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I have been wanting to write some kind of blog/tumblr/journal post for a little while, as kind of a this-year-so-far review, at least work-wise. Its going to be pretty whiney, so be prepared. 

Okay, so, this year was going to be awesome. 2015 began with me bursting with optimism and plans and ideas and positivity. Unfortunately TFF (Texas Furry Fiesta) in Feb was kind of a flop, for me personally. My sales were terrible, and I was horribly embarrassed by the AV team during my Closing Ceremonies charity auction. (They put the wrong artwork on the big screens, portraying me as an awful and inconsistent artist) I was mortified.

That aside, I was still pretty content. I was focusing on the positives like my awesome job with Wowhead. .. and then that came crashing down around me. I was laid off, from ZAM/Wowhead. It was no fault of my own, or my work, and I’m unable to disclose details, but it was pretty heartbreaking. At the time, I didn’t realise how much it would affect me, long-term.

I rebounded, forced myself to look at this as a new opportunity to have more freedom with my work (and I still see it that way), and to have more time for client based commissions, and all that. I made plans for an AWESOME BlizzCon Badge season, Glar helped me set up an awesome new order page, we figured out a new ordering process (batches, rather than one huge block), etc etc.
I had intended to take at least 5 batches of 20 orders, to give lots of people the chance of getting art. .. It is now September, and I only just finished batch 2.

My work drive, art mojo, motivation, whatever you want to call it, had plummeted into the negatives. It was a pretty major ‘funk’. The best word I can use to describe that empty self doubt sensation would be depression, I think? Either way, I felt useless. (it also sucks that I had a full group of Blizz badges that were going to be gifted by Wowhead, which won’t happen now. ): )
My plans for the rest of this BC Badge Season are minimal. I have a batch of badges for Midwinter that I am starting this weekend, and then a few to do as gifts and favors that I promised last year. I also have a few Blizzard ones to finish that I’ve started, and possibly a few others for close friends. But, I won’t be publically re-opening.

I feel like such a disappointment.
To myself, the community, my husband.
He supports me in doing the freelance art thing, this year I fell short. Our finances have suffered, especially with him getting laid off at the start of this year, and I know he has been frustrated.
I can’t thank him enough for how wonderful he has been.

Okay, enough whining.
I will still be doing the Badge auctions, with my fancy new frames for 2016. One Horde, one Alliance, and possibly a third Neutral? Not sure about the third one yet.
Either way, these auction badges will follow a format I’ll be using for 2016, in that the winners will receive a waist/hips upward portrait print of their character as well as their actual badge. I fell in love with what some of the other community artists have been doing, with giving people goodie bags and extras, so I’m joining in!

MORE POSITIVES? Well, I can talk about how much I love Blizzard Watch. They picked me up when I was down, and have hired me to do occasional work for them! They’re all wonderfully friendly and patient people, and have given me the chance to keep working in the fansite community. I can’t wait to give them all hugs in November.

I also want to take this chance to talk about my Patreon. I created it at the start of the year, and had been putting off launching it because I was worried no one would care, or think I’m dumb, or.. well, yeah. More self-doubt.
Finally, in August, I hit the ‘Launch’ button. I am so very, very glad I did. The support has been kind of life-changing. I went from a soulless husk to full of energy, the outpouring of love from the community has been so warming and wonderful, there really aren’t enough words to say how appreciative I am. I think it was the real turning point for the year, and I wish I had done it sooner. I’m very excited for the future of it, I want to figure out more rewards for patrons, and other fun stuff. I want to show and share the love.

As well as being very entrenched in Warcrafty things, its also known that I’m a new-ish member of the Furry community. I’ve been called ‘Furry-Lite’, I’m in love with the artwork and friends I’ve made, but I’m not ~deep~ into the genre.
I want to change that a bit, and get more involved. I’m going to be taking on more responsibilities for the next TFF, with working on Theme stuff, which is exciting! I’ve also been named as the Artist Guest of Honor for MFM 2016! (Memphit Fur Meet). I also intend to take more fur commissions, cause they are SUPER fun. :3

All in all, this has been a pretty poopy and disappointing year so far. But things are looking up!
I wanted to write up something for those still wanting to buy Badges, and were wondering why I screwed up so badly this pre-BlizzCon season. And, it helps to write things out. Gets it out of your brain.

Thank you, everyone, for putting up with me. <3 (and for reading all this drivel)

I’ve disappointed myself, and I feel like I’ve disappointed everyone else.
This year sucks, but things are starting to suck less.

(this is crossposted to DA, FA, and tumblr) 
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Noxy-life Update!

BlizzCon Badge Season has begun! It is off to a pretty rocky start, I was rather unwell for a chunk of time in this first group of orders, and so I’m yet to complete it. I had intended for group 2 to open for orders in mid-May, but thats now going to be slightly delayed. (I hope to announce over the next week when they will re-open)

.. And then I got some pretty shitty and devastating news.
If you follow me on Twitter, you no doubt have heard that I was laid off due to 'restructuring’. While i no longer work at ZAM, they retain full rights to all the work I created for them while I was employed there.

