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Old Station

By NPlusPlus
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Another from the "Terrain can be made from anything" category.

The primary structure of this is the thick paper that the Space Hulk rerelease doors were punched out of.
This was bent and the joints were superglued to stiffen them up. (Superglue works great on paper-like products, since it's so liquidy that it's absorbed)
It's a plastic base covered in sand, nails stuck up from the bottom to create fence posts and mesh to create a fence.
The train tracks are just from a hobby store.

I especially like how the blast on the right side of the pic tuned out. I was able to peal layers off the thick paper, then fold the outer layers out, and again, super glue it. Looks like a rocket hit.

The blood in the sand also ended up great. I did two things to achieve these areas. First, I washed them with thin red. Since the base is actually sand glued on, the sand absorbed the wash, and the blood seeped around. Second, I took a slightly thinned red and flicked the brush against a tool above the sand, causing splashes to land on the ground.
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looks like a real rail yard. awesome
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WOW Impressive use of leftover bits :thumbsup::D
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love the blood and a great use of trash paper
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Again, a very great piece! The blood in particular looks very realistic and I love the use of the nails as fence posts - I would've never thought of doing that. The blast is also very cool, as the scorch marks look very real as well =)
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Thanks a lot :)
I have this problem where everything I look at, my brain immediately thinks "bits?" This causes me to periodically have to clean out boxes of junk. I have so many projects I could create, and not nearly enough time to do them.
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lol true =) but that kind of thinking is good for this type of hobby, keeps it interesting =D
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