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Champions::Where the Promise Breaks by nozomi-neko Champions::Where the Promise Breaks by nozomi-neko
"You want the answers/I see them on your face/You need to know/This is where the promise breaks"

This one's got a ton of symbolism and stuff, so pardon me:

From a D&D campaign I'm participating in, nicknamed "Champions Against the Black Hand". By now you've seen quite a bit of Quinn (in front on the left), and a little of Moira (front right). So here's a bit of their story. They started off traveling together in the group of heroes out to save the world from the demon Valefore, and before long, fell in love. But destiny conspired against them - as destiny does - and is doing all it can to split them apart. Moira's ancestor Lana fought centuries ago to stop the demon, and achieved a partial victory before dying in battle. Her powers, bestowed by Bahamut, passed down to Moira, who is now possibly the only person alive who can stop the demon should it break into their dimension. Quinn - by the strangest shaped family tree known to man - inherited the power of the demon's first High Priest of the Black Hand, Duskwalker. Now Quinn is one of the only people alive who can lead the demon to his ultimate victory.

Trying to fight their destiny has only brought them closer to it. Will they be able to overcome the obstacles in the end, or will fate shatter them apart and force them to kill each other?

(Honestly, I have no idea.)

Tl;dr: Some D&D characters, Quinn and Moira, and some dragons and destiny and stuff.

Champions and the world it lives in created by the amazing Issa-chan
Moira belongs to direndria
art by me, with texture help from ToxicStarStudio
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Uchiha-Kage Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2015
Cool.  I didn't know you were playing a D&D game.  May you never cease to learn something new, right?
nozomi-neko Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist

I've actually been playing on and off since senior year. Peter started a game for a bunch of us, and after I moved to Madison, my roommates started one. So I'm currently playing three games right now, and hoping to start DMing one of my own.
Uchiha-Kage Featured By Owner May 3, 2015
Cool.  I'd love to get involved in a campaign or two again. I enjoy playing, I've never thought much about DMing, although I'm good at taking an Idea and making it spiral into a completely new universe, so.... Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea.  I don't even want to get into the depths of all the complex stories I've created in my expansive interlinked universe....
nozomi-neko Featured By Owner May 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol I know that feel. I think that's why Peter pegged me as DM material. But I really enjoy playing, too. The collaborative aspect of the storytelling is really exciting. Being the one who makes the mistakes that screws over the group is always interesting, lol.
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April 15, 2015
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