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SnA: Weekly mission #5 [Medical Buildings] by nozomei SnA: Weekly mission #5 [Medical Buildings] by nozomei

weekly mission for :iconsaino-no-aru:

The vacant warehouse located in the outskirts of the city was found to be more of a dangerous dispatchment than expected ultimately the students were unable to yield much information in regards to the strange happenings here as the locals were unusually hostile. Abandonment of this pursuit was inevitable- for the safety of the students and the strangely afflicted individuals of the area until more information can be found.

Despite the ordered retreat from administration, many students have come back severely injured and the infirmary is full to occupancy… in addition to this, however, some of the those who have returned have also been observed to exhibit some unusual behaviours; common findings being lack of appetite, dilated pupils, sleep disturbances, and multiple episodes of immediate short term memory loss. It is unknown as to the cause of these symptoms; and although some have recovered, there are some who have yet to.

Many of the students have been withheld here from their usual dispatchment to the mainland to assist in the recovery and exercise their support skills. If you wish to have your character affected by the mishaps, illustrate your character in relation to the subject matter above. If your character has not been affected, then illustrate your character assisting in the recovery of the students who are injured or affected by the strange outbreak.

Naomi had initially went the medical center to assist injured schoolmates she knew who were sent to the abandoned wait...she went to medical center to get checked out since she was sent to the warehouse a couple times...or...or was it to visit a family member? The gift shop had some cute items for sale! That's what she came for!...maybe..

"Why am I here again?"

I actually had a another drawing/kinda comic that would have fit this mission, but it was too ambitious to pull off in the little time I had. I'll probably finish it and upload if I get assigned the mission again |D.

Character involvedNaomi Inukai || Mine

Mission week: Week 5
Link to the comment assigning your mission prompt: Medical Building
*Cool-down item: N/A

Pixidose Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
SP Distribution:

Headshot/ Bust + Colour + Shade (75 SP)

Simple Detailed (20 SP)

Mission Difficulty:
Ranked Mission - Hard (100 SP)

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October 1, 2017
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