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Harlequin Wraithlord

Here is my entry into the 2010 North American Golden Demon competition. It didn't win, but it did make the First Cut, so that's exciting!

After hundreds of hours of work, it's completed. This came together after I got ahold of a classic Harlequin Jetbike front and pictured it on the new Eldar Wraithlord body.

There are way too many diamonds on this.. I'm tired of diamonds. There are 626 diamonds.. ugh.

See the back view here:
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Even in death I still surf
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worshiping the trollol god!
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love this how did you get the water to look like that
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Inspirational work and yes all eldar including halies use them the solitare is the only harlie aside from exodites who can get away with not wearing one because his soul is destined to be fought over by the laughting god and slanish in person =)
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Thanks muchly. The water was created by layering Heavy Gel over and over again in thin layers, with light highlights and/or washes of colour (blue) or white in between each layer. The transparency adds up to create a realistic effect.
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Excellant piece! The time and effort you put in really shows. Fluffwise it's a bit shakey (the harlequins don't use spiritstones, do they? Because Cegorach whisks thier soul away on death. So what is inside the wraitbone?) but it looks excellant and fits in with the rest of the army.
A wraitlord with facial features is surprisingly intimidating. The only thing I'd change would be adding a bit more damage to the dreadnaught and detail to the base because, as people below have mentioned it's a bit confusing at first sight. I personally thought the lord had power weapon'd/melta'd off the dreadnaught's legs and leapt on top to leap at the next target (imagine flip-belt equipped wraitlords! Good thing they're not in the codex).
Very stunning, you should be proud.
What are the shoulder mounted guns? Starcannon and brightlance?
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Not sure about the spirit stones.. you could be right, but I thought it was just one specific type of Harlie that dooms himself. I gotta agree about the damage to the dread.. Initially I liked him perched on top, but something showing the feet crushed in to the armour more to pull it together might have been a decent idea. Wraithlords w/ the belts would be fantastic, lol!

Thanks for the great feedback! I believe the weapons were Starcannon and Scatter Laser.
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looks like something out of my childhood nightmares.
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lol, uhm... I'm sorry? and thanks :)
Dude i love what you have done to this wraithlord very sick detailing. Love how the colors clash and sort of flow with the term Harlequin..personally i a chaos person myself but this made me go eldar for a bit did it justice my friend though i must ask what did you use for the head....i tried making one of these awhile back after seeing this pic and could never find it @.@ but over all i love this piece
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Thanks for the feedback :) The head is actually a limited print Eldar Harlequin Jetbike hood... you can sometimes find them on eBay.
Awesomeness was looking for the longest time ended up making mine into a version of Harely quiin @.@ but it ended up decent but yet again your version is very badass
wonderful piece. the base is one of the finest i've seen, very nice!!
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for some reason this made me lol uncontrollably. eldar is just like " sup bro just hitchin a ride."
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HA, I never looked at it like that... now I look at the pic and it's like the Dreadnought is just giving him a piggy-back across some water :)
Bad ass wraithlord! But man, I dont think I could give up a dreadnought! almost makes me sad seein him there. (Needs dreadnought for own army) lol
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LOL, thanks :) I don't play marines, so I got him from a buddy that doesn't play anymore, hehe.
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You just blew my mind. I always thought the Harlequin jetbike fronts looked awesome but I never thought of using it as a face for a wraithlord.
The SM Dreadnought drowning underneath is a nice touch. :)
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heh, thanks. I think I saw someone do it with one of the old wraithlords.. it's a little out of proportion for the new ones, but I love it :)
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the paintjob is awesome
maybe the pose let you down
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Thanks :) It was a little "Come at me bro" but ah well. I'm still crazy proud of it.
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harlequin, VERY harlequin.
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