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[update - This made final cut at Baltimore Games Day 2010]

My wonderful wife on both our wedding day, and my birthday, gave me the limited edition release of Space Hulk.
This is my first attempt at painting one of the Blood Angels, and I think I've set myself a new bar.

I think the next one I paint, I'll actually take pictures of each step if there's interest. Below, however, is the formula I've devised:

Blood Angel Orange
Black Base

Mechrite Red (wash)
Blazing Orange (wash)
Solar Orange (wet highlight)
Blood Red (wash)

Chaos Black (painted into all crevices to create shadow)

Blood Red (to intensify outer areas)
Red Gore (to redden near the shadows)
Blood Red + Red Gore (to blend)

Golden Yellow + Red Gore (highlight edges)
Blazing Orange (highlight edges more)
Blazing Orange + Golden Yellow (highlight edges more)
Blazing Orange + Solar Orange (highlight/intensify areas)

Elf Flesh (edge trim - bright areas)
Tanned Flesh (edge trim - dark areas)
Blazing Orange (intensify/blend colours where needed)
Blazing Orange + Golden Yellow (help intensify colours)

All the Rest:
Eyes / Sights: Orkhide Shade, Emerald Green, Scorpion Green

Bone: Black, Dheneb Stone, Dhened Stone + White, White

Gold: Scorched Brown, Leprous Brown, Golden Yellow, Deep Buttercup (light yellow acrylic from hobby store)

Tears: Scorched Brown, Red Gore, Blood Red, Elf Flesh + Blood Red, Elf Flesh

Badge: Liche Purple, Passion (another hobby paint), Passion + white

Paper: Black + Bleached Bone (few shades), Bleached Bone, Bleached Bone + White, White (trim), Black (washed, lettering)

Cloth: Black, Dessert Yellow (highlight, then wash), Roman Stucco (another hobby), Bleached Bone, Deep Buttercup, (blend shade), Skull White

Cables: Dark Angels Green, Catachan Green, Catachan + Camo Green, Camo Green, Desert Yellow

Black Metal: Black, Charcoal (hobby), Charcoal + Fortress Grey, Fortress Grey, White (edges)

Ground: Black, Charcoal + Charadon Granite (inner edges), Charcoal + Calthan Brown (outer cracks), Charcoal (paint / wash whole areas to blend colours together), Shadow Grey (washed blend on outer/raised edges)
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freakin great job on the highlights. really brings the whole terminator together.