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Buddy Faith

By nranola
B: Shouldn't we be... you know... investigating stuff...?
J: Not now, Jim, I'm too busy being an ass. Pass me another one of those, would you?
B: ....


From Ace Attorney Investigations, Case 1. Those of you who've gone through it will understand. xP

||Adobe Photoshop CS3. Intuos3 Tablet.
||Buddy Faith © Capcom
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mayrazzang's avatar
very cute!!! I love buddy a lot.
Koutetsuban's avatar
Buddy! ;w; It makes me happy to see love for him, since he's one of my favourite victims in the game and also seemed pretty nice. I like his little pouty expression here.
FenrirDarkWolfe's avatar
Buddy's like, my favorite victim out of the whole game, this is great!
blazewolf24's avatar
When I first saw Portsman I wanted to punch him.

Seeing poor ol Buddy makes me want to shoot him >_>

Is it just me,or does Buddy Faith remind you of Bruce Goodman?Its weird...
nranola's avatar
Wow... Now that you mention it, they both have the same "vibe", don't they? xD Far too nice for their own good. And we all know it's always the nice people that die first. :<
Akai--ookami's avatar
Aww Buddy~ :heart:
The guy needs more love :(
Also... this may sound werid, but he really looks cute as a corpse XD
nranola's avatar

...But yeah, he does look cute striking that corpse-y pose, doesn't he? xD
Akai--ookami's avatar
that was my first reaction to the case!
Me: aww man this corpse looks so cute X3 it's like he's sleeping or smth *used to corpses*
My friend: He looks like a girl... and that would explain the bleeding in the pants XD
AntenOz's avatar
JuanCorrida's avatar
After they arrested that jerk of a prosecutor he worked with,Buddy then turned into a ghost and haunted him with a basketball that he will never have,mwahahahahah!
nranola's avatar
LMAO!! Now there's an idea... >:3
MapleRose's avatar
awww poor Buddy, looks like he wants to take a shot with the ball instead of just passing it to that jerk :(
Darkened-Tragedy's avatar
:iconiloveitplz: AWW THIS....

So adorable<3
LordOfPastries's avatar
As soon as I saw his body in Edgeworth's office I exclaimed rather loudly "God, he's HOT." Y-yeah. Suffice to say, I am a big fan of Buddy. I hate to say that the victims really intrigued me.
dehdwood's avatar
I don't understand but I find it hilarious. XD

(this is really cute, though! any chance of you doing Pearl? XD)
nranola's avatar
Maaaaybe~ oUo We shall see!
Dawn-of-Destruction's avatar
Poor Buddy. Why do they always abuse the poor detectives?
nivlacart's avatar
Another relatively unknown detective killed in the first chapter XD
nranola's avatar
Bapp plays Ace Attorney? o3o
nivlacart's avatar
rosetippedpen's avatar
I wish they'd give Buddy Faith more scenes (in which he gets to be interrogated and stuff) - he seems like a likeable character. :)
objections's avatar
Heh, I saw this and thought
"wait who was this?"
just shows the poor guy needed more attention ;^;

adorable <3
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