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I had the pleasure of being able to work on a Stormlight Archive(one of my favorite fantasy book series) fanart piece! Many thanks to :iconstellargent: for commissioning :D

This is based on the scene in Oathbringer where Adolin finds Jasnah at the end of an alleyway, and sees a glow of geometric shapes outlining her.
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Thank you! <33

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Not familiar with Oathbringer, but this works as a nice visual for how the Mage Armor spell from D&D might be presented. :)

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:D Thanks! I highly recommend the stormlight archive series(from which Oathbringer is from), it's an epic story!

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This is SO COOL!

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Hello! I linked your excellent Jasnah to my fandom-tumblr here:… and if found lots of love and praise. All of it well deserved! It's fab.
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Do you use reddit? There are people on r/imaginarycosmere and r/Stormlight_Archive who would love to see this stunning work.

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I don’t use reddit, but if someone wants to post it there I’m fine with that 👀
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That's an interesting concept! Holographic/energy armor? That's not something I would have thought of.
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I believe it’s her shard plate forming

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Energy Armor. B-)
 So cool.
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