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About Literature / Hobbyist Matt Burns33/Male/United States Group :iconninja-pirate-clan: Ninja-Pirate-Clan
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Dance and Flame
The most meaningful moments
Are lost throughout time
The most masterful memories
Are the long fading line
The enormous emotions
Make the engines of man
The exceptional elements
Light the fire that can
Melt and burn
Dance and roar
Flash and flame
Blaze and more
The rain from before
The crimson sky
Aflame and enchanted
The storm is alive
Alive with passion
Alive with love
Thriving compassion
Dive up above
Defying all gravity
Float with me soon
Replying so gentily
She whispered: The Moon
:iconnpcburnsy:NPCburnsy 9 2
Through the Mental Door
Enter your mind
Through the mental door
Open your head
You've been here before
Delve deep inside your psyche
Swim around your brains
Search your soul for answers
Release past hates and pains
Realize true forgiveness
Life is a short trip
So many moves to make
Release the furious grip
Inhale the fresher air
Exhale all your woes
Walk the higher plane
Your aura brightly glows
:iconnpcburnsy:NPCburnsy 6 0
Pools of Platinum
The pen never stops
The cell is alive
Light up the hallway
Let your love thrive
Exostential existence
Roll in the hills
Fields of forgiveness
Wild windmills
The art always flows
A creative wizard
The wand always glows
A magical giver
Pools of Platinum
A molten-heat-lord
Climb the volcano
Find the Phoenix Sword
The words on the scroll
Traverses time and space
Even after they're gone
They reappear on your face
Sorcerous interactions
Influence of the fae
The spirits are howling
The moon is their way
:iconnpcburnsy:NPCburnsy 2 0
Temerity, Tranquility
You have been seen
Your soul is a visionary
You see in your dream
Temperance, Serenity
You are the brilliant seer
Your mind is youthful
Yet you show no fear
Concentration, Meditation
Foresee your new way
Your seclusion had reason
To teach you to pray
Intensity, Stability
You have been blessed
Your body: a temple
Your journey: the test
:iconnpcburnsy:NPCburnsy 3 2
Excite Mental Exhilaration
Excitement, exhilaration
The thrill of the chase
Stimulation, anticipation
Find your own space
Adventure, excitement
Exploring this new world
Concentration, animation
You are the new pearl
Trapped in a clam
Forming your shell
You were trapped in a sham
In your former hell
Tonight will be epic
The journey evolves
Life is a spiral
Spinning she solves
The impossible puzzle
The riddle of the heart
The answer is the lion's share
This is the best part
There is no answer!
Just live life and flow
There is no reason!
Just let it all go
Finding your counterpart
Realizing she's whole
You are connected
She has a pure soul
:iconnpcburnsy:NPCburnsy 2 0
The Infinite Continuum
Looking for renewal
Searching for revival
Regenerate your soul
Enervate your rival
Journey to the center
Your path is crystal clear
Euphoric interventions
The magic in the mirror
Looking for reflection
Manifestations of your mind
Cryptic symbols forming
Decipher their design
Journey to the middle
Your eyes are melting glass
Ecstatic revelations
Expose the secret pass
A ticket to the future
A receipt from the past
The Infinite Continuum
Is vast and unsurpassed
:iconnpcburnsy:NPCburnsy 4 0
Dimensional Instability
Slither into oblivion
Glide into the zing
Penetrate the Nightingale
Ride her darkened wing
Related missing times
Vanished in the mist
Emulating entities
Intertwining souls will twist
Climb the timeless vine
Reach the superb skies
Ascension of the mind
Acclimation of the wise
Walk in through the mirror
Onto the other side
Dimensional Instability
Take the stellar ride
Run into the forest
Roll into the sea
Congregate with nature
Rest in perfect peace
Release everything
Gain it back in time
Live and love the moment
Love and live the rhyme
:iconnpcburnsy:NPCburnsy 3 0
Be The Voyaging Cloud
Translate primeval texts
Decipher the ancient code
Discover supreme truths
The prophecy foretold
A message materialized before you
You have now seen the light
Two times it appeared before you
On that cold summer's night
A journey lies before you
You are walking it right now
Traverse all time's barriers
Be the voyaging cloud
Quest into the atmosphere
Roam around the sky
Float above the storm
Try and to stay dry
:iconnpcburnsy:NPCburnsy 1 0
The Levity of Life
The Levity of Life
Our familial resolve
The evident relation
Our passion will revolve
The levity of love
Our pact is our resolve
A relevant relation
