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Hi.. well usually when you see an empty journal entry from my account, it's probably some bug from my firefox! I got some problems with my PC and I can't load my Photoshop so there is probably no digital artwork commin in the next few weeks. So this is it, I just want to say sorry for the empty journals and I advice you not to look at them or comment on them. Well that's all!



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And she is HOT!

You can post some extra information about somebody that you want to feature or some information about you. Try not to write allot in here, this is not the best box for essays.

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:heart: Love it. It works beautifully for my group, especially the drop down menus.
GirlWithAHat's avatar
The dA logo has gone. :(
noxiousone's avatar
GirlWithAHat's avatar
True. I'm sorry, when I wrote this comment I couldn't see the logo either on my or on your journal. Maybe it was a problem with my browser.
animehak's avatar
I'm sorry, but I've been struggling to figure out CSS crap, and I would really like to use this but I can't figure out how to plug it in... :(
noxiousone's avatar
btw wasup with that CSS that `manicho uses?
when you're going to release it, because I love it :drool:
AimanStudio's avatar
huh `manicho's journal? do you need it?
noxiousone's avatar
yea :)
I love the design and wana learn how to do some of the things you did there ;P
AimanStudio's avatar
Things like what? :giggle:
sfox8's avatar
This is an awesome template! I'm adding it to my journal ASAP. Mine is way overdue for a revision anyway. Thanks for releasing this to all of us. :)
megajosh2's avatar
noxiousone's avatar
nothing can stop you :ninja:
ika-siyam's avatar
can non-subcribers use this? O.O
fauxpeanut's avatar
Then how is ~sa-cool using this?
noxiousone's avatar
probably because his premium membership ran out, after he published the journal
fauxpeanut's avatar
Oh. So, are you his brother? Because that's that's what it looks he said on his journal :)
noxiousone's avatar
hehe no no :XD:
I don't have any brothers or sisters. Probably by using 'brother', he means 'homie' or 'my man', despite the fact that I don't even know him.
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