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Your hand, Fraulein

By nranola


This is my half of Ace Attorney Exchange's Secret Valentine Santa. This piece is for no other than the lovely *6Hisano9! Enjoy!

Hit download for higher-res.

:heart: :heart: :heart:


EDIT: Here's a treat for you Gaia Online/Love Charm fans. <33

Rambling... COMMENCE!

Okay, so first off, I'm really REALLY sorry for turning this in late. I have no excuse other than I managed my time very poorly, which isn't really an excuse, so... yeah. Anyway, sorry!

The pairings my giftee asked for were Edgeworth/Phoenix, Ema/Klavier, and - it was the last one that really caught my eye - Klavier/Me. It was probably something born out of having nothing else to write, I dunno, but I found it really interesting and decided to conceptualize something based on that.

As so it happens, I've been playing a lot of otome games lately. I think you can put two and two together. xD


So, there you have it! Klavier/You, holding hands and watching the stars from his office window! I know it's not your top pairing but it was too brilliant an idea to pass up. The good thing about this piece is that the "You" can be absolutely anyone you want, so any pairing with Klavier you support applies. Happy Klavier fans all around yaaay~

...Man, so many things I still want to say about the process and whatnot, but I'm way too tired lol. I'll end this here. I'm going to get some sleep now. '8D Maybe.

||Adobe Photoshop CS3. Intuos3 Tablet.
||Klavier Gavin; Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney © CAPCOM
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PrincessofDreams123's avatar
Beautiful! :D  Well done! :)
RheaVaruna's avatar
Ooh. I love this pic, but I'm a Klema shipper so I will have to pretend that it's Ema he's reaching for!

Lovely job!
Wumpatrix's avatar
this is so awesome!!!
Venks2's avatar
Great picture. It's pretty good quality stuff.
I'm a rather huge fan of Phoenix Wright myself! So much in fact I'm making my very own detective game!
As a fellow fan of Phoenix Wright I'd love it if you would check it out: [link]
nranola's avatar
Thank you!

Ooh, a murder mystery game. I'm always down with that. ;D Best of luck raising the funds you need for it!
Venks2's avatar
Thanks! There just aren't enough murder mystery games out there. Don't you think?
nranola's avatar
There can never be enough murder mysteries ever, I'd say. xD
Venks2's avatar
Exactly! I like the way you think.
ElenaMegan's avatar
W-What's going on? I have a sudden urge to blush... :iconuhuhuhuplz:
KawaiiKoneko97's avatar
This is amazing. :heart: I love all the detail you put into this. Wonderful work. <3
GaMeRgRrL123's avatar
Back off, he's MINE D:<
pianoanime16's avatar
I totally reached out for the screen and pretended it was my hand he was holding, ngl xD
creativeoptimist7's avatar
This is quite beautiful! And the way you drew him is so accurate to the game. This totally made my day!
thedoctorisdying's avatar
yaaayyyy hes mine nw!!!
Chips13's avatar
This is so sweet! <33 The night sky background gives off romantic feelings. And the way Klavier gazing at me is enough to make me swoon. Love it!
OnliaFaze's avatar
something about this pic makes the heart beat pick up speed
IAscenderI's avatar
Try this: [link]

People loved your work :)
nranola's avatar
Link works now. Aww shucks, that's really sweet. x3 Thanks!
IAscenderI's avatar
You are welcome :-)
IAscenderI's avatar
Thought you might like to see this (I posted your picture on my FB page - with due credit of course):

nranola's avatar
The link isn't working for me, but that's awesome! :D I'm glad that you liked it enough to feature it on your page.
IAscenderI's avatar
This is breath-takingly beautiful. Seriously.
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