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IN: Kaede by nozomei IN: Kaede by nozomei
for :iconinitium--novum:

Edit [7/27/17]: Added extra trivia

General Information

    Name: Kaede

     Age 24    ||    Female

            5'9[175 cm]    ||    125 lbs [56.7 kg]

    Species    ||    Human

       Date of Birth    ||    September 22




           Ninja    ||     Shuriken

    Weapon Proficiency [C]

   Unique Ability    ||    Perfectionist
    [Hit rate and Avoid +15 when HP is full.]

   LVL: 1
    HP: 22

Str (Strength): 7    ||    Lck (Luck): 5
           Mag (Magic): 0    ||    Mov (Movement):5
              Skl (Skill): 10    ||    Res (Resistance):4
        Spd (Speed):12    ||    Def (Defense): 7


Goal Oriented ||  Reserved || Modest || Observant || Nice enough || Critical || Harsh || Volatile

Goal Oriented: Due to the environment of her upbringing, Kaede is very much so partial to any assignment she takes on gets done and that it's done "straight down to the T" if possible. Although a decent trait that makes her a very reliable ally, this makes her a bit of a stickler for order and rules and is wary of too much change.

Reserved: Kaede was trained at a young age to keep her personal feelings/opinions at bay while on task. Because of this, she does not dabble in her personal life to anyone she works with or not particularly fond of, making her come off as standoffish. Despite this, if you can establish a good relationship with her, Kaede is capable of showing a lighter side of her typical demeanor.

Modest: While being true to her goal oriented/perfectionist-ish nature, you will rarely hear about her boasting about any of her achievements.

Observant: A trait that makes sense for her line of work. Kaede is very proficient in reading people and situations and adapting accordingly. Utilized very well when she is on domestic scouting missions.

Nice enough: Self explanatory. She can be relatively approachable if you can get past her reserved aura.

Critical: A trait that came with the territory of her of being an eagle eyed overachiever. When she is asked of her opinion, Kaede will be happy to oblige without sugar coating, making her come off harsh.

Volatile: While trained to conceal her emotions or feelings, if Kaede is emotionally pushed to place she doesn't want to go to, her actions can easily become unpredictable for the worse and can become physically or emotionally abusive.


Kaede was born to an unknown man and a Kunoichi who originated from a small predominately female village. Growing up, she was told that her father was a sword master that went missing some time during the war and was presumed dead.
Kaede spent her childhood under her mother's care, in which she naturally followed her mother's footstep, who is currently the head of the village. Before she began to train as a kunoichi, Kaede trained in geisha etiquette and other things, as she was too young to begin her main training, but would be useful to her in the future. While she assisted in the maintaining the village and taking care of her fellow sisters in arms who would return from their duties, Kaede would watch in her sisters train with child like enthusiasm and admiration.
As the years went by, she started to become more curious about her father and what he was like. Anytime conversation came up about him, her mother wouldn't go much in to detail about and would steer the conversation to another topic. When she would approach the villagers and elders about anything they may have known about her father, she was often met with brick walls and subtle dissuasions about no longer pursuing the matter. One day, she overheard a conversation between elders hoping "that ominous man" never appears to the village and how "careless of the leader was regarding of the situation". Realizing that this man they spoke ill off could possibly be her father and that he was alive, Kaede decided she was going to take matters into her own hands and find the truth herself.
As soon as she became of age for training as a kunoichi, she trained hard and diligently, achieving more in a month than many others could achieve in 6 months. While her own mother and fellow sisters/villagers/elders were impressed with her progress and expected nothing less of the blood daughter of the village leader, unbeknownst to them, Kaede was quietly putting her agenda into motion. After completing her training and several successful missions, Kaede approached her mother to join the Hoshidan Army to participate in helping end the war. Her mother was apprehensive at the sudden request and initially insisted against it, citing that she believed that what her daughter was capable of would be better utilized in the village, and that she had hope to pass on the role of village leader to Kaede. But after awhile her mother gave in, realizing her daughter was very much so set on joining the war for her own reasons.
With the reluctant blessings of her mother, Kaede successfully pledged allegiance to Hoshido, which in turn began her quest to find the truth about her father.



Voice: undecided


Fulfilling her duties
clear weather
Spicy food
Small children
Baby animals
her hair


Any weather that is not clear
over zealous people
sour food
being hindered from her goals
overly petty behavior

  • Despite being aware of the bad blood between Hoshido and Nohr, Kaede has yet to bear any ill will towards her Nohr[YET]. However she will do what is required of her if need be.
  • Due her training period of learning geisha etiquette/culture, she can exude an strong and silent, but elegant and refined aura about her self which transfers pretty well the assignments she take; whether it be working to gather intel domestically/recon missions or her movements during combat.
  • Although any class is permitted, Kaede's village is known for their kunoichis and geisha culture. The Kunoichis act as the village's soilders and one or more will always accompany a geisha if they leave the village. Some geishas train as a kunoichi before setting out away from the village as means to know how to either defend themselves or to serve as intel for the village. 
  • While Kaede's village is exclusively female, anyone with an established relationship within the village are permitted into the village. This privilege is restricted to fathers/husbands/sons of the the inhabitants, known incoming recruits, certain contractors, members of the Hoshidan Royal Family and Members of the Hoshidan army with special clearance (i.e The Hoshidan General). They are vetted before gaining entry. Trespassers are often killed on sight otherwise.
  • While Kaede is trained to deal with certain situations, betrayal on a overly personal level greatly upsets her. So much so to the point where she may blatantly kill whoever wronged her depending on the circumstances. This a common mentality that most, if not all, inhabitants of the village hold.
  • Kaede wears a full bodysuit under her clothes at all times. Body suit also houses a face mask
  • The hair pin that holds up her hair, as well as the additional accessories that hidden in the knot of her Obi are disguised as daggers
  • Seems to get mildly starry eyed when she sees cute baby animals and small children
  • when outside of her work, Kaede enjoys the idea of looking presentable and pretty clothes. Has a tendency to blow money on things she finds cute.
  • Has somewhat limited experience on interaction with anyone on a personal level, making kaede easily oblivious to advances or friendships.

[will add more later im tired fjeaoifjw]


Roleplaying info

  • I would like to try out discord as an rping platform as I am most likely to respond there vs. notes/skype/DA chatroom/ Google docs.
  • headcanons are VERY OKAY.
  • Not big on the concept of shipping unless our characters have a good relationship already or you and I are cool like that.
  • I am okay with any type of rp (fluff, angst smut, etc.), granted it makes sense to whatever the rp plot is.
  • It takes time for me to type up responses so don’t be too surprised if I don’t reply until a week later. If you like fast paced rps I’m probably not the best for rping lol.
  • I love rps that shows character development among the ocs, so I apologize if my chars come off as ooc in the rp.
  • I am ok with gentle reminders every once in a while to respond (cos you know things happen, and sometimes I can forget), but if you get overly pushy about it, I will drop the rp. That being said, I am not the pushy type, but I will not hunt you down for a reply either. Just let me know if you are still interested in rping :v

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