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[update - This made final cut at Baltimore Games Day 2010]

My wonderful wife on both our wedding day, and my birthday, gave me the limited edition release of Space Hulk.
This is my first attempt at painting one of the Blood Angels, and I think I've set myself a new bar.

I think the next one I paint, I'll actually take pictures of each step if there's interest. Below, however, is the formula I've devised:

Blood Angel Orange
Black Base

Mechrite Red (wash)
Blazing Orange (wash)
Solar Orange (wet highlight)
Blood Red (wash)

Chaos Black (painted into all crevices to create shadow)

Blood Red (to intensify outer areas)
Red Gore (to redden near the shadows)
Blood Red + Red Gore (to blend)

Golden Yellow + Red Gore (highlight edges)
Blazing Orange (highlight edges more)
Blazing Orange + Golden Yellow (highlight edges more)
Blazing Orange + Solar Orange (highlight/intensify areas)

Elf Flesh (edge trim - bright areas)
Tanned Flesh (edge trim - dark areas)
Blazing Orange (intensify/blend colours where needed)
Blazing Orange + Golden Yellow (help intensify colours)

All the Rest:
Eyes / Sights: Orkhide Shade, Emerald Green, Scorpion Green

Bone: Black, Dheneb Stone, Dhened Stone + White, White

Gold: Scorched Brown, Leprous Brown, Golden Yellow, Deep Buttercup (light yellow acrylic from hobby store)

Tears: Scorched Brown, Red Gore, Blood Red, Elf Flesh + Blood Red, Elf Flesh

Badge: Liche Purple, Passion (another hobby paint), Passion + white

Paper: Black + Bleached Bone (few shades), Bleached Bone, Bleached Bone + White, White (trim), Black (washed, lettering)

Cloth: Black, Dessert Yellow (highlight, then wash), Roman Stucco (another hobby), Bleached Bone, Deep Buttercup, (blend shade), Skull White

Cables: Dark Angels Green, Catachan Green, Catachan + Camo Green, Camo Green, Desert Yellow

Black Metal: Black, Charcoal (hobby), Charcoal + Fortress Grey, Fortress Grey, White (edges)

Ground: Black, Charcoal + Charadon Granite (inner edges), Charcoal + Calthan Brown (outer cracks), Charcoal (paint / wash whole areas to blend colours together), Shadow Grey (washed blend on outer/raised edges)
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freakin great job on the highlights. really brings the whole terminator together.
JimField's avatar
Pretty "blood"y good ;) I must say.
Proiteus's avatar
Awesome work with the highlighting, top quality work!
Hat-of-Legends's avatar
sweet paint job of the edging
NPlusPlus's avatar
Heh, thanks everyone :)

I do try to include how I've done things, and will try to answer any questions people may have.

And yeah, I always picture GW guys talking about marines the same way as sports announcers...

"Y'know what this game needs?"
"Hmm.... well, it's already got big men, tackles, bruises, flashy outfits, body armour... Nope, I have no idea."
"It needs some more FOOTBALL!!!!"
"Dude! Bad-ASS!"
precinctomega's avatar
Great job!

And I now have this weird conversation going on in my imagination:

Terminator 1: You know what my armour needs?

Terminator 2: Hmm... Well, you've already got blood drops, gems, chains, lanyards, studs, purity seals... Nope, I have no idea.

Terminator 1: I want a crux terminatus on my ARSE!

Terminator 2: Dude! Bad-ASS!

[Pun intended]
Belazikkal's avatar
Very nice! The armour is a bit too orange for my tastes in Blood Angels, but it is so well executed I don't care that much. The purples are very nice as well. Together with the orange and green it is really nice to look at.

Also, NMM. I know how hard that can be so an extra :thumbsup: for that!
Sputnik127's avatar
Excellent work.
DorianM's avatar
Thumbs up for:
-one of the best paint jobs on SH figures I have seen (you set a high bar for me too :));
-style and atmosphere (agree with ~rewolf31);
-taking the time to explain it in superb detail;
-wonderful story that goes with it;
-good photo;

All in all a watch is in order :)

Looking forward to seeing more!
Nice... I guess if I were searching for something to criticise I would say the blending could be smoother, but I really like it as it is - it gives it a 'cartoon' look (Not that that is in any way bad :P).
I do like how you've done the highlights though. They're done in just the right places. Awesome stuff :D
Mdnghtkith's avatar
Wow hon! Pictures don't do it justice. I can't wait to see the whole army out there kicking butt.
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