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AR: Weekly Challange # 1 by nozomei AR: Weekly Challange # 1 by nozomei
Weekly Challenge for :iconaeterna-refulgence:

Similarly to King’s Order, Duke Quinn has acknowledged the presence of the People’s Mutiny at the party. While a bit suspicious of their cause and what their motivations are, Duke Quinn is curious enough to entertain this faction and has invited them into Avisia to either prove or disprove his theories on them. People’s Mutiny have decided to take a more interesting route with how they want to get to Avisia: unlike King’s Order, People’s Mutiny plans to all travel separately or in small groups in hopes of not sticking out. Due to this, People’s Mutiny will have the most dangerous path to the kingdom due to being seperated, but fortunately have been supplied maps as well as an established rendezvous. Show your character traveling alone or with a small band of their closest friends. It’s almost certain that due to the isolation each group is faced with that you will run into danger. Be ready to defend yourself at any times while journeying through the vast, uncharted wilderness Avisia has to offer. </div>

Perplexed at the idea of traveling alone to an not completely known country, Eliade teamed up with a fellow faction member of some familiarity in the past to travel to established rendezvous point. As nightfall lands they have to make camp. Dark Mage does not like darksu.

"is this really necessary."

"In a barely unknown country with woods and roaches....yes it kind of is"

priorities = straight.

Based off a HC between me and :iconlwai: ty for letting me use ur son

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oOToetjeOo Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2018  Hobbyist
this looks so cool~ I really like the dark overlay in this drawing, you really get the feeling of how dark it is in this scene. very well done :D
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