The potion will absolve
Rearrange your consciousness
Invigorate your mind
Start fresh in the future
Elaborate, and find
The extraordinary night
The unseen heavy rain
The invisible incantation
That will cleanse your broken brain
:iconnpcburnsy:NPCburnsy 2 0
A Colloquial Current
A Colloquial Current
The idiomatic storm
Automatic assumptions
Diplomacy torn
A mesmerizing sedative
Entrusted to few
The dice of life
Are rolling for you
A Competitive Creation
The firmament's aglow
Luminosity stirring
The last thing you know
Fortuitous Occurrence
Prospects of new time
Destiny or happenstance?
Which path will we find?
:iconnpcburnsy:NPCburnsy 2 5
Destined For Dementia
Destined For Dementia
The radiance of death
The energy inside of us
Woke the day we met
A fated relation
The impenetrable heart
Two souls unite,
One night, then depart
Destined for dementia
Mania is the rule
Nothing is a part of life,
Everything is too
A Jubilant Juxtaposition
Euphorically rounding the moon
The combination of the two
Coincidentally, was too soon
Destined for the edge
Time erodes the clues
Feral storms will tangle,
Snarl, and confuse
Only time will tell
The clock is far ahead
Instantaneously arriving
Love might steal your head
:iconnpcburnsy:NPCburnsy 2 2
Note To Self
Note To Self
The feeling's returned
Tonight will be legendary
It is your turn
To create and relate
To everything in life
Summoning lost love
The power of light
Note To Self
The feeling is real
Don't forget the spell
Words are your deal
Use them with power
Use them with care
Wisdom of past lives
Surrounds your air
The aura that surrounds us
Is full of so much life
Harness that energy
Tonight, we'll take flight
:iconnpcburnsy:NPCburnsy 0 0
An Angelic Lunar Flower
I am thankful for the future
I am thankful for the past
Thankful for all my family
Thankful for the grass
I am thankful for the present
I am thankful for it still
I am thankful for my history
Thankful for my strong will
Will I still be thankful?
When I travel back
In time we will be everything
Everything we lack
Will I still be Grateful?
When I am long Dead?
Will I still be crazy
After I lose my head?
I am thankful for my phamily
I am thankful for my phriend
The music that's inside of me
Making my mind bend
Thankful for the moments
Thankful for the chance
Thankful for the memories
Making my mind dance
Everything is clear
Everything is right
Everything inside of me
Illuminates my night
My moon is full of energy
An Angelic Lunar Flower
The sun gives my supremacy
I am thankful for this power
:iconnpcburnsy:NPCburnsy 3 0
The Harmonius Light Full Pic by NPCburnsy The Harmonius Light Full Pic :iconnpcburnsy:NPCburnsy 2 0
The Harmonius Light
A different idea
A kind of mentality
The reality is
Duality is a fallacy
Just be you
I'll be me
Just be true
I'll be free
Eat up life
Drink your soul
Keep it down
Keep it whole
A different idea
A kind of mentality
The malady is dormant
It lies deep inside of me
I seek a cure
To the loneliness inside
I seek a pure
Soul to reside
Along my side
Let us just ride
Maybe we'll go back
To Telluride
A different companion
Unlike ones before
She is in the future
She waits for me lord
Pray to the cosmos
Pray to the stars
Understand your path
Journey so far
Back in the mountains
We were so high
Had no real problems
We were just living life
When will my consort
Find me in time
It doesn't matter
I'll just reside
In my own mind
In my own heart
If we're never together
We'll be a part
A part of the story
A part of the world
The music will lead us
To Earth's Shining Pearl
Wait a short while
For a short time
For the one moment
Locked inside rhyme
I wait for the day
Yet I don't yearn
I wonder what moment
:iconnpcburnsy:NPCburnsy 5 0
Never Rewind
Destroy the clouds
The sun is still there
Hiding behind it
Remember the where
Find the next line
Rhyme the next time
Find the next sign
Time the next rhyme
A dream in the streets
A team on the road
Reprogram your clan
Modify their mode
Destroy the rain
The sun wants to thrive
Try to shine through
Remember you're live
Find the next battle
Free the finesse
Unearth the next verse
Don't be the best
Just be you
Just be true
To yourself
Do let it through
Let it flow
Let it all go
What is a barrier?
You don't even know
The wall was steep
You climbed it for years
You found the top
Recycled your fears
We ascend to a new world
The old world is still there
Yet she is dying
We want a new year
The new-fangled fortune
A palm reader's mind
The original motive:
Never Rewind
:iconnpcburnsy:NPCburnsy 18 0


