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SnA: Naomi by nozomei SnA: Naomi by nozomei


    》Added more additional info, including methods to RP


                   Inukai Naomi


                     December 12th, 2033



Class Year:

                     II [Year 2]




                     Defense / Support / [DPS]

Quirk / Ability:

                     Mystical Martial Arts [Mana]

Quirk / Ability Information Guide:

Mystical Martial Arts [Mana Manipulation]

{ Naomi can manipulate the sentient energy known as mana to assist her in aggressive close combat and for offensive purposes  }

《 Enberōpu 》


A buff where Naomi can engulf certain parts of her body [Arms or Legs] with mana to where she can utilize this skill for close range combat as this skill enhances the power of her attack by a sizable amount. Can also serve as protection from light blows from oncoming attacks.

Cooldown | Limitations: [no cooldown]

  • This buff is heavily dependent on her mental strength and concentration. While Naomi mentally trained enough to maintain this buff, should her focus be broken due to specific situations, such as taking on two on more enemies, the buff will immediately wear off and will have to rebuff during when she has an opportunity.

  • Naomi cannot engulf both her arms and legs simultaneously nor can she immediately switch between the two as she does not yet have the experience to do so.

  • She cannot use this buff simultaneously with her other skills

- - -

《 Okora seru 》


Naomi can hurl lightning-like mana at her enemies using her hands or her kicks. Coming into contact with this attack also comes with a very low chance of stunning her enemy enough to disorient them.

Cooldown | Limitations: [no cooldown]

  • This skill will hit anyone and anything within it’s reach, including allies.

  • Difficult for her to control

  • This skill’s execution also depends on her mental strength and concentration.

  • Will easily cancel out if she is attacked during casting.

- - -

《 Hikari no akuma 》


With her entire body engulfed in mana, Naomi will relentlessly attack her target(s) at blinding speed for 5 seconds, causing their movement speed to decrease drastically on contact. By the end of her assault, Naomi will spend an additional 10 seconds to summon a magic circle over her selected area with a range of  11 yard [10 meter] radius, typically where her target(s) are located, and detonate an mana powered explosion, dealing massive damage to those inside the circle. Can use this skill on multiple targets.

Cooldown | Limitations: [no cooldown. Only used once per battle]

  • Upon completing this skill, Naomi’s stamina will deplete to the point of rendering her useless in battle, as she will completely overexert herself while casting the skill. She will also suffer physical consequences post battle, ranging from migraines to being completely immobile for a set period of time.
  • Anyone and anything within the magical circle will be dealt massive damage, including allies. Best get out the way if you’re in the circle if you don’t wanna get got.
  • Naomi's total cast time is 15 seconds. During the second phase of her attack she will be mostly immobile due to the concentration required to execute the skill. If Naomi is hit during casting at any point, the skill will immediately cancel. This will cause damage to herself in the form of becoming paralyzed for a period of time  as well as taking a chunk of her her stamina out.
  • Naomi will only use this as a finishing blow or if she has no other options



Naomi was born as the youngest out of three to an accomplished businessman from a well established family and a martial artist turned successful actress who specialized in action movies, and was also known within the her own family to have “magical capabilities”. Due to this, naomi, alongside her older brother and sister, was able to enjoy a lot of the finer things in life. While their father spent time more often than not outside of the home due to his job, their mother spent the bulk of  Naomi’s early childhood raising her and her siblings while taking on smaller acting roles that were closer to home.

As she grew older, Naomi became more aware of what her mother did for a living and began to idolize what she did as a martial artist, declaring that she would one day become just as good as her mother when she was older as she mimicked her mother’s movements anytime she appeared on a tv screen; Naomi was also aware that her mother and members of her family had ties to magic and how they were able to utilize it, but this secret was neither hidden nor broadcasted to the public, as there was very little need for their ability to manipulate mana in real life situations. Nonetheless, Naomi and her siblings still learned of the basics on how their abilities worked. While Naomi’s siblings were able to directly experience their magical capabilities that they inherited by the time they entered the end of their primary school years, nothing came of anything for Naomi; Something that she wasn’t exactly stroking out about. She continued on with a relatively okay childhood as being the spunky, happy go lucky baby of the family.


With Naomi entering junior high school, her mother decided return to her career full time, causing her to be home less often much like her father. Because of this, Naomi and her siblings looked after each other, with her older brother taking lead as the “head of house” whenever both parents were away. Due to the age/education gap between her sister (by 5 and a half years) and her brother (by eight years), they attended different schools. Despite this they were rather popular amongst their respective schools’ student body due to their status as the children of well known figures and already being accomplished; Naomi becoming a 3rd Gup Blue Belt [Red stripe] in her martial arts training as well as being socially active in student body activities, her sister being amongst of the top students in her grade and became a Ee dan (second degree) black belt before graduating high school and becoming employed to the japanese government, and her older brother being a top student at his undergraduate school on his way to working in the STEM field.

