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Dolyria: Eireen Farron by nozomei Dolyria: Eireen Farron by nozomei
aaaaand done~ 


Personal Info:

Name: Eireen Farron (Pronounced eye-REEN Fae-rown)
Nickname/s: N/A | Doesn't mind nicknames but only if she's on close terms with the person who nicknames her
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6" | 167.64 cm
Weight: 135 lbs | 61.2 kgs
Race: Deer Therian
Date of Birth: August 25th
Home Region: Yicrona [Zul-aligned]
Notable Features:
❖ Deer Ears / Tails
    ❖ Small velvet antlers
    ❖ Freckles across nose/cheeks, shoulders, sides of her hips/legs
    ❖ Slender, toned figure

✦ Class Info:

Class: Ranger
Weapon: Bow
Sidearm: n/a
Elemental Boon: Divine
Elemental Bane: Air

• Guiding Grace • [ 50% of Mag, Active ]
Shoots an arrow engulfed in light that hits Eireen's target. very low chance of landing a critical hit
• Spiorad • [ 50% of Mag, Passive ]
A buff that increases the speed of herself and her allies for one turn; Can only use this once every 4 turns

✦ Base Stats.:

LVL: 1

HP: 15
Str (Strength): 2
Mag (Magic): 5
Skl (Skill): 6
Spd (Speed): 3
Def (Defense): 2
Res (Resistance): 2

✦ Personality:

❖ Adventurous ❖ Resourceful ❖ Friendly ❖  Tomboyish ❖ Whimsical ❖ Skeptical ❖ Secretive ❖ Honest❖ Short tempered**  ❖ Snarky


❖ Adventurous: Befitting of her upbringing and her role as a ranger, Eireen enjoyed exploring and traveling throughout Yicrona, and looks forward to experiences outside of Yicrona. She is also naturally curious about things she is unfamiliar with but will often approach it with caution. Will try most things once.

❖ Resourceful: Thanks to her upbringing, Eireen is very resourceful, making her self efficient in most anything she does. While it's perfect to have trait while on assignments, this does lead her to being rather frugal and have a preference to not waste what she can work with. This in part also can leave her a little prideful about receiving assistance and relying on others.

❖ Friendly: Eireen is relatively easy going and pleasant to be around when there is downtime. While she doesn't actively seek out interaction, unless her end game is to illicit reactions from those she's familiar with, but will happy to converse with those who approach her.

 Tomboyish: Being the youngest of three and growing up with two older brothers to look up too, she naturally emulated them and found more joy in physical activities like sparring, climbing trees, and getting her hands dirty than activities that were deemed more "feminine"and "graceful". When first met, she does mask this trait with basic proper etiquette and speak respectfully to those she doesn't know, but the more she opens up to said individual, the more lax she will get with how she speaks.

❖ Whimsical: Although it is expected out of rangers to maintain a focused and calm demeanor, Eireen doesn't often get the memo on that. While her personality can shift to be more mature depending on the situation, she largely likes to be a child at heart. Has been confused for a teenager because of this


Skeptical: Stems from her cautious approach to the things she's not familiar with. Can be a great tactic in order to protect herself but she can come off as paranoid because of it.

Secretive: Bounces off from her skeptical nature. While she enjoys the company of others and learning about the people she meets, Eireen is not as quick to return the favor. Has a habit of changing the subject if too much attention is shifted on her.

❖ Honest:  While her honesty can be considered a valuable trait to have, Eireen has a tendency to call a spade a spade and may or may not sugarcoat it depending on who she's addressing. Can come off as snarky if her honesty stems from being fed up with something.

 Short-Tempered: Despite her otherwise approachable demeanor, Eireen is prone to losing her temper towards actions she greatly detests (see her last 5 dislikes, etc.), which can lead her to think irrationally and will act accordingly.

✦ ETC:

❖ Berries
❖ Nature
❖ Training/Sparring
❖ Other Therians (especially other deer/cervidae therian)
❖ Exploring
❖ The Moonfell Woods
     "This place is my life. No harm should ever come to it
❖ Teasing / Being around people she likes
❖ Woody aromas
❖ Animals

Neutral (no particular order)
❖ Elves/ Humans not from Zul
❖ Places outside Yicrona
❖ The Royal Family
        ↪ "I've never really thought much of them...."
❖ Estrenians
        ↪  "I've met some nice people there~ but when some people find out where I was born, they turn....a little cold. I try no to go there much."

