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Empress Pokemon Team

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Many of you might not know this, but a lot of us here at NRG are big Pokemon fans, having grown up with and followed the entire franchise from the beginning. One day we got around to talking, just shootin shit about our projects and Pokemon came up and I got to thinking- if our heroes existed in the Poke-World, what kind of Pokemon team would they have? So this kickstarted a fun commission project to have our 3 main heroes drawn with Pokemon of our choosing! We thought this would be a fun treat for all of our fans/followers as well as a great method of promotional art to reel in new followers (since a lot of Pokemon fans like superhero comics/manga and vice versa).

First up was our Lead heroine and guardian of life, Ursula Nolan aka Empress, Mother Earth's Handmaiden! As to what Pokemon we gave her and are planning to give our other heroes, well that's where the real brainstorming came in. We didn't just wanted to stick to generic gym leader specific types (I.E. Grass for Empress, Psychic for Zener, etc), so instead we decided to really dig deep and analyze the mythos of characters like Empress and choose 6 Pokemon that represented 6 different aspects to their character. Yes, some type choices were obvious, but really the Pokemon themselves go beyond types to fitting something unique for our characters.

So for Empress' Team, We chose the following Pokemon and because-

  • Torterra - What better Pokemon to represent the planet Empress protects than the one Pokemon that looks like the Earth the most? Torterra greatly captures the nature themes of Empress and her comics. One could also argue that when Ursula first started her team, Turtwig could have been her starter/first Pokemon.
  • Tsareena - This Pokemon's high class and prideful attitude represent Ursula's High Class Economic Upbringing, AKA who she was before she became Mother Nature's Reluctant Guardian, which also goes with Empress' own prideful and authoritative nature as a hero. Not to mention Tsareena's tendencies to "stomp" its opponents into submission best represent Empress's Skills and Ruthlessness as a CEO.
  • Castform - From a power standpoint, Castform represent's Empress' ability to control the weather when battling the forces of evil. Choosing which form to use was difficult, but we went with Castform's ice form since we felt it looked the most like a Storm cloud.
  • Gardevoir - The exact reasons we chose this Pokemon are escaping us (because we did this back in July), but Gardevoir can easily represent a number of things- Empress' role as a guardian of Earth, Mother Nature herself, or even just the fact that this Pokemon is regarded by the fanbase as the iconic female Pokemon (Just like Empress in our universe).
  • Sudowoodo - We felt that Empress should have a rock-type to represent the earth element of nature. And what better rock Pokemon than the one famously designed to look like a tree? It can also be seen as the illusion one might ask on why a Pollutant CEO like Ursula would be "chosen" to be Mother Nature's Herald.
  • Garbodor - While a weird choice on the face of it, Garbodor actually fits for Empress because it represents the pollution her family's company inflicted on the Earth which led to Ursula's punishment. Funny thing- Garbodor was a common choice amongst the NRG team when we were choosing our own ideas for this.

This wonderful commission was done by the awesome TheNexusInfinity , whom we're also planning to commission Pokemon teams for Zener and Toonman in the near future. Check out his gallery when you get a chance, and maybe even drop him a commission note for your own Pokemon team! We hope you've enjoyed this special treat, and if so we hope you are excited for what we have planned for Zener and Toonman!

You can learn more about Empress in her gallery folder:…

And you can follow us on Social Media such as our

Art by :iconthenexusinfinity:
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Pokemon © Nintendo
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Great team. I like the reasoning behind each choice and how it relates to Ursula/Empress. Plus it's good to get different types for her team. I think anyone else would've given her mostly Grass types just because that's what she looks like she would have, but here, she's got Grass, Ground, Normal (can change into Fire, Flying, Ice, and Water), Psychic, Fairy, Rock, and Poison. It's pretty well rounded.

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This makes me want to do the same for some of my own characters.

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Well I got one for my Monstrosities character, Silver

1) Lycanroc (Midnight Form) - The perfect werewolf looking pokemon for him

2) Lunatone - Couldn't leave out a moon shaped pokemon for Silver.

3) Infernape - Silver is a great friend to Wukong and Infernape was inspired by Sun Wukong.

4) Doublade - Being a swordsman, this is perfect for Silver and his desire to dual wield. Silver isn't quite the shield user, so he hasn't evolved Doublade into Aegislash.

5) Weavile - This pokemon perfectly exemplifies Silver's fighting style of moving fast and slashing his enemies.

6) Kangaskhan - This pokemon symbolizes a big moment in Silver's history when he was an orphaned kid and taken in by the large warg mother, Maandiya, who carried him when he was little, like the small baby is carried by the mother Kangaskhan

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All those look good, but I'd actually save Infernape for Waking himself. I don't know what other Pokemon to use though. Maybe Lucario?

Zigwolf's avatar

Lucario is one of my favorite Pokemon, but I think there could be a better choice with Gallade. It's blade like arms fit with Silver and it's predicting of an enemy's attack matches Silver's second sight which allows him to see beyond what normal eyes can and that includes future attacks, sometimes, but only by seconds ahead of when they occur.

shadowkyurem15's avatar

Nice! Pretty good Pokemon Team.

syn1111111's avatar

im surprised you didn't use trevenant instead of sudowoodo, it could be a metaphor for what she is actually like in the inside, also nice over all team

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We considered it, but ultimately we thought Sudowoodo was a better choice. Thanks though!

Haywire3's avatar

Great crossover picture.

NRGPreview's avatar

Thanks man! We're really excited to have Zener and Toonman in the works!

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