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Hordebloods - Pandaren Bonehammer



This is the completed model for the Pandaren conversion I created of Skaldi Bonehammer. You can see the full Hordebloods project at my website, where I'll be posting work in progress and some high res photos of this guy in the next day or so.…

Lots of green-stuff went into this model, not just to give him the panda head, but to add all the fur. His hat was made from coiled paper, which I covered with a thin layer of green stuff and textured the grassy lines into.
Tried my hand at free-handing on him, which I'm really happy with. You can see this on his hat, the back of his vest and around the arm holes in his vest.
For his eye, I painted it into the eye socket, which I then filled with gel to create the 3D appearance.
For his hammer and belt buckle, I decided to got with green so as to create the impression of jade.
On his keg, I used some more gel to cover the handle of the spout so it would mimic a glossy logo'd tap you would see these days.

See and Read the full work in progress with more details of the process here:…
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