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Crimson Lance Space Marines

Well, post Games Day required some R&R and the wife and I beat a great game called Borderlands. This involves kicking the butts of an army of troops called the Crimson Lance.

I decided that in order to get back into the groove of painting, I'd take some Space Marines and paint them up the colours of some of the Crimson Lance from the game.

see my tutorial on the Crimson Lance Infantry here: [link]

(Borderlands, The Crimson Lance and their logos are copyright Take-Two Interactive Software and their subsidiaries)
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i love the shading on the green helmet and the highlighting on the red armor!
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Thanks. Part of me would like to paint up a mini Crimson Lance army.. who knows.
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what colo did u use for the red terminator ???
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It was a blend of black, crimson gore, blood red and a little white on the edges.
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I like the riot shield terminator!
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good job really^^ how about a commandant steel?
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heh, thanks. I'd pondered it, but he basically looks like a Defender without his mask. I may do the Elementals, Medic and Jump Troop though.
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cool^^ hey I bet u could make mad moxxy out of a sister of battle^^
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someoen likes borderlance
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