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Heroes Contest - Dragonshire Duel

By Noxychu
I really wanted to do something chibi-ish and slightly cutesy for my Heroes of the Storm contest submission, and for the opposing team combat element, I thought having the Dragon Knight might be fun! So, here is my blue/red team colour combat scene on the Dragonshire map. <3
<3 Johanna and Jaina 

World of Warcraft/Heroes of the Storm/Diablo characters © Blizzard Entertainment
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Nice! Johanna is awesome. Love the look and the hair.
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Awesome as always!
Darkblade2000us's avatar
Until I read the description I was all like, "Hey wait a minute, gnomes can't be paladins can they?!"
Kourumi's avatar
This has got to be the cutest entry ever. OuO
KronossLiandri's avatar
Johanna looks so awesome there, great job! :love:
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Niniel-Gnoll's avatar
Watch all twichs? so good luck!) Love Johanna <3
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You're so good at art. ;__;
MystCirai's avatar
This is so amazing :) all that detail- every time I look at it I see something new!
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Great job and Jaina looks awesome!!!
robertjamesftw's avatar
And you thought you'd never get it done. It's amazing, Noxy!!
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Actually, do you mind if I use this for my desktop background? I love it so much.
VenneccaBlind's avatar
Im so in love with this. You did so amazing and MADE IT WITH OVER 5 HOURS TO SPARE!!! WOOOO!
ladycazzeh's avatar
I love this! Good luck Noxy
StarNob's avatar
Lovee how you do the colors! 
The-Optiq's avatar
Excellent work!!
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