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Lemonade Debt

My newwwwwwwwwwwwww
game! Made with Ren'Py and lots of gay love! \(^o^)/

UPDATE : I will love you for eternity if you played this.
Sadly only 10+ had played this ;3;
I want more people to play this, I want people to look at my hardwork doing this, also also also, it's free ^-^

you can download it here : [link]
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Oct 25, 2012, 7:59:12 PM
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I can't get this to work. I'm only getting a black screen when I run the game. 
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Hmm..maybe because it was waaaay back and things have changed a lot?? I'm not sure..I can't help it..sorry
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Hi! Do you give me permission to translate Lemonade Debt? And to publish the patch in Spanish in my blog?~ 
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sorry for the super late reply!

Sure! I'd love to if you want! Makes me really happy if you share my game outtt~~~
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that was so cute and also very funny ^w^
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aww, thanks!! that means you've played it? *hides* thank you----again!!

I dunno if i've replied to you or not, meh internet is being crazy againnnnn
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yes! XD you are welcome XD

yes you already replied XD
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aww!That means you've played it?
thanks!! <333
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yes i played it! XD
it was really funny X33
and you are welcome~~
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I'm not really into BL VNs but this one was pretty cute and funny hahaha good job ^^
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thank you~~

still it doesn't have BL, but only hints eue
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hahahaha anyway it was really cute and fun to play ~^if you do more tell me I'll be glad to play it ^^
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love renpy <3
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try playing my game if you would!! >w<
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Interesting :P.

I´ll check it out :), it seems cute :heart:.

:star: :highfive: :star:.
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DO PLAY IT MUFFINS!!! I want to hear your opinion!!
If many people likes it I'm gonna make a new one!!
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Hello again, Warren-Warren.

I forgot to ask you this, but it came to my mind, and it have been somewhat weighting on me since.

The main character in your Kinect Novel, Saru I think the name is, is she/he a male or female? Because I´m unable to see the difference.
I apologize for asking this silly question. I´m simply curious though. If you're willing to answer me, I would be grateful.

But please, don't misunderstand me. Your art is very cute and I really like the art style in your Kinect Novel :). It's cute and adorable :heart:!

:star: :highfive: :star:.
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LOL you're not the only one who misunderstood~~

it's a boy~ <3

lol i love it when someone ask this question!! <33
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Hello :wave:.

Yes! It was certainly very cute/adorable :thumbsup:.
I really liked your art style in the game, the "humor" was funny to me and it made me smile :).
Not many Kinect Novels catches my interest but yours did :D.

I´m sorry to say but like others have said, the grammar could use some work. But that's alright for me :). If I can understand it, it's okay.
Kinda let down I don't know how to write this but in short: very cute and adorable characters, specially the main one. Good "humor" in it and in all, I would like to see more, if it would be possible, please :P?

Thank you :thanks:!

:star: :highfive: :star:.
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I know-----I always think that my grammars are perfect enough, no wonder I couldn't target A's in English T^T

Well, hope that my grammar'll be better next time~

Thank you muffin cakes~
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Do you have a linux version somewhere I could download?
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what's a linux?

I love you---------------------
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It's an operating system like Windows or Macintosh. You can select them when you "Build Distributions". They are the other "Build Packages". Or you can build the "All Desktop Platforms", but it is bigger than the others.

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Oh no, I'm sorry ><

I think they don't have it in my laptop, I'm sorry...
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