❖ The current state of contention between Zul and Estrenia
        ↪  "I know we have our difference in lifestyles and viewpoints but does it really have to be like this?"
❖ The governors 
        ↪ "They aren't doing enough for the current crisis Yicrona is facing right now... what's going on?"
❖ Most, if not all, meat
❖ Too much reliance on others
❖ Overly high dramatics
❖ Wasteful-ness
❖ Cold Weather 
❖ Betrayal 
        ↪ "Omae wa mou Shindeiru"
❖ Poachers 
        ↪ "Omae wa mou Shindeiru"
❖ Animal Abusers
        ↪ "Omae. Wa. Mou. Shin. Deiru."
❖ Uncalled destruction of nature
❖ Needless murder of animals
        ↪ O M A E W A M O U S H I N D E I R U

✦ History:

    Eireen was born as the youngest born out of three children to deer therian parents. Their father is veteran approved hunter while their mother acted as ranger who became a "warden", dedicated to the preservation of the Moonfell Woods. While they were not the richest nor the poorest, their parents would always get by and were more often than not content with their lifestyle, and their children were no different growing up. Despite living in the outskirts of Zul, Eireen and her siblings were able to experience a relatively normal childhood together and participate in the Zulian lifestyle, largely growing up amongst mostly elves and other therians. At a young age, and much like her siblings, Eireen naturally develops an affinity for nature and animals due to her surroundings and upbringing, allowing her parents to begin teaching her resourceful knowledge regarding the basics of survival and learning more about the Zul region of Yicrona Despite being often busy because of their professions, her parents made a joint effort to keep how they raised all three of their kids balanced in order to prepare them for the world outside of zul, despite the age gap amongst the three. When there were times where both parents would have to leave home for a prolonged amount of time  because of their duties, the kids would stay at their maternal grandparents, who are retired wardens of Moonfell Woods, were more than happy to pick up where they left off.

    Because of their past professions, the grandparents would more often than not take the siblings out to Moonfell Woods to explore the environment  under their guided supervision. At their young ages, it didn't take long for the siblings to develop a deep admiration and love for the Moonfell Woods; When they weren't involved in their usual basic schooling and involving themselves in the city of Zul, they would almost always find a way to make a trip to any part of the woods to play hide and seek, tag, or simply just to explore it's vast beauty. Overtime Eireen's exposure to the woods and it's already magical properties caused her to discover her divinity element during a chance encounter with faes during a game of hide and seek, a discovery that was made sooner than expected.

    By the time she turned 12, Eireen's parents decided it was time for her to prepare learning for the world outside of Zul. It was also around this time that Eireen was starting to become more aware of her parents professions and began to started to idolize the idea of growing up in their foot steps, something they were happy to see. Because of how much she had grown to care for the Moonfell Woods, she began to express interest in following her mother's footsteps and devote her time to the preservation of the Moonfell Woods; But before becoming a warden, she had to begin building herself up as a ranger. Training alongside her brothers, and under the guidance of her mother and grandfather,  Eireen began to learn the basics of utilizing her magic along with a bow and arrow that was crafted for her by her maternal grandfather. As she grew older, her skillset would gradually improved. by the time she was 20, She became highly proficient in using her bow and arrow and eventually made a decent name for herself as a ranger, despite her tomboyish, whimsical attitude; Things were going accordingly well for her until recent years.

For the following two and a half years, Eireen and many other inhabitants began to there was an increase in crimes against nature and poaching in parts all throughout Yicrona, including around Moonfell woods. While offenders would often be eventually caught and punished, it didn't seem to dissuade others from participating in illegal activities. It eventually got so bad to the point where Eireen's own grandfather came out of retirement to help quell the crime. While both of her brothers went on to continue training as approved hunters, Eireen was allowed to assist fellow seasoned wardens like her own mother and grandfather in patrolling the vast area that was Moonfell Woods.  But one night, there was a disturbance not far off where Eireen's  grandparents' residence. But when her grandfather left to investigate, he never returned.

Since then, there has been no sign of his of his belongings nor his body. Because of his reputation as a renowned warden, those that were close to Eireen's grandfather began to believe that there may have been foul play involved in his disappearance, but couldn't prove it.  Eireen's grandmother became fell into a state of grief and despair over her missing husband, for she began to assume the worse with every passing day. Her physical and mental state began to deteriorate to the point where Eireen's mother had to stop her duties in order to care for her. As much as they wanted search for him, Eireen's father and siblings were tied down with their own duties to get far, leaving Eireen to mostly fend for herself. This didn't bother Eireen as it allowed her some independence, but in the back of her mind it still bothered her that her grandfather was still missing after six months. She traveled throughout Yicrona in hopes of finding clues that could lead her closer to finding her grandfather. 

While she largely ran into dead ends on any leads regarding her grandfather during her travels, she did pick up on whispers of contempt for the current governors of Yicrona, citing their lack of involvement in combating crimes against nature and the steady decline of resources throughout the regions. The more she would hear, the more vexed about the matter she would become. It certainly was odd that alot of citizens of Yicrona were pulling more weight in maintaining peace than those whose duty was to serve their citizens, despite their perceived lip service assuring everyone that things were fine. How could people in a position of power like that seemingly do so little?

