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AR: Eliade by nozomei AR: Eliade by nozomei
for :iconaeterna-refulgence: 

Change Log

▷05.08.18 -Trivia added + NPC names updated (will add descriptions later)
▷ 06.24.18 - minor stat update/explanation/ + Skill added
▷07.26.18 - Inventory update + Stat/ Level update
▷08.05.18 - Level / Stat update



             Eliade Diaconescu (true surname de Aur)




           March 13



▷Height | Weight

            5'6" | 130 lbs // 167.6 cms | 60 kgs




            Dark Mage


            Lvl: 5  5  6 》 (+4) 10
            HP: 25  25 25 》 (+8) 32
            Str: 1   1 11
            Mag: 18  18  20 》 (+5) 25
11  16 》 17 》 (+1) 18
            Spd: 7  7 7 》 (+1) 8
            Lck: 6  6 》 (+1) 7
            Def:6  6 》 (+1)7
            Res:11  11  11 》 (+3)14

Change log
06.24.18 - +5 skill add to stats upon reading a secret book [From public discord server RP]
07.26.18- +5 skill points distributed following one level up [Purchased from shop]
08.05.18- +20 skill points distributed following 4 level  ups


  • n/a

Change log
06.24.18 - obtains the skill Fury. [ Obtained 06.21 from merchant interaction] [SOLD]



            Page (Silversmith):
     Under the guidance of her mentor, Eliade is currently a silversmith page/apprentice. She has little experience in the field outside of being able to sense authenticity in the jewelry, accessories and artifacts she comes across. She more often then not assists her mentor in in crafting accessories, normal and arcane alike, by gathering materials needed.


A "Rank C" dark magic tome. While it does not possess any Might, relying on the user's magic alone, it compensates for this by having the unique ability to negate the enemy's Resistance and therefore inflict direct damage equal to the user's Magic. This ability is further enhanced by the fact that this tome possesses high Hit and critical hit values, essentially making it a rather potent spell to use against strong enemies.
An ancient tome that acknowledged Eliade's magic potential, as well as being the ancient tome that outed her as a vessel for dark magic which lead to her eventual eviction from her immediate family. Despite the grief this tome gave her during her time with her family, Eliade made no effort to rid herself of the tome; It labelled her as a black sheep at a young age regardless of her attempts to prove her worth....may as well live with it, right? Eliade was heavily restricted from practicing her magic while she was with her family so she had little opportunities to learn more about her powers. Following her defect and being taken in by another relative who had a similar fate, Eliade has been given more freedom to learn about her skills. Despite having potentially deadly/destructive damage output, it remains largely untapped due to her jarring lack of experience/control with her skills. Given the nature of her tome, she can very much deal some serious damage against whoever or whatever she faces, but due to the aforementioned, her true potential is severely handicapped.
 She is currently able to form small to medium sized wisps of dark magic and can hurl them at people and make said wisps explode. They do kinda hurt.
07.26.18 - Luna Tome has been upgraded to rank B via Arms Scroll [Purchased 7.26.18]


Eliade's current demeanor and appearance betrays many people's conception of dark mages. While standoffish, dismissive, anti social and evil are a few conclusions too many people come to when it comes to dark mages, Eliade is quite the opposite. A firm believer in treating other how she wants to be treated, she is relatively mild mannered and kind towards others. She does whatever she can to make people who interact with her comfortable and happy, which can more or less make her a bit of a pushover and easily manipulated. Her compassionate and selfless nature towards others has a tendency to come at the cost of her her own safety and happiness, easily becoming discouraged is she is unable to pull through. However, her fragile flower child exterior should not be mistaken for weakness, as it only takes her so far. When pushed to a breaking point, she will quickly shed her usual demeanor and display a less than pleasant attitude and foul temper laced with vindictiveness. Hints of this attitude have reared it's head a rare few times during her lifetime, but as long as she is treated well, it won't surface.


Teal Dear: Dark mage born into family that don't like dark mages. Dark mage can't do anything to please these hoes. Dark mage gets abused until she snaps. Dark mage gets exiled from family. Dark mage lives with a dark mage relative and is happy. Dark Mage is currently gearing up to fight anyone that messes with her happy.

The Aur family is considered with a prominent noble family consisting of users of anima and light magic that are easily identified as by their golden yellow eye color. While not a overtly large family, members of the household branched all throughout Reiphin as positive contributors to the country and were mostly well off regardless of the state of the country. Largely conservative, the Aur family has very high opinions of themselves because of their belief that anima and light magic were labeled as good, anything otherwise was casted away (even if it meant rewriting history), and that the de Aur bloodline was "pure" because of this. Anytime a new child was born within the Aur family, the occasion is joyfully celebrated. At least up until 20-odd years ago.

