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HC: Bae, Dan-bi by nozomei HC: Bae, Dan-bi by nozomei
applying for :iconhaneul-college: :3


▷ Name: Bae, Dan-bi
▷ Age: 21
▷ Birthday: February 10
▷ Zodiac: Aquarius
▷ Height: 5’7 ; 
▷ Weight: 124 lbs ;  
▷ Orientation: ( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡• )?


▷ Department(s): 

▷[MAIN]Arts Department 

》 Photography being her main passion/hobby, it only made sense to Dan-bi to enroll in this department. Dan-bi doesn't have a set field of photography she's interested in and hopes to explore this during her time at Haneul College. She has, however, shown interest in landscape photography and fashion/model photography, as displayed on her social media accounts.     

▷[Sub]Vocals Department

》Originally wanting to sign up to the modeling departmentBut the modeling department reached full capacity, Dan-bi was coaxed into this department by her mother due her wonderful vocal talents, as well as the fact that the Vocal department was her mother's primary preference for her; She had hoped Dan-bi would become a singer in the future, and still hopes for this. Dan-bi doesn't mind the vocal department nor improving her potential as a singer, but a lot of her obligations to the vocal departments often takes a back seat to her main department endeavors. If she were ever to take her singing to a professional level, Dan-bi wouldn't mind the idea of being an indie artist. Still unsure about a genre though.
Dream: To be Instagram famous + Travel outside of SK to utilize her talents + Live her best life + Be an indie singer if she takes singing seriously
Dorm Room: n/a. Lives at home with parents.



▷Despite her mildly aloof expressions/attitude towards certain situations, it's pretty easy to  befriend Danbi. If she is approached with kindness, and she is happy to return the favor. She has a decent sense of humor and is a pretty good mood setter. She doesn't quite go out of her way to interact with others, but Danbi is not one to turn away social interactions either. Dan-bi is highly self-expressive and loves nothing more than to be happy, carefree girl and to be able to do as she please without limitations. This leads her to be oblivious to consequences and show disdain towards anything that hinders her from any of her campaigns. Due to her go-getter attitude towards things she cares about, she is prone to getting bored and side tracked, making it essential for her to be associated with things that can hold her interests.


Dan-bi is an only child to a realtor father and an active singer mother who is still very successful in her industry, despite being past her youth. While most parents of esteemed careers would waste no time grooming their children for greatness, Dan-bi's parents chose to shield her from anything remotely resembling a limelight while she was a child, being tutored privately from until she was 13 and her interactions mostly revolving around family and close friends of the family; A lifestyle that Dan-bi hated as a naturally curious young girl with ambition that knew no bounds, which became more evident with every passing year as she would cause her family grief through her attempts to break out the spoiled, sheltered life her parents tried to provide.

By the time she reached middle school age, Dan-bi was allowed to attend a private academy to expand her social circle and environment. Due to her parents' status, it doesn't take long for Dan-bi to be viewed as a "popular" girl and attract the admiration/positive attention of some and jealousy of others. Oddly enough, alot of the social politics amongst the student body was more or less water down her back, finding much more fascination with world outside of her house and making a majority of her middle school years just fuzzy memories. By the time she turned 16, Dan-bi found herself discovering singing capabilities, much to her mother's delight. Happily taking her daughter under her wing, Dan-bi's mother became her vocal trainer with the hopes of her following in her footsteps to become a successful singer. Dan-bi, who at that point had no general goal or directions for her future, went along with her mother's grooming as she continued to live the life as a normal teen with a disposable enough income to do what she want thanks to her parents; Something her parents didn't mind, so long as she played to their expectations for her future. Things were looking up for Dan-bi in singing through her high school years, winning several local singing competitions and even received love calls from several agencies, including her own mother's. She even selected Haneul College,which was her mother's Alma Mater, as her university of choice prior to graduating to further pursue a singing career and was granted enrollment after successfully completing auditions, having originally listing Vocals as her main department of study.

When celebrating her graduation from high school, a relative had gifted Dan-bi a professional camera, noting the fact that photography was a bit of a side hobby for Dan-bi in high school. Completely enamored with the gift, Dan-bi spent a large majority of her summer before college self teaching photography and learning editing. Dan-bi found herself in full enjoyment of her new passion to point of her wanting to drop singing for arts department to pursue more studies in photography with modelling as a sub department weeks before the semester started. This sudden change of heart naturally caused some brief turmoil between her and her mother, the latter insisting that Dan-bi should pursue singing instead. Dan-bi, however, had her mind made up about the matter. After days of verbal spats between the two, Her mother caved to her stubbornness about selecting photography as her major and compromised by talking her daughter in to at least holding on to vocals as a sub for something to fall back on; Something Dan-bi could live with.

▷▷Haneul time leggo!

▷ Likes

  • Taking tasteful photos/selfies
  • Painting her nails
  • Things/people who can hold her interest
  • High waist pants/shorts
  • Rose Gold/salmon/pinkish-orange items
  • Traveling
  • Clear Weather
  • Sweater paws
  • Small social gatherings
  • Her Glasses Collection
  • Playing her guitar/Piano
  • Singing to a degree
  • Blogging
  • Cheesy dramas/movies (for heckling purposes/ ironic enjoyment)
  • Limitations
  • Unwarranted critiques
  • Insects
  • When her kindness is taken advantage of
  • Broken promises
  • Screamo music
  • unreasonable assumptions/rumors
  • Insects
  • Lack of wifi
  • Things that bore her
  • Insects
  • Rotten smells
  • Insects


Voice claim:Ahn Ji-young from Bolbbalgan4 (blonde hair) (singing and neutral voice)

Face claim: Rock/Lee Chae Eun: [1], [2], [3]


  •  Runs a blog/Instagram account where she posts her photography as well as selfies.
  • Can have lewd sense of humor
  • Dan-bi is currently in her second year.
  • Took Piano lessons at a young age, but got bored of it when she learned what she wanted to learn. She still plays every now and then to satisfy her mother, who believed anyone who sang needed to learn an instrument. Recently took interest in the guitar and is teaching herself how to play. She rarely plays instruments at the college as she gets embarrassed over playing in front of people she isn't super close to.
  • Although Danbi shows less interest in singing, she does like collaborate with other students on musical projects
  • Hates insects with a passion (except for maybe butterflies), specifically roaches. Kills them dramatically (examples
  • Danbi is somewhat near sighted and has an assortment of fashion glasses and is more often than not seen with them on. Almost always a pair to match her outfits; rarely wears contacts. Her favorite frame is round.
  • Danbi's hair is dyed ash colored. She will periodically roam about in her natural dark brown hair to give her hair follicles a rest. Ain't nobody got time for a receding hairline.

▷ RP Information 

▷Discord ONLY. [Note me for my ID. Feel free to DM me if you are in HC server o/]

▷Lit is heavily preferred. Can do semi lit and script depending on the situation [Group rps, etc.]
        ▷Headcanons are also VERY OK
        ▷Love love love plot rps that cause character development
        ▷Not keen on shipping unless we/our characters are cool like that
        ▷I am okay with any type of rp (fluff, angst smut, etc.), granted it makes sense to whatever the rp plot is. Feel free to ask~

▷Can take up to 1 week to reply because IRL. If you like fast paced RPs i might not be the best RP with lmao

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