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Detective Sean

By nranola
Concept for an Ace Attorney OC, Sean. I can't disclose that much info at the moment, except for Sean's love for guns and profession. xD

||Adobe Photoshop CS3, Intuos3 Tablet
||Sean © *nranola
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Drifth's avatar
Ace Attorney OC~ *o*

He looks kinda cool, haha. Is this for an rp board?
nranola's avatar
Haha! I've had this particular character in my head for a while now, but yeah, I'm using Sean for an RP I'm in. xDD
vermy-kun's avatar
<3 jacket. nice job on this one.
Count-Urbonov's avatar
I must also compliment you on the jacket, very slick, I wish I had a similar jacket, though I'm not sure i could pull off the fur collar. :(

Love the expression too!
ArkillianDragon's avatar
What colours is he? I assume this is the non rockstar version of him?
nranola's avatar
Hmm... I haven't really thought about the colors yet, although Sean's going to have black hair for sure. The whole rockstar thing never crossed my mind, actually; you probably thought Sean was a member of The Gavinners? But hmm... that's an interesting thought... x3
ArkillianDragon's avatar
I got the impression he was part of a rock band also. His introduction to the party was "Felix. Felix Rodes, lead guitarist for Rock-Ness, and surgeon extroardinare. And you are?"

Is he not a rock star? Oh no wait- that's spoiler... I just realised... Andrew THINKS he's a rockstar cause it's a cover *feels n00b*
nranola's avatar
Wait wait, you lost me... Who were we talking about again? When you said rockstar, did you mean Felix? Or, err, Sean? o.o'
ArkillianDragon's avatar
Omg... Now I'm really confused... So Felix is a rockstar... and Sean is the guy with the guns? OR is Felix and Sean the same guy T.T
nranola's avatar
LOL!!! x'DD

Felix is the rockstar/surgeon(?) in the tux. Sean is the detective with the guns. x'D
Panda-Kat's avatar
O: He's cute~

Nice jacket C:
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