Eventually, Eireen also learns of unrest that was spread in regions beyond Yicrona, to where the fingers seemed to point to the governors of their respective regions, and that word of a rebellion was formed to usurp them and place the royal family back into power. She found herself resonating with the idea of removing the Governors of Yicrona, beginning to believe that they should no longer be in power and that a rebellion would be the only solution to achieve that. Upon receiving a vague tip that a certain area in Krolis would help her find the answers she sought in order the join the rebellion, she made haste for the region.

While she successfully pursued the trails to join the rebellion in order to contribute to the cause with her skillset, Eireen also hopes to use the rebellion as a way to find leads that would help her find out the truth behind her grandfather's disappearance.

✦ Relationships: (Optional)


❖ Sloan Farron: 

    Ranger » Sniper
 Eireen's father. A veteran approved Zul hunter. Is not often around due to his profession, but when he is enjoys his family while making garbage tier dad jokes

❖ Kaela Farron

    Ranger » Warden
Eireen's Mother. A seasoned warden for Moonfell woods who now devotes her time to caring for her ailing mother. She chooses to be optimistic for her father's return for the sake of those close to him. Tolerates Estrenia but privately expresses disdain for them due to undisclosed reasons.

❖ Arden Farron

    Ranger » Trapper
Eireen's eldest brother. A ranger who takes various jobs throughout Yicrona and has traveled extensively throughout Dolyria. One of Eireen's favorite sparring partners whenever he's home. Pretty good story teller.

❖ Herne Farron

    Cleric » War Cleric
Eireen's  second eldest brother. A tamer that's capable of healing who resides in the heart of Zul city. He is largely pacifist and has a preference to helping others, but if push comes to shove he will throw hands in the name of the goddess.

❖Turi Keane

    Ranger » Warden
Kaela's father and Eireen, Arden and Herne's grandfather. Current status unknown.  Turi, along with his wife and daughter, has a huge influence on Eireen's life and treated his family like gold. Disappeared during the onslaught of yicrona's recent crisis.

❖Alys Keane

    Cleric » Earth Maestro
Kaela's mother and Arden, Herne and Eireen's Grandmother. A healer who draws her power from nature. Currently deteriorating in health due the grief over her missing husband. She may know the truth behind his disappearance and state of Yircrona.


n/a for the time being


    JP: Sawashiro Miyuki->>>[link] (How Miyuki talks in different tones in different situations sounds just about right for Eireen would speak)
❖ Eireen will find herself naturally more comfortable around other therians, regardless of their region / Personality. She also finds herself more comfortable around elves from Zul, mostly due to their contributions to building the city, how close they are to animals, and that just about the only non-therians she grew up around. She doesn't seem to hold much ill will towards other elves and humans outside of Yicrona; it's more of a shy fascination with them as she has had limited interaction with them. But basically : Therians / Animals > Zul elves >  Zul Humans > Other Yirconans > People outside Yicrona
❖ Eireen's residence lies in the outskirts of Zul, not far off from what is considered the the Moonfell woods
❖ Due to their elusiveness, Eireen doesn't often meet too many other deer/cervidae therian outside of her family, causing her to become excited upon meeting one
❖ Because of her affinity to animals and other therians, Eireen makes an effort to eat very little meat.  She has made an exception for certain seafood and poultry if it comes down to it, but will otherwise opt out for anything not associated with meat. Tries not judge others who do eat animals
❖ Pretty decent alcohol tolerance, becomes rather comical
❖ Current Family: Mom, Dad, two older brothers (28, 25) Maternal grandmother; All of them are Deer Therian;
❖ Frequently travels to Streah for the Festival of Fireflies
❖ Despite expressing indifference to the Yicronan government, Eireen still knows very little of the role they play in Yicrona's state of affairs.

✦ RP Info: (Optional)

❖Discord ONLY. [Note me for my ID. Feel free to DM me if you are in the server o/]

❖Lit is heavily preferred. Can do semi lit and script depending on the situation [Group rps, etc.]
        ❖Headcanons are also VERY OK
        ❖Love love love plot rps that cause character development
        ❖Not keen on shipping unless we and/or our characters are cool like that. Just pls talk to me first
        ❖Prior Relationships are ok if ur char is from/been to Yicrona (Especially Zul), Streah or Krolis.
        ❖I am okay with any type of rp (fluff, angst smut, etc.), granted it makes sense to whatever the rp plot is. Feel free to ask~

❖Can take up to 1 week to reply because IRL.    
 ❖ But with that being said, I would prefer that RPs be kept reasonably active (within 1-4 weeks in response time).I get that IRL happens and I don't mind light reminders, I will not hunt you down for a reply either. I'll just assume the rp is dropped if too much time has passed. I've ran into issues where RPs don't last/ not even start due to lack of responses/activity and it kinda....breaks my kokoro a lil.
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