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Okay now that My tests are over, I'll be posting WIPs of the requests tommorow
able to work on them, and I think they'll be done soon. again I'm so sorry for the wait.:sorry bunny:. 
this is addressed to the deviant's who I'm working on requests for, due to personal problems of mine, i haven't been able to work on them much which include school, really stressed out days and more recently a fever which has ended but has left a nice gift in the form of regular coughing fits.
I know it's been a month, but under regular circumstances, i would probably have some finished by now. 
Don't worry about me cancelling, I'm still doing them, and since the Easter holidays are coming up I might actually get some stuff done.

I haven't forgotten about you I swear!
and there's snow.
just snow everywhere.
Where was this during Christmas?
:AMMadness:  FIN
:TheBluePinapple: FIN
:UnforgivenOfficial: Not started

:scroll: RULES:scroll: :
-credit me after If posting on your account
-remember that I have no obligation to accept your request/collab/art trade
-If you re-upload credit me
-I have other art accounts so if I have them closed while doing only one for a deviant, keep in mind that I may be busy on another account
-the time that requests are completed may vary(due to school and such)
-I will take either two or three requests/trades at a time
-note me about requests/trades/collabs I tend not to scroll down my page and end up missing them if they're asked about in comments.
-if my account on weasyl says that it's open and ones on DA are closed, I may take a request from there, but remember, my limit is *three*
-I may use a reference to get the work done i.e. if I need to draw some hands
-During holidays I'm usually very inactive since my access to internet can be varied, same when I have exams
-Be specific when telling me what you want
-when asking me to draw someone or something give me a reference so i have something to work with(a pose that you want them to be in would be nice too)
-Harassing me/giving me or others grief for art will result in you being blocked and your request, if you've made one, cancelled
Since I have stuff to do, I am only going to be able to do a few requests at a time, if I’m currently open and I have a few that I’m already doing, please, please, please! Wait until I’m finished with all of them before asking me for more!
with requests, i usually will use what I have on hand, so if my computer is down for whatever reason then I'm probably going to use watercolours or pencils.
Art Trades-

note me if I'm open for trades if you'd like me to do one with you!
After I put my status on hold, anyone who's asked me for a trade/request/collab/ commission before I closed/Held will be put on a waiting list till I'm done.
the waiting list will only have two deviants on them. if I finish one, then the next person who has asked me for something will be put on a list.
For now I'll only do traditional requests once i'm done with the first two

same as art trades^^^

tick I can draw:
original/fan characters
ponies(not too often though)
candy gore
small amounts of normal gore i.e. a bit of blood/gristle here and there
yandere sim
fan art

NO red cross I cannot /will not draw:
super detailed pictures
Anything nsfw
complex backgrounds
realistic style characters
animals that aren't ponies

but I need some help for the rules, so if you have any suggestions for what to add,comment in the journal on the page!
because I want all you wieners to have fun :D
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this is a pretty awesome day today! because i am 16 YEARS OLD NOW! :D
i can get  drivers licence,job hey in the uk im legal to get laid now!(not that i would still do it...)
apparently i have the same birthday as George bool a famous mathematician.
plus today also the day of the dead.
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I am so proud of this ;-;…
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ill be uploading the pictures from my da to my weasly account just to let anyone know!…
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I was able to go somewhere yesterday.
There was lots of food.
i went to a wedding reception for someone  who my family knows quite well,
you want to know what waa the best part?
the food
or more specifically the desserts
id show you via journal but i don't know how to using the phone.
so I'll just submit it to my gallery  :)
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Happy easter holidays
fellow deviants!

ive never really did a proper journal entry before so i'll start now

hello! :D
i am Noxiouschocolate-3 and i say hi to anyone reading this 
i really don't know what to write though...