Eliade's mother, who was considered very powerful among the family and well liked, had died shortly after giving birth to her, living long enough to name her daughter. The youngest out of 4 children, celebration of Eliade's birth was bittersweet. While some (2 older siblings and a handful of relatives) where still happy a new mage was born, others (The eldest sibling, other relatives and to an extent her own father(Who shared similar beliefs as the De Aur family) harbored resentment for the child and viewed her as the reason for her mother's death. Throughout her childhood, Eliade didn't display much magic capability. Because Her late mother was the same way before she was able discover her abilities, alot of family members wrote Eliade's lack of magic capability as "a minor blip in the road before greatness", but other found it suspicious, claiming "something was off". Nonetheless, Eliade was still raised in a loving enough environment.
By the time she was 12, Eliade underwent something reminiscent a "coming-of-age" ceremony to where she would enter the family sanctuary to be selected by a tome that found her worthy to be wield by; This ceremony is used to determine what type of magic a de Aur would study and master. An ancient tome reveals itself to Eliade and upon further inspection, it was identified as a tome used for dark spells, effectively revealing Elliade to be a vessel for dark magic. The very people who raised her would almost unanimously turn against her. Suddenly it made sense to many of them why her mother died.
A demon! She murdered her own mother because her heart is so dark! How could something like this happen again? This child is impure! A blight to our family name!
The majority of her Family, namely her father and two of her eldest siblings, treated her coldly, believing she tainted the bloodline and the De Aur name; But a small handful, such as one elder sibling, her care taker and those who were outside looking in, felt more pity for her than anything, but did very little to comfort Eliade. Since they didn't exactly believe in "disposing" of someone so young, Eliade's family made her an outcast, confining her to her room with limited interactions outside of being fed keeping her clothed and tutored for her regular education; The fact that she wielded dark magic lead her household to bar her from learning anything related magic out of spite and fear. Eliade did everything she could to appease those who were disapproving of her; Wearing pretty bright clothes, having stellar etiquette that was befitting of a noble, having a cheery personality, and being obedient to her elders. While it soften up those who were less aggressive to her, it didn't make much of difference to there's, only escalating their disdain for her, viewing it as that it's the least she can do right. No one held this sentiment more than the first and third eldest siblings, who would go out of their way to make Eliade feel inadequate, despite her repeated good will towards them. The Eldest sibling would often be the ringleader with the third eldest acting more like a goon in order to receive validation from the eldest. For years, and mostly away from the eyes of their older family members, Eliade would endure emotional and verbal abuse from the pair as she smiled in their faces and still be respectful towards them...until one fateful day when she was 18.
The third eldest sibling decided to go lone wolf in bullying Eliade over a petty occurrence. She would physically shove her around and hurl  insults at her with the full expectation that Eliade wouldn't dare retaliate her. Who was gonna believe a "literal demon" over someone with an oh so "pure heart"? The sibling got a little over zealous and began taunting Eliade about "her role in mother's  death" and implied several hurtful things towards her, all while still pushing her around. 
And then suddenly, Eliade's vision went black. 
When her vision cleared, the room they were in looked like a storm had passed through and the sibling laid severely wounded on the ground, the air laced in remnants of dark magic. Upon discovering the incident, relatives hollowed with vitrol at Eliade about what she had done, the issue being further exacerbated when the sibling weakly proclaimed that Eliade lured her into a room to kill her. It also didn't help matters when the Eliade, tearful and confused, could not defend herself against their accusatory screeches. Eliade was promptly subdued into unconsciousness and was locked in her room. It would be until several days later where she would wake up on an unfamiliar bed, inside an unfamiliar home, in a city that she was not familiar with.
She would eventually stumble across the homeowner who, to her surprise, flaunted that same golden yellow color as she did. The homeowner reveals herself to be Eliade's maternal great aunt and went on to inform her that she, along with her tome, was dumped at her doorstep in the dead of night and that it meant that she was no longer of the De Aur household. Oddly enough, the news did not seem to illicit much initial reaction from Eliade, still numb with confusion. How was she suppose to feel? Was is for the best? Is this a punishment or a blessing? All she knew was that she was cast away be the only people she knew in her life. After allowing Eliade to process what she just went through for a few days, her great Aunt reveals that she  too was a dark mage who suffered the same fate of exile for different reasons she didn't want to get into, and offered her home to Eliade. She reluctantly accepts, renouncing her surname and taking on her great aunt's, Diaconescu. It took nearly a year for Eliade to cope and adjust to her new life but thanks to the nurturing her great aunt gave her, she was able live comfortably; She is able to experience the positive environment she yearned for. She was regarded as an equal in her community and first time in a long time, she felt whole.
When Eliade's self-esteem was mended enough, her great aunt began encouraging her to learn about powers and her tome, something Eliade was scared of doing because of what she endured in the past because of that tome. But her great aunt was able to reassure her otherwise, happily taking her under her wing to mentor her on learning the basics of her tome when Eliade wanted to. Although she is given the opportunity, Eliade finds herself more often than not studying about her powers than actually doing anything with it, as she found more happiness in being her great aunt's silversmith apprentice than being a committed to being a full fledged dark mage. Her great aunt doesn't push her about the matter, but still hopes Eliade will come to accept herself as a dark mage.
Following the events that lead to the birth of three factions, tension grew throughout the country. Alot of Eliade's community did not exactly support the how the Queen went about her campaigns due to how it affected many people, and did not have alot of faith in the so called "humble mercenary" trying to reclaim a throne that still remains to be seen on whether it was legitimate or not. These views prompted most to align themselves with a faction that support neither the Covenant or The Order, and Eliade and her great aunt were amongst aligning themselves with People's Mutiny. People had different reasons for joining The Peoples Mutiny. For Eliade's great aunt, it stemmed for simply not supporting any faction her former family aligned with, which was unsuprisingly the Queen's Covenant. For Eliade it stemmed from alot of reasons; Her Great Aunt aligns with mutiny, yes. She opposes the faction her former family aligns with, yes. But the main reason is because she doesn't want anything to destroy the things she found true happiness in after what she endured and wants to do whatever she can to protect the things/people she loves. Eliade is naive to the recent events that lead to fallouts between the factions, but she does realize that she would have to be ready to defend everything she loves when the time comes.
Even at age 23, Eliade still struggles with accepting her identity as a dark mage, but in the recent months, she is beginning to work towards improving her powers so she can be of use when need be.


