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Your turn, Fraulein...

By nranola
Because I'm banning myself from playing Dual Destinies until I've finished a good chunk of schoolwork, I procrastinated in a different way. Signed it as Klavier for a bit of fun~

I might be overusing "Fräulein" in my Klavier pieces. Maybe I ought to make a series out of it? Hmm...

Anyway, back to work for me for now. Klavier, mein Schatz, wait for me...! :heart:

|Adobe Photoshop CS5
|Klavier Gavin; Ace Attorney © CAPCOM</sub>
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OtakuFangirl1200's avatar
I'm only really becoming familiar with the AA franchise now, and even though I'm more or less a Phoenix fangirl, this is incredibly attractive.

Nice job on this piece ♡v♡
nranola's avatar
Thank you! Herr Rockstar is difficult to resist. ;)
Orquidea995's avatar
Handsome!! Heart 
TarmaHartley's avatar
I don't like him much, either, but this is one sexy piece! Beautifully done! :)


Rhythm-Wily's avatar
Uh...*jaw drops*
Destron23's avatar

Its nice to see you make something again. :) It's always a pleasure seeing any art of yours. :)

Hehe, gosh you always draw faces so well! :D Wish I knew how to facially construct like you do. XD

nranola's avatar
Thanks! It's always encouraging to hear from you. xD <3 I'll get some art up whenever I can!
PrincesseDiana's avatar
I don't really like this character, but your version is awesome ! Very sexy :D !
silverhammer's avatar
Good looking dude :D
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