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Blitz Ally: Joan

Second Ally For Blitz! This human one is Joan, Uber Brainy sidekick and first Earth Friend to Blitz!

Quick Bio: Joan Hayai was teased a lot in elementary school for her awkwardness and genius until her future life-long friend, Hilary, stepped in and stood up for her. Forever grateful, Joan and Hilary became best friends; with Joan getting Hilary through the academic aspects of life and Hilary the Social aspects through Joan. As an Adult, Joan became one of Dynalabs' most successful scientists in the Diamond City branch. Joan was obsessed with sci-fi and the idea of life outside the Earth, and she would often go out to observe the stars for life in the universe. One night out with Hilary, she got her wish when Loriana Rozz was beamed to Earth. She and Hilary listened to her tale and helped her set up a new life her on Earth. Joan used her genius to help Loriana realize all that she could do with her powers and to this day aids Blitz in her superhero career whenever science is needed to save the day as one of Blitz's most trusted and closest friend. Joan also has a secret crush on Blitz, but she may soon realize that is not an affection that will be returned.

-Gifted scientific genius in nearly every field.
-Position in Dynalabs grants her accesses to high-tech equipment to assist Blitz
-Loyal to friends Hilary and Loriana
-Awkward socially and physically, but makes up for it with friendship and kindness
-Obssessed with Sci-Fi

So, i'm not entirely sure if Joan is going to be a lesbian or bisexual, but as i was writing this I've decided that her place in Blitz's life will allow for drama and changes to character growth.

Joan Hayai is (C) of me!!
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geneticmonster03's avatar
so she was teased in school
she's smart 

I can relate to that

well except the gay part
King2099's avatar
Back up in the science department never hurt
NRGPreview's avatar
Truth, Look at the Flash or Batman.
bjv016's avatar
She sure has a shiny six pack.
NRGPreview's avatar
It's the t-shirt;)
Kerevon's avatar
Bring on the geeks! Cool character, seems like a great friend for Blitz. As for the lesbian or bisexuality thing? Human sexuality is very, very weird. Maybe Blitz is one of the first girls Joan has ever had romantic feelings for? Or you could go with one of the more normal versions. I just get the feeling that Joan may not have a very tight handle on her sexuality.
NRGPreview's avatar
No, Blitz is definitely set to be Heterosexual. I would kind of have to do some writing for it to make since, but the idea is that Joan causes drama between the two in a very big turn of events. But you nailed Joan in a nutshell.
Kerevon's avatar
I guessed Blitz was heterosexual. I was simply saying that you hadn't decided Joan's sexuality yet, and I actually thought that could be a good character point. As in, JOAN hasn't really figured out her sexuality either.
NRGPreview's avatar
That is also part of the plot point.
dragonestea's avatar
Joan Hughes: "You should forget that Blitz girl and get with me. Among other things we could fuck with my team by both answering 'yes?" every time somebody says 'hey Joan!'"
NRGPreview's avatar
Joan(Mine): Tempting... Let me know when you suddenly appear in a flying saucer from another planet, then will talk."

Lol, your idea would be pretty funny though:D
dragonestea's avatar
It totally would, especially because their personalities are so wildly different. Your Joan is an introverted nerd and probably a bit of a wilting flower. My Joan was beating up grown men in boxing matches even before she got her powers, and is a complete pack alpha. They would have a very strange dynamic to say the least.
NRGPreview's avatar
Totally. Opposites do attract as they say;)
EchoWing's avatar
Gotta love a smart girl.
BelRhaza4017's avatar
another good friend to Blitz, very nicely done
NRGPreview's avatar
Thanks! You think this character will work?
BelRhaza4017's avatar
U r welcome, and she should do well :)
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