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No Objection to Crossovers

By nranola
It's okay, Phoenix. At least you didn't get to wear a Gekkoukan skirt like I originally intended.


So, onto business! This is my Christmas gift to all the lovely denizens of No Objection! over at Gaia Online!

They are one seriously awesome group - I'm not even trying to flatter them when I say that. I am SO grateful to them for inviting me into their circle of friends, especially since I was going through a few rough spots both online and in real life back then. I mean, seriously? Ace Attorney AND Persona fans? And fantastic roleplayers to boot? IS THIS HEAVEN OR WHAT.

I'm gonna stop before this becomes a massive tl;dr. You guys should be sick of hearing how much I love you all by now anyway. xD Merry Christmas, and enjoy! :heart:

||Adobe Photoshop CS3. Intuos3 Tablet.
||Persona 3/Portable, Persona 4 © ATLUS
||Phoenix Wright © CAPCOM
||Pokémon © Nintendo
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Ack I mean Reikomei from Gaiaonline.... From the No objections to werewolves thread.
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Oh hey you found me! 8D Pft of course I remember you~
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:iconimhighplz: Yaaaay someone remembers! I have put you on my stalking/friend watch list!
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<_< seems like the thread's down now.... now what...? I have a chat room on da we can use to chat. Oh I finished the rough sketch of Yuki's persona... I wonder what I should call her... any ideas?
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Yeah, I saw. :C Don't worry. The Friends Chat thread will be up before you know it.

You gonna upload it? o3o Hmm... Maybe look into mythological figures related to the yuki-onna, see if you can pick out a name from there? Since you're basing her persona on yuki-onnas and all.
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Hope it's soon.

I would upload it if the school lab was open, but it's not. :iconsadfaceplz:

Well on a story that has a Yuki-onna in it after she spared a guy she became "human" for said guy and her name was Oyuki, but since Yuki-onnas are technically spirits I could mix that name with Yuurei(ghost/spirit). Hmmmm... I kind of want to have Yuki in there since since it means snow. Most likely that will be her strength.

But with having my OC named Yuki it may not be a good idea. Also I found a page that has various other names for a Yuki-onna. I will change Yuki's nickname to Yuki-onago (Snow Girl) since she's not a woman. [link] They also seem to have a connection with the moon. Here are some stories I found about Yuki-onnas. (I just coppied and pasted.)

The most popularly-known story of yuki-onna is the Lafcadio Hearn tale of the same name. In his folkltale anthology Kwaidan, he writes from memory a story told him by his Japanese wife. In the story, two woodcutters are traveling in the snow, when they take refuge in a ferryman's hut. While they are sleeping, a beautiful woman dressed all in white enters, and blows upon the older man while he is sleeping. Seeing this, the younger woodcutter prepares for death, only to find that she will spare him because of his good looks. But she warns him to never tell anyone of this encounter. A long time after, the young woodcutter meets a beautiful young woman whom he eventually marries. They have many children together, and one night while it is snowing he relates the tale of the yuki-onna he met that day in the ferryman's hut. Hearing this, his wife leaves in anger, declaring that she was the very woman who spared his life. She leaves, letting him know that the only reason she is again sparing his life is for the sake of their children. She departs, turning into snow, and is never seen again. (This is where she was named O-Yuki.)

Another written tale of a yuki-onna finds an old man ready to go to sleep one winter's evening in 1833. A knocking sound is heard at his door, but he ignores it. A voice outside pleads to let it in, but still the man denies entry. He has no food or bedding, he says, but his guest desires only shelter. Still the man will not open the door. As he turned to go to bed, he discovered a beautiful young woman in his house, who is not wearing any geta. The young woman tells him that she has been gliding aroung in the snow, searching for the village where she had been married while she was alive. She is seeking this village, for she wishes to haunt her husband for leaving her father's after she had died. In the middle of the night, she leaves, and the next morning, curious about her story, the old man goes to the village and meets the husband of the young woman. Her ghost, the husband tells the young man, has been visiting him in his sleep, and he has finally decided to return to his father-in-law, to help him in his old age. This story was written by Richard Gordon Smith, in the book Ancient Tales and Folklore of Japan.

At least now I know what she will look like in the final form.

Hmm I'm leaning towards Yukirin (Yukiren) as the persona's name... I like it for some reason. I make up names aaaallll the time.
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You could always just default to Yuki-onna if you want. It's not uncommon for persona to take up names of mythological figures - Incubus, Pixie, etc.
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lolzzzz This is Reikomei BTW I found out that you had a DA. ;A; Your skillzzzz are so much better than miiiiinnnneeee *whine* So Jelly~
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lol guy on the left rlly just doesn't give a fuck huh? lolololololololololololololol!
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Oh, Feenie... You'll get over it. Besides, I think you make a cute Pokemon trainer! :D

Though, why is Pikachu wearing bandages...?
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Ah, that's because the people I gifted this art to are also fans of horror games. Lame incorporation, I know, but I couldn't think of how else to do it at the time. xD
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Eh, it works... ish. It just had me a tad confused xD
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PIKACHU used CONFUSE? Is it super effective? 8D
Telanana's avatar


But it failed!

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Minako...too much cuteness. :heart: :D
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hahaha this is really awesome (:
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This guild sounds interesting = w=
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awwwww the female main char looks adorable!!!
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:heart: <3333333
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Late post because I already freaked the hell out over the awesome, but I thought I'd leave it here anyway for posterity.



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OMG would you believe that I just bought Persona 4?! :XD:
:+fav:'d :D:D:D
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