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AA: Reminiscence ~ Christmas

By nranola


This fuzzy Phoenix/Miles illustration is for =Ingthing!

Hit download for hi-res.



Back-up Santa to the rescuuue!

Oh man, okay, first of all I have to say I'm really sorry if this took forever. >__<; This might very well be a Valentines piece at this point.

Some things I took from the prompts for this were contentment from being with people you care for, warm fuzzy fireplace (which you can't really see but it's there!), and a white Christmas. Here I imagine them just taking it easy at home after another successful trial. Phoenix goes on enthusiastically about everything that happened while Miles kicks back with some tea. They're both wearing house slippers because COMFY. <3 Also, implied gift exchange going on thereabouts.

Lately I've been trying out a paint-y approach to coloring and shading. This has to be the most ambitious background that I've done to date, if you can believe it. ...I really need to work on that more.

Anyway, =Ingthing, again I'm very sorry that this took so long, and I hope that you had a good Christmas! These two surely did!

| Adobe Photoshop CS5
| Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth; Ace Attorney © CAPCOM
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ooh digipaint!
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Edgeworth looks a little odd, but that Phoenix is so perfect. <3
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Looks great, love the characters and the background :)