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Robins and Bones

I swear my oc Robin isn't evil; he just likes bones. 
Also if you ask me how many ocs I have, I'm just gonna answer... 

Robin is an adopt I got by guessing Strunahzoor's favorite number (it's the same as mine, that's how I was able to guess it). Also sorry for not drawing Robin in like... a year or so, I just had some struggles with his character. Take this as a concept art. 

By the way, Robin is one of the protagonists of my WOF story, "Shades of Power". He's a SkyWing animus, the only one alive alongside his brother, Falcon; the two were saved by Queen Predacious, and trained as weapons... or at least Falcon, because Robin took the first chance he had to escape (when he was being transferred to the SkyWings secret hideout during a war, he escaped his guardians). 
I'm still developing his story from there. 
Robin is an adventurous dragonet, and though he's kinda reckless he isn't impulsive. Nevertheless, he doesn't believes on the thing about him loosing his soul while using his power, thinking that this was just a lie to contain animuses to release their full power. 
On his journey, Robin will met his fellow adventure mates and best friends, Neptune, a fellow animus (I've actually drawn him before, some of my watchers should remember him), Mamba (a Night-Sand hybrid who I haven't developed, at all) and Vespa, a HiveWing outcast who you actually already know. 
And yes, my frostscales oc, Ghost, is also from this story; he's Robin's gang's enemy. 

And that's it, hope you like it!

Original design: Strunahzoor 
Art and oc: ©Noxt111
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Yep, he's finally here :D