  • Her great aunt
  • Being treated kindly
  • Artifacts
  • Precious stones
  • when people are pleased with her
  • Reading
  • Flowers/tending to her garden
  • warmth
  • Where she lives
  • The sun
  • Pretty clothes


  • Her former family
  • :new:Going anywhere by sea
  • Using her magic unless she absolutely has to
  • Staying in an unfamiliar closed in space for too long
  • When she upsets people
  • Being tricked/lied to/taken for granted (she's still smile in yo face)
  • Any harm brought to things she cares about
  • Disrupted peace
  • Loud noises of any kind



1. Mille Crepe [x1]
2. Spicy Chicken [x2] 
3. Pegasus Cheese [x1]
4.Empty tome 💀
5. Fish bones  💀
6. S-rank Weapon [x1] 
     » Waterwheel
7. D-rank Weapon [x1]
     » Bouquet Staff
8. Brownies [x1]

Orientation: ?, Demisexual
Status: Single

Aunna (Great Aunt)-
Evangeline/Eva(House mate)-
Alexandru(Eldest Sibling)-
Nicolae (2nd Eldest sibling)-
Camelia(3rd Eldest Sibling)-
Sanda(Former caretaker)

  • Takes unusally long hot baths
  • Almost always wears painfully feminine attire to match her personality
  • Currently harbors no ill will towards members of the other factions, despite being aware of tension amongst them
  • Has a small garden where she grows useful herbs, flowers and some fruits
  • The roses in her headband are made of cloth
  • Always has real rosemary in her headband as she believes it to ward off evil spirits and she also loves the scent.
  • Her eyes pick up a glowy effect when expressing certain....emotions. Whether or not that's a good thing depends on who it's directed to.
  • While she can express sadness, she hasn't been shown to cry ever since leaving her former family. 
  • Contrary to her current personality, she can actually somewhat sass and can have the disposition to gain intel.
  • Bring her precious stones and she'll be ur best frand.
  • Walks to her destination cos she's not good at riding horsies
Roleplay info

▷Discord ONLY. [Note me for my ID. Feel free to DM me if you are in AR server o/]

▷Lit is heavily preferred. Can do semi lit and script depending on the situation [Group rps, etc.]
        ▷Headcanons are also VERY OK
        ▷Love love love plot rps that cause character development
        ▷Not keen on shipping unless we/our characters are cool like that
        ▷I am okay with any type of rp (fluff, angst smut, etc.), granted it makes sense to whatever the rp plot is. Feel free to ask~

▷Can take up to 1 week to reply because IRL. If you like fast paced RPs i might not be the best RP with lmao
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