I loved, and still love Wowhead.
Over the 6 years I worked with ZAM and the Wowhead team, they became more like family than colleagues. They gave me the opportunity to work in the gaming industry, and craft the brand and forward face of much of their websites. I will be forever thankful for that.
My departure was untimely, and very upsetting. I will miss the people, the work, and the chance to share my work with so many.

A short while after I received this news, the lovely folks of Blizzard Watch offered me a small role working with their editorial fansite! So, although it is not much in physicality, its huge to me, emotionally. I am very, very happy to still have a chance to be involved in the Warcraft community. I’m excited to offer what illustration work I can for them <3

In my more Freelancey-type news, I guess this means I will have more spare time? This means I will be able to open up for more badges, and also open up for occasional commissions.
I intend to offer a waist/thighs upwards portrait commission, as part of a badge-bundle type offer for those that are not attending BlizzCon but still would like the physical badge and portrait of their Warcraft character. (prices and sample images will be coming when I’m ready to start accepting these orders)

I will also be working more on my Furry-genre type work, working ahead of time on badges, prints, and other goodies for Texas Furry Fiesta, as well as opening commissions in the future over on my FA account. I’m also going to be working on cute little things to put up in my Etsy store and more posters and nifty stuff! AND! I am working on setting up a Patreon! (on which I’ll be offering giveaways and wallpapers and stufffff)

Its been a pretty overwhelming few days.

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Holy cow. This years big badge season has been .. big. 
I had fully intended to post up a DA journal entry with details, and my badge ordering page, and all that jazz, but my BlizzCon badge slots sold out in LESS THAN FOUR DAYS. Four. Days. Thats 150+ badge orders. I was supposed to close them sooner, but I was on the side of the road with my husband and a car with a very broken wheel. (not a flat, the actual wheel itself was shattered from work-debris that was lying in the road) So, they ended up staying open a few hours longer than they were supposed to, allowing another months worth of work to trickle through. 
Logically I guess this means I'm still not charging enough for badges, or .. I dunno. Logic is hard.
Last year I had people pick up badges in person from me at the convention itself, so it they were all for people that attended it, whereas this year we've been mailing them all out to people, so I have no idea. I really really hope I see a bunch of them inside the convention hall so I can just scream out HEY I MADE THAT! Maybe I'll make stickers to put on the backs of the badges I find at the con, as a "Hey I found the artist!".
I may just go back to the pick-up method next year. Not sure yet. (This would save on shipping cost stuff)
As of writing this, I have yet to post completed badges to my DA account, but at this point there are just SO MANY OF THEM it will take me aaagggeess, so for now they are all being posted on my tumblr as and when I finish batches. 

I wanted to re-open badge orders around September. 
I really, really wanted to.
But I can't. I still have too many to do, and BlizzCon is coming up.. fast. It feels fast. 
It feels awful to admit that I don't have the time to get more done, I know lots and lots of people have asked if/when I'll be reopening, and I always gave the same answer of "I'm not sure", well, now I'm sure, and I'm sorry. ): 

): ): ): ): 

Many many sad faces of sadness.

However, I will still be auctioning off the last two badges of the season! I've made a neat looking frame edit, one with silver and one with gold edging, and I will put them up on separate auction days and do bidding via my twitch stream page, just like last year. The dates for these have yet to be decided upon, but I will post on Twitter when they are (likely middle of Oct). The Auction winner badges will be for pick up at BlizzCon only.

In the period after the BlizzCon craziness, I will take a little time off to play Warlords of Draenor, then get back on the badge/con art wagon with preparations for the Texas Furry Fiesta. I'm hoping to open up furry toon/chibi themed badges on my FA page, to match the theme for the 2015 convention, but that isn't a promise as yet. I've got lots of print ideas, and other little plans for the con, but the busybusybusy never ends. 
I'm planning to re-open the sketch-monday commissions around this same time, too, for both Warcraft portraits and the furry genre. 

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My first DigiSketch Monday was .. interesting. I screwed up. I was offering portraits for less than the cost of my convention badges, and they were supposed to reflect that in the time it took to draw them. They were supposed to be quickie sketchy things, hence, being called sketches, and max out at about 2 hours for each. I ended up spending an average of 5 hours on them. I'm apparently very bad at limiting myself. 
I had full intention of doing this again next week but with much firmer rules in place (for myself), but, as it just so happens, BlizzCon was announced today. These sketchy days were supposed to be for my off-season, but I only got in a single days worth of orders, before getting bombarded with con-badge requests. And so .. DigiSketch Mondays will be cancelled in favour of Con-badges, most likely. I really enjoyed the not-really-sketches I did though, and will hopefully offer occasional affordable commission slots for them, sporadically. 

Regarding the BlizzCon Badges themselves: I AM NOT YET OPEN TO ORDERS. 
I need time to figure out this years ordering system, spreadsheets, shipping, etc etc. This year, I know for sure, my husband will be in charge of all the ~businessy~ things, like order information, client correspondence, and all that jazz. It will leave me free to just concentrate on getting the work done and not stress and freak out over piles of emails. 

I WILL announce on here when orders are open, and in what format you can put in your request. (might be email- but will most likely be a web form again). I'll update this journal when I get more information and/or have sorted out my brain .. thing. 
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