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note: i have 0 experience with any sorts of comics or just in general drawing the same characters over and over again, so i apologize for inconsistency !! i'm always trying out different things when it comes to digital art, for example, the lineart style for this page is a lot thinner than the lineart style for the previous page. color theory, lineart style, backgrounds, panels, text size, canvas dimensions, are all examples of factors that could possibly change a lot as i'm getting used to drawing this comic. also i still have that color problem but i'm trying to find a way to fix it. hopefully soon these pages will become more consistent, but for now, sorry about the changes and thanks for reading ! your support means so much im fuckin ghklkjhjklhHHh,,
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Is Skye's mother a Primarina?
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aaa wow I love all these characters! and your style is so cute! don't worry too much about consistency! I'm sure it'll come with practice! plus trying new things is good for learning! so it's all good! 
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Please save Fifi from these bastards
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im loving these characters! fifi is such a sweetheart :>
also your art is real good! and no worries about consistency, that's the exact kind of thing that doing a comic helps you improve at! youre just figuring out what works and learning a long the way :0