives were lost, years of work destroyed, and with no end to his rampage in the foreseeable future. Fallout claimed himself to be a teacher, and that his teaching the most important lesson, the one true constant across the universe: The life was not fair.

Eventually, Fallout's attacks brought him to the West Coast of the United States, beginning a journey from Indigo Valley all the way to Angel Shores, his next targets being the various superheroes that had risen amongst humanity in the last few years. He started with Zener, who was only able to escape with his life to warn Ursula Nolan, the Empress, Fallout's next target. And it wasn't long before the other heroes of the west coast - Toonman, Captain Hollywood, Blitz, Physique, Merauder and Zoomorph - were force to get involved to stop Fallout from destroying their new lives they had built.

Despite their best efforts, the team could not work together and were force to retreat. They learned that Fallout intended to absorb radiation from an old Nolan Industries Nuclear generator, enough to wipe out the entire west coast and everyone they loved. After some openheartedness and renewed faith and determination, the heroes came together and managed to stop Fallout before things got worse, by discovering his weakness to extreme thermal cooling. Despite having stopped his short-term plans, the heroes knew Fallout had caused more than enough damage to millions of life that could possibly never be undone. Even so, the eight were regarded as heroes more than they ever had.

That day had changed everything. And Empress, the first hero of the modern age, took a rather hard look at everything that had happened: Fallout had thrown much of their world into chaos, but thats to their teamwork they had been able to restore order and even help the planet step into the aftermath. Not only that, but it had not necessarily heroes who had saved the Earth (even if that's what people saw them as), but 8 individuals with questionable pasts seeking redemption. After much thought and a new determination/drive, Mother Earth's Handmaiden approached the 7 heroes with a proposal:

Empress suggested forming a team, to give the world saviors to help restore order when someone or something threw the world into chaos. So that should greater evil rise up, they population of the planet could rest well knowing someone would be there to protect them, avenge them, and restore peace, and guide the people in adjusting to the rebirth of everything in the aftermath. Empress also made the point that this team would be a second chance for all of them, to grow and become better than what their respective pasts had held for them. It would not be just a rebirth for the world, but for the heroes as well... a Renaissance, if you will. Taken in by her words and determination, Empress, Zener, Toonman, Merauder, Captain Hollywood, Physique, Zoomorph and Blitz made history on that day by forming the first allied supergroup on Earth, "The Renaissance".

Since then, the team has seen many battles and created many foes. The team has become a beacon of hope and symbolism of second chances for many other heroes of Universe Alpha, all of whom share a desire for redemption for past mistakes or actions that drove them to be heroes. The rosters would often change, but the original founders still remain the one thing they needed more than anything during the invasion: a family.

Team Roster:

Empress (Team Leader / Team Elemental)

The very first hero of the modern age, Ursula Nolan aka Empress paved the way for the rest of the Renaissance's members to become heroes as well. During the confrontation with Fallout, it was Empress who rallied the heroes together and led them to victory. And because of this, she was the obvious choice to lead the team. As team leader, she is the one who the others look toward for inspiration and a plan B when things look bad. Strong-willed and always caring about what's right, Empress is determined to make the Renaissance a team worth leading; always looking for and asking for the best of what her teammates can offer.

In addition to being the team leader, Empress also acts as the Renaissance's foremost elementalist, her powers over the forces and elements of nature making her one of the three strongest powerhouses on the team. She has shown them the true beauty and majesty that comes from Mother Nature. Speaking of, Empress has taken the liberty to introduce her surrogate mother to the team and enlist them in aiding her goals of a greener, cleaner and more nature-friendly earth, which has taken some time but is making progress. Empress' business connections as Ursula Nolan also help fund the team's headquarters and needs in fighting the good fight.