Reign of Fire by Gate-To-Nowhere Reign of Fire :icongate-to-nowhere:Gate-To-Nowhere 1,285 103 Cold Fire by Gate-To-Nowhere Cold Fire :icongate-to-nowhere:Gate-To-Nowhere 2,924 257 Under the snow by tomsumartin Under the snow :icontomsumartin:tomsumartin 127 19
laying at night, under the stars, i sigh
the memories whisper, as the cars pass by
i dream of my love and the days that have passed
those wonderful days that just didn't last
i sit and remember the things that once were
the things that are over, now just a blur
the stars drown out the pain that i feel
those pains in my heart were once quite real
but they go away as the stars shine on my face
as i close my eyes, my problems erase
those dazzling stars hanging up in the sky
tell me to keep my head held high
for no matter what troubles may come in sight
the stars will be there every night
:iconohmyninja:ohmyninja 46 41
The Lady of Winter by Ferelwing The Lady of Winter :iconferelwing:Ferelwing 150 61 River of Gold by Barrettart River of Gold :iconbarrettart:Barrettart 7 2 Lazy Day by the Bridge by Barrettart Lazy Day by the Bridge :iconbarrettart:Barrettart 7 5
Driftwood -
skeleton maw
wraps talon-like
around the dawn
as if begging
for a favor,
so smooth and sharp
worn bare by August -
a mermaid's rib
rubs salt from sand,
the battering lilt of seagulls
beating time
against the summer sun.
:iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 168 66
That kind of beauty
can haunt a life
and ruin a man,
the incandescent taste of skin
so fair it flouts
a summer day
and taunts the bed clothes
as if to say
this is but a borrowed pleasure;
the supple lilt of hips
making wastrels of my senses
and savoring the scent
of flesh entrapping secrets
like a summer solstice;
and that last wave of wonder
puckered in a silken crescent
breaking over me
into oblivion.
:iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 590 101
Cross the Night by Yumenthic Cross the Night :iconyumenthic:Yumenthic 1,022 112 Esquisses - Feary wolf by Facipoly Esquisses - Feary wolf :iconfacipoly:Facipoly 14 8
Silk Road
Did you walk the silk road
on a dusky summer night -
damask moths disrobing the moon,
watching the west
sink into orchid hue
and the eastern star
slowly making her orbit known;
or watch the cloaks
of passersby swirl
indigo and amethyst
with the mystery of a scent
you could not name?
Did incense graze your cheeks -
pekoe tea and star anise
rising from the reeds
and slimsly grassed glade,
the scent of lotus,
and onyx combs to fan your hair
as you turned your face
to question the dark?
And did you dream
of some young lover -
sinewed and rawboned,
with gilt across his fingertips
to trace half-slumber
hiding in your eyes,
tasting the tilt of your chin
and your unsung smile
bringing the shadows
up from the ground?
:iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 126 81
The Tree by carlosthe The Tree :iconcarlosthe:carlosthe 21 4 Down on the beach 2 by carlosthe Down on the beach 2 :iconcarlosthe:carlosthe 11 0 Playing in the mist by carlosthe Playing in the mist :iconcarlosthe:carlosthe 1,466 162



Got back home to Chicago a week ago, back from Telluride, CO.  Had an amazing time out there, and met so many great people.  Can't wait to go back next year.  Headed out to the West coast soon, will be nice to get out of the cold weather =)  Change of scenery is always great.

     Been great seeing all my friends and phamily, Thanksgiving was great.  Glad to be home =)
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Matt Burns
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
25 Male, Chicago Illinois, USA. Just became an MC, MC NPC Burnsy, hit me up on FaceBook ... Love Life, Music (Phish, Grateful Dead, Sublime, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and many other types of music. Poetry, Cannabis, Women, Water, and Women. =p Love writing poetry, got journals full of it....

Current Residence: Chicago, IL
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Large
Print preference: Times New Roman
Favourite style of art: Poetry
Operating System: Laptop
MP3 player of choice: Ghetto CD Player =p
Favourite cartoon character: Moogan (Samurai Champloo)
Personal Quote: "If you do what you've always done, You'll get what you've always gotten."


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