Earlier into her final year in junior high, Naomi was testing for her advancement to her next belt. While practicing warm up exercises, she winds up kicking a melee training dummy across the building and through a wall. Looking down in shock, Naomi realizes her legs glowing a bright blue and that she finally experienced her ability. Immediately enamoured by what she was able to do, she ran to her family with the proposal of being able to learn more about her ability, who were just as happy for her. Because her mother was not around enough due to her acting campaigns, the siblings took turns guiding Naomi through sharpening her newly discovered skill in between their work/studies.

As Naomi improved her skills, she began to desire utilizing her skill and in the outside and find a career that would suit her abilities. Hesitant, but unable to deny her of pursuing purpose for her life, Naomi’s parents ultimately decided to get her enrolled to the National Academy of Shinohara with the hopes of the academy assisting their daughter to pursue her future.

     Early Academy Life

While narrowly succeeding in her written exam, Naomi was able to to showcase the potential her ability had to offer during the physical exam and gain entry into the academy.

Although she was able to socially establish herself amongst her class her first year, Naomi struggled a little with dorm life away from home and would get homesick often; but persevered otherwise and eventually embraced the new lifestyle and developing friendships. Naomi was able to learn that she was could release mana and direct it at her targets. She still struggles to control this skill and didn’t use it as much at this time.

By her second year, Naomi was able to master her buff skill to what it currently is now and can incorporate it into her combat skills as well as discovering her ultimate skill during training. She has a difficult time using the skill properly due to the physical consequences of improper execution or upon pulling off the skill.

Extra | Misc:


True to her sign, Naomi is an optimistic, sociable, adventurous individual and a child at heart. Despite being born as the youngest with a silver spoon in her mouth, Naomi is pretty down to earth about where she comes from and chooses not to treat others differently because of their background. This makes her very approachable to those who know her or want to get to know her. Once she develops a positive relationship with someone, she will treat them like gold.

Due to her optimistic and adventurous personality, she can be quite careless when it comes to her speech and actions, whether it be towards herself or to others. Very headstrong, Naomi loves to live in the moment, seek out new things and learn through experience versus relying on second hand opinions. She will often jump head first into situations without thinking, trusting her judgement in accordance to what’s going on around her [which is more often than not correct]. While she typically doesn’t mean harm, she also isn’t one to sugar coat when her input is requested, but will try to turn the situation towards something encouraging and positive.


  • Socializing

  • Pocky

  • Teasing people

  • Anything pertaining to sports

  • Exercising

  • painting her nails

  • Training her skills

  • Learning new things [via experience]

  • Exploring

  • Watching movies and TV shows (action preferred)

  • Reading manga

  • Alpacasso plushies

  • Baking


  • Sour food

  • Studying

  • Too much attention brought to her legs

  • Dwelling in negativity

  • Heavy rainfall

  • Too much indecisiveness

  • Failing missions due to incompetence

  • Being lied to

  • Baseless gossip

    Additional info

  • Seiyuu is Hasari Nio from Akumu no Riddle

  • Current height is 5'5" || 165.1 cm ; Weight is 118 lbs || 53.52 kgs

  • Melts at the sight of small fluffy things

  • Horrible at video games

  • Extremely affectionate to people she’s close to, regardless of gender.

  • Gets whiny when she becomes bored or annoyed

  • Due to her years of training in martial arts, Naomi has very defined and toned body, her weight being mostly comprised of muscle. Because of this, her strikes and kicks are quite strong when they land, even without her buff active.

  • Has a "pear" body type

  • Her kicks hit like a train. fully capable of destroying watermelons in a single sweep without her buff active

  • Received her costume over the summer after her freshman year

  • Nothing is wrong with her left eye. She just chooses to cover that eye because she likes the style.

  • Her fighting style is a mix of Taekwondo and acrobatics

  • Can easily get distracted when things fascinate her

  • Will try just about anything once

                Roleplay Information
》Discord ONLY. [Note me for my ID. Feel free to DM me if you are in SnA server o/]

》Lit is heavily preferred. Can do semi lit and script depending on the situation [Group rps, etc.]
        》Headcanons are also very OK
        》Love love love plot rps that cause character development
        》Not keen on shipping unless we/our characters are cool like that
        》I am okay with any type of rp (fluff, angst smut, etc.), granted it makes sense to whatever the rp plot is

》Can take up to 1 week to reply because IRL. If you like fast paced RPs i might not be the best RP with lmao

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