In regards to the relationships between Empress and her teammates, Her biggest bond is with Zener, the first hero she ever teamed up with and has formed a "Will & Grace"-styled best-friendship. At the suggestion of Zener, Empress has become more patient with Toonman and also considers him a second best friend, despite his cartoonish and immature nature. Empress shares a big sis, little sis relationship with the young Blitz, whom she is teaching to tackle her problems head on. Empress, however, does sometimes clash with Merauder and Physique. Merauder due to her attitude towards Ursula as her time as an industrialist, and Physique because she's sees the her she once was in the orange superhuman, and has taking on a much-needed mother role to the hero to help her become less self-centered.

Zener (Team Counselor / Team Mentalist)

Zener was the first to back idea of forming a team with the others, foreseeing all the good the could do for the world and for each other. During the downfall of their first assault against Fallout, Zener suggested revealing their secret identities to each other and why they became who they were, and this allowed the heroes to grow closer and more trustful towards each other. Thus, they were able to work together better. Since then, Zener has taken on the role of being the team's counselor for all the trauma and experiences they have in their adventures, being a sounding board and advice giver when they need it. He has years of training and experience of his own to back it up.

Zener is also, naturally, the mentalist of the team, using his vast psychic powers to aid the team in solving mysteries and unraveling the truths behind their foe's motives. Like Empress and Toonman, he is a notable powerhouse. Zener was also chosen by Empress to be her second in command in leading the team, a duty he takes to heart even though he knows Empress is more than capable of leading the team herself.

Zener's most treasured relationships between Teammates are him, Empress and Toonman, whom they three have formed their own mini team known as "The Triad". He finds it humorous to compare him and Empress to parents, and Toonman is their little problem child. Zener has also appointed himself as Zoomorph's sponsor in his addiction recoveries, and is working with Physique to tone down her "heiress attitude". In addition, Zener is making it his goal to get Merauder to open up about her past and feelings, something of which she refuses to do. But dammit he is going to try.

Toonman (Team Wildcard / Team Heart and Soul)

Though he made jokes during the battles and some of his teammates think less of him, Toonman more than proved himself a valuable asset to the Renaissance before and after the wrath of Fallout. He was all for forming a superhero team, but was cartoonishly sad/disappointed that he wasn't chosen leader. Regardless, Toonman acts as the The Renaissance's wildcard, as his cartoonish nature and powers means he always has a trick or two up his sleeve to get the team out of any jam, even if it doesn't make sense or seems too stupid to work.

More than anything, though, Toonman acts as the heart and soul of the team. He enjoys being a superhero more than anything, and is constantly showing his teammates that being a superhero can be as fun as it is serious. He is constantly roping them into fun and games, all in good nature and because making people happy is what teams do. Being on a team also has helped Toonman grow more responsible and focused in being a hero, learning a little something from each of his teammates.

Toonman considers everyone on the team his friend. This is notable in his opinions of Zener and Zoomorph, the latter of whom Toonman has taken under his wing and acts as a wingman to. He does butt heads with a few of the females of the group, whether is making fun of Physique's appearance (and getting hit for it), constantly annoying Merauder with attempts to get her to smile, or continuously butting into Empress' personal life. He does get along with Blitz, even though he himself is not a fan of actual space stuff. He and Captain Hollywood also have different opinions of what it means to be in the spotlight, and Toonman is determined to show him it can be a good thing.

Merauder (Team Brawler / Team Hard-Ass)

Even when forced to work within a team to defend her home, Merauder never wanted to be apart of a team as she has always been on her own. She only stayed with the team when she realized doing so would get the military off her back. So she made the best of it by becoming the Team Brawler. She is always the first to volunteer for assault missions or when things need to be broken. Whether its as the 2nd elementalist of them or just swinging her anchor around, Merauder makes sure the badges don;'t mess with the Renaissance and do whatever they need them to. She is also, obviously, the first chose for missions that take place in large bodies of water.

