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Conky & Covergloobus themes by me.

© 2013 - 2021 npikill
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felicidades esta muy bueno ojala pueda instalarlo
deberias poner un txt como instalarlo no todos saben hacerlo 
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Hermoso! algún skin para Rainmeter?
How to display the progress bar ? Mine only can show the time
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Looks really nice! =)
Muy lindo y minimalista, felicitaciones.¡¡¡
Como hago funcionar la barra de progreso?
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Debes instalar Covergloobus para instalar el tema.
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So do I just plop this in my .conky folder? Do I also get that music applet that is on the bottom of the screenshot?
how to customize progress bar? :(
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¿Qué Distro utilizas?
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Clean, Simple, Nice & Impressive...
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Buen trabajo excelente solo que soy nuevo con Conky como lo instalo por favor...
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What is the font you're using called? i want too use it but i don't know the name, hope you can help. Works great! :D
looks great! thanks!
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Great!! Beautiful !! thank you
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I was trying to install it... definetly I couldn t... I installed Conkycolors, replaced the archive conkyrc in the right folder (I just followed your archive  And nothing changed.. Maybe I missed something... and I couldn t use conky colors too, when I do : Conky-colors --theme (or some other one) it asks me if I run Ubuntu (true, i m running eOS so i say yes) and tell me to run other command, (which is something like : -c conky-colors /home...../conkyrc, it runs four terminal lines and nothing happen...
Maybe  I m not so good with linux but I would like to have a few explanations.. pleae :)
try with conky -c /home...../conkyrc worked for me.
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I reinstalled it and it worked... Thanks, really great job!
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AWESOME ! ! can u share the skins ? conky & covergloobus . 

how do you removed the top bar ?

thanks !! ;)
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Hey, thanks for your theme it looks great. But I have one problem: instead of 16:59 i.e. it shows 04:59. Any idea how to fix it?
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Ah nvm fixed it with adding %R after the time ^^
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