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This one took me a while. It was done as a thank you to someone who gave me his old Warhammer Fantasy figs since he and his bro never got into the game. This way he'll have some memory of the Warhammer Quest he used to play.

It's all on a carved block of styrofoam. Everything has metal pins below them to help hold them into the block. (Since wood glue isn't strong enough to hold them alone, and super/plastic glue would melt the styrofoam)
There's an extra layer of a glue/water mix painted ontop of the rocks to solidify them.

The water was created with a couple layers of water effects gel to give some depth and below-surface ripples, then finish off with Testers plastic glue which created a mostly smooth, somewhat rippling water. The glue was applied after some really watered down red paint for blood was dropletted next to the body.. when they mixed, it actually made the "blood" seem to flow in the "water".
Added a gloss finish to the bank to create a moisture from the nearby water.

I had to carve out between the elf's legs and where his arm was to make things look more real. (Since figures often don't get detail down there)

I used green-stuff to recreate his arm in the squig's mouth and glued the hand on.

Elf Shield Tutorial: [link]
Squig Wash/Drybrush Tutorial: [link]
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ha ha :) great scene!!
I invite to see my miniatures! cheers!