Preferably, Merauder likes to think of herself as the hard-ass of the team, something she thinks they desperately need. Never the optimist or idealist, Merauder makes sure that her teammates see how bad things really are, get their heads out of their asses, and find a solution to problem without bawling over it. She's super serious and wants to make sure her teammates are too, regardless of the situation. Though off-putting, her take-no-prisoners attitude has actually gotten them out of some jams.

Naturally, being a hard-ass, Merauder clashes with everyone, Especially empress, whom she has not yet forgive for polluting the world's oceans in her time as an industrialist. She's also intolerant of Physique's spoiled attitude, and finds Toonman super annoying to the point where she has to smack him around to get through to him. But secretly, she is grateful for her teammates. She's grateful that Blitz sees her as a sister, she's grateful Zener wants to know how she really feels sometimes, and she especially grateful that Toonman wants her to be happy. That last part creates an odd feeling within her she can't identify.

Captain Hollywood (Team Fieldman / Team Jack-of-Trades)

When the callout came, Captain Hollywood was hesitant to leave his city behind to fight Fallout, but in the end he thought it would be better for Los Angeles' survival. And his right, hence why he stayed on board for forming the team in the aftermath. As the Team Fieldman, Capt. works both on and off the battle field, namely putting his acting skills and mastery of disguise to work as a spy and infiltrator for the team's undercover missions. Almost anything the other team members can't do falls to him, and he takes it with honor knowing he's putting his skills to best use for the greater good.

Captain Hollywood is also considered a jack-of-trades among the team. He trains the team in combat and preparation for everything, his gadgets help defend the Island of Righteousness, and his experience in dealing with mast media makes him the perfect public face for the team. All of this more than shows his teammates that one doesn't really need powers to be a superhero if they apply themselves to anything. Captain Hollywood also makes sure the team doesn't get too big into the celebrity lifestyle of being a superhero, as he's seen what that lifestyle can do to a person.

Capt. is especially close with Blitz, which got his teammates into making a pool on how long before their friendship blossoms into something more. Capt. has high respect for Empress, and acts as one of the many father figures in Zoomorph's life, especially with helping him with his addictions. The father figure role also falls into Physique, whom he makes sure has her spoiled attitude in check. He's a bit weary of Zener though with the knowledge that he is struggling with mental illness and worries what happens if he snaps. Though not enemies, he and Toonman have different opinions of how great being famous or being a celebrity actually is, and they are constantly debating over it.

Physique (Team Tank / Team Social Mediaist)

One of the last heroes to emerge before the the attacks of Fallout, Physique wasn't use to being a superhero or working on a team. She proved herself, however, despite her heiress attitude. Her power and build obviously makes her the tank. Her strength and invulnerability have no equal on the team even to some of the more experienced heroes. One of the many heroes who wants to make amends for their past, Physique takes her reluctant role to heart and uses it to the best of her abilities. Though she still has a way to go both as a hero and a person, her go-getter attitude has already won her teammates over.

Besides being the strongman of the team, Physique wanted another, less obvious role. So she begged the others to let them be their social mediaist, posting updates, pictures and videos of all their adventures to better show the the world they are really good at being good. With years of experience she is quite good at her self-appointed role.

Physique's hard-to-get-rid-of-spoiled-teen-attitude kinda puts her on edge with the other Renaissance members. She found herself taking under the wing of Empress, Zener, and Captain Hollywood in hopes of maturing more as a person and becoming less shallow and self-centered. She's unfortunately the butt of many Oompa Loompa jokes and others from Toonman. She has found a bestie in Blitz, though, whom she enjoys teaching all about earth culture and fitting in. She also has a huge crush on Zoomorph and often hits on him. Whether or not he returns the affections remains to be seen.

Zoomorph (Team Scout / Team Deputy)

Though the youngest, Zoomorph is far from being the most inexperience (that would be Physique). Having always seen being a superhero as a second chance at life from his addict days, Zoomorph eagerly threw himself into battle during the call to arms, proving himself a true hero despite his age. Given his many animal forms, it was decided that Zoomorph would be the team scout on missions, using his animal abilities to cross enemy lines and report from the inside, giving the team an edge over their foes.

