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Sean concept

By nranola
Self-explanatory. Will be updating this entry when I think of something more to add... or upload a new one, I dunno. The pose might look familiar to some of you. I didn't even notice it myself until I finished sketching it out. xDD

Oh, and Sean's a she, by the way. owo

Added a couple of uhh... expressions? Just wanted to practice drawing the glasses, really. xD And a rough idea of what I want her to look like in her teens. Nothing final yet.

Added shooting glasses and a utility belt thing for her guns and stuff. I was considering slinging earmuffs/headphones around her neck too, but with the fur collar it seemed a bit too much. It was either the earmuffs or the fur collar, and I really like the fur collar so it stays.

||Adobe Photoshop CS3, Intuos3 Tablet
||Sean © *nranola
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Teen Sean needs a dispensah heah.
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Ahhh- perhaps my soon to be girl friend? ^^ *gives Sean a polite bow, watching carefully for the inevitable gun coming his way*
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*sweat drop*

(She won't shoot me this time if I believe she wont... will she?)

(Oh f@#$)

*sweat drop*

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Heh... I like the expression pic ^^ She looks like she's about to give someone a verbal can of whoop ass. Maybe Zeth XD

Just a side note though- she IS an A, right? Look up pics of Kiera Knightly, cause she's an A cup also (be carefull you do get a photo enhancement like this [link] as a model, cause she looks a bit big in the teen pic :nod: Just a thought.
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Lol. xD Ah yeah, she's an A. Didn't really think about it though when I sketched it out. Thanks for the heads up. x3
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o: I like the expression you added. And neat way of doing glasses~
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Hey Nii, BSX from CR here.

Just thought I'd say that this is win, as is Sea in the StB RP. You're also a good GM there.

Because of this picture, I ant Sean to have Apollo's babies. =D
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Thanks! Glad to hear you're having fun at the RP, 'cause I sure am. x3
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I thought it was a girl but for a sec i question her <,<
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lovely design x3

You're always improving! Inspires me to do my best too Nii ;)
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Very nicely done.

While i realize im not an exceptional artist sometimes i do seem to give good critique so here it goes.

Overall the design is gorgous, everything seems to appear in good length and such

Coloring is very good but i want to point out a few things i see, im unsure if these are correct, but simply what ive observed:

- the shading on the shirt is great, you get the contrast and on the jacket however, at appears to me that the contrast does not follow throughout your character. The pants seem to be lacking a lighter color and for me doesnt make them stand out as well as the coat.

- Same goes for the fur on the coat, you have the lighter color to bring it out but no darker colors. Glasses catch the same thing in my eyes.

- Something in the face makes it feel flat. I like the shading but it seems like the cheeks are so open.

Anyways these are my observations and since im a douche and cant draw i cant even be like, "you should try this."

Also i love you nii and i love the picture, and your art is wonderful as always, dont take this the wrong way, i know youve been trying to improve. Maybe if kino reads this she could tell me why i see these things xD

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This was more of a rough concept kind of thing so I didn't really bother prettying it up. Just needed to see if the colors worked well, if there's stuff I still need to add, that kinda stuff. That and I still suck at shading. xD But thanks for the critique nonetheless! *glomp* You know I'm always open to constructive criticism. :3
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*petpet* >u>;
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Ah- definitely more she now I can see hips ^^ No mistaking now ^^
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