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Jace Beleren

A fanart of Jace Beleren from MTG

**** This character belongs to Wizard of the Coast****
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Nice facial expression :D
Please can I use your art in one of my works ??
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Hey, I just used your art as a cover for one of my WattPad Stories, hope you don't mind.
I changed a pic a bit so it fits the story.
I did credit you.
I just love this pic
nikokao's avatar
Awesome, I saw around google images n' I loved it. The pose, the style, the colors, there isn't a thing I don't like about this Jace's fanart.
W17's avatar
I used you art on a mock-up card for tumblr, i credited you and put a link here, i hope that's okay!
Noxypia's avatar
It is totally okay. By the way, can I see the card? :)
KirbyThePink's avatar
That's way too good.  If you draw one more picture, I will die.
lavitzstrife's avatar
I look at this and think only one thing: Wizards need to pay you, and use this for the next Jace card.
vaughnreynolds's avatar
I'm sad to inform you that someone is trying to profit off of your art.

I posted on his page that he's a scam, but I also wanted you to know. Please spread the word!
Noxypia's avatar
Thank you so much for showing me this. It looks like he took the picture down already.
vaughnreynolds's avatar
Most excellent. That picture is amazing, and I hate the injustices committed against my fellow artists.
Noxypia's avatar
Thank you so much. I am sorry that I replied back to you so late because i have got influenza. I was planning to join the Diablo 3 fanart contest but it looks like my body can not cope with that in time.
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kit5566's avatar
Love the lighting !
mechanicalvalkyrie's avatar
He looks really cool here. The pose is great.
We have featured your art on our FB fan page.

Please come like, comment, and share.


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Thank you so much
NewPhyrexia's avatar
Holy shit dude. Best Jace fan art I have ever seen.
DDamgaard's avatar
I love it to pieces!
gizburg's avatar
This is really great.
matsunoki's avatar
Goodnizzz... I'm like, I'm going to die if you make a smexeh Garruk and Gideon in your awesum style. :squee: :squee: :squee:
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