Additionally, his many superpower forms also make him a perfect stand-in for any other teammate who is not available. He can fill in for Merauder on aquatic missions, be a tank in Physique's absence, and even sometimes lead the team when the situation calls for it. Being one of the few who wants to be a superhero full-time, Zoomorph is constantly taking on more responsibilities for the team to learn and grow. It is because of this he has been nominated to take over the team as leader one day.

Zoomorph's relationships vary between his teammates. He has a bro-mantic partnership with Toonman, a sponsorship with Zener, a kinship with Blitz, and a parental figures in Empress and Captain Hollywood. Merauder is someone he is no too sure about, but he knows she's had a tougher life then him and feels its his job to help her. He is also aware that Physique has a crush on him and is flattered, but is off-put by some of her advances. Still, he can tell that deep down she is a good person - or is trying to be - and thinks potentially they could be good together. But for now he just wants to be friends.

Blitz (Team Speedster / Team Spirit)

Initially, Blitz wanted to run away from the Fallout, but her new teammates helped her gather courage to face the problem and win. Like many of the Renaissance, Blitz wanted to make amends for past mistakes and jumped to stay on the team. As the team speedster, she fills an important role in the team. Namely, as a rescue woman. She is always the first to jump in and rescue civilians in danger, whether on her own or by orders of Empress. Her speed and agility allows her to get as many people to safety as possible. And when she's done, her other powers make her effective fighter against the bad guys.

If Toonman is the heart and soul of the team, then Blitz is the spirit. Always one to live in the moment, she always makes sure the team is level headed but pumped for their next mission. She loves putting her powers to use helping others and is always encouraging her teammates to feel the same way. She knows many ways to get the team to work together better, and she always offers a pep talk when needed.

Blitz considers herself a friend to everyone on the team. Especially Captain Hollywood, whom she has a slight crush on. She admires Empress as a leader or Merauder as a soldier and sees them both as big sisters. She also feels very lucky to have an bestie like Physique whom can teach her how to better fit in on Earth. Blitz is very protective of Zoomorph because he reminds her of her brother, Randall, and as such tries to help him as a recovering addict. Since being on earth, she has taken an interest in art, such as animation, and enjoys watching cartoons and reminiscing about them with Toonman.

Reserve Members: Kayn, Demigod, Snipe, Astroknight, Gimmick, The Governess, Necrofist, Hellraider, Invisigoth, Rockette, Will Powers.

Enemies: Fallout, Travail and the Monster Empress, The Rule of Three (anti-triad), The Gallery of Rogues, S.W.A.R.M, Beelzebra, Malphas, Origami Man, Ub3rFaN, Booze Hound, Miss Medium, Legionnaire, The Bard, Krit-R, The Wizard of Oz, Mister Fox.

So, this is the new team. I came up with it while trying to find a more interesting hook for the team. I then realized that most - if not all - my heroes had one thing in common: they all had a questionable past that drove them to make amends and be heroes to make up for it. Hence, I came up with the idea that might team could be more like a redeemers team.


So, my editor and friend KacieJones brought to my intention that one reoccuring theme amongst my universe besides redemption is balance. That many of my heroes add new things to the world and kinda act as responders to restore order amongst the chaos, or the lives of my heroes were unbalanced but they brought order to their lives and sought to make better.

Having realized this, I've decided that another hook/theme/goal for the Renaissance is going to be restoring balance, by which whenever someone or something brings chaos and evil to the world, the Renaissances acts a response team to put a stop to it and restore order, even helping adjust the world into the aftermath. It sets them apart from other superhero teams more, and it gives them a heroic side to the idea of balance (the other would be trying to maintain it, but in that goal nothing changes and its never sought how how to prevent imbalance in the future, which is more something villains or side-characters would do as opposed to heroes).

So yeah, all about restoring balance and guidance in addition to redemption and group support.

As usual, Comments and feedback are especially welcomed!

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JJStudioComics's avatar
Are these all your characters?
NRGPreview's avatar

Yep, at least the ones that make up the team.

I have lots of other main characters in my gallery. Their Folders indicate who they are and what villains and allies belong to whom. :)

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And there came a day unlike any other.
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Eh, I liked the music guy, but well Fallout makes sense also...
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All Assembled I see!

I tried to reply to your message Sunday, but I guess you're busy with your projects as am I.  I wish good luck to us all with our hero fictions. I'm no gonna do the combination without your input as it your creation, just message is when you have some time!

Fantastic Hero Team by the way, no surprises there!
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Sorry if I not read the message the past Sunday, can you post it here again? Yep, I was busy with some stuff, but let me read it and I will give you a proper reply.
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I really like this revamp

While i did like Travail

you did make a good point about their being powerful alien antagonists like thanos and darkside

Fallout's view of life being not fair is 

to me

kinda understandable

but not to the point where you should kill and harm millions of people and wipe out the entire west coast of America and possibley the world if powerful enough

that is just nature

nature does not take sides and isnt fair 
it favors those who are most successful and powerful
and the ones who arent
they are not as lucky.

i think you can save the travali for later on in the story when we are all already aqainted with the heroes,characters and universe in general

other wise

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If Movie Studio made movie about The Renaissance, who could be their actors and actresses?
NRGPreview's avatar
Here are some of my pics:

Empress: Christy Carlson Romano or Jamie Alexander

Zener: Nicholas Hoult

Toonman (These are voice actors because I always pictured him being animated in a life action movie): Jim Carrey, Rob Paulsen, Eddie Murphy, Jerry Seinfeld, Seth Macfaralane or Jason Alexander

Merauder: Jennifer Laurence

Captain Hollywood: Whomever is the most prominate action-hero actor of the time of film production

Physique: Virginia Gardner

Zoomorph: Cody Fern

Blitz: Keira Knightley
GeorgeSeeker23's avatar
It's Ok, but Jennifer Laurence is busy with X-Men Universe, Virginia Gardner and Jamie Alexander are busy with MCU, but Keira Knightley, Cody Fern and Nicholas Hoult are good for casting because they aren't busy with other Superhero Universes and you can use them. But does it will be any better that you can use some celebrities in future? i mean, if you get older there will be more good casting in future, also better actors and actresses, so what do you think?
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i can probably see a scene similar to the animated justice league where Superman "dies" and is just teleported to the future

the scene is where toonman "dies" and merauder absolutely LOSES it and beats the living hell out of the villain who "killed" toonman
geneticmonster03's avatar
like how in justice league where diana(wonder women) lost her crap and nearly punched a hole through toy maker's head
i dont think merauder would hold back 
geneticmonster03's avatar
im curious about how merauder would interact with Ju Lee
Ju Lee is basically a sweet kind nerdy girl
and Merauder is litteraly the queen of hard asses and hates Ursula
NRGPreview's avatar
Juu Lee would stick up for Ursula until the day she dies.
geneticmonster03's avatar
Ju Lee is best girl so of course, she would

but how would Ju Lee and merauder 
other than merauder just scolding her 
geneticmonster03's avatar
i wonder physiques reaction to seeing zoomorph with lioness
she would be probably kinda sad and jealous
geneticmonster03's avatar

it would be so cute to see bltiz's naiveness when trying to make her move on captain Hollywood
geneticmonster03's avatar
yeah considering she is cute AF with her naiveness and positive attitude only adding to her squish 
geneticmonster03's avatar
I wonder how they would react to my charactersona?
(which is essentially me)
and my ridiculous amount of powers and my appearance alone?
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Thanks so much! I'm really happy the colors stand out! And yes, a statement is what I really want to make with